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What I see Beyond de tape

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May 24, 2014 by Fensic

Is time fuh me again?

Ah whole week parse so quick?

Ok. Let mih just finish dese larse notes ah was makin tuh mihself . . .

TV6 reporter: Allyuh releasin de video an frighten tuh name names or what? Eef it look like Anil Roberts an was he voice den grow ah pair an say it seem like Anil Roberts. “Looks like ah current govahment minister” mih baxide. Steups.

Anil Roberts: Doh even bodder wid he cause yuh did never like how he does move or tork in de fuss place. What de PNM or Rowley have tuh do wid eef is he on de video? Steups.

Al-Wari: Dat tape is ah PP distraction Faris? Yuh serious? Anil say is de PNM dutty work an de PNM say is de PP dutty tricks? What de public sayin ah wonder?

Me: Yes me fuh even tinkin ah scenarios under which de Minister Ah Sports could keep he job only tuh have he ignorant ignorant response tuh reporter questions. Steups.

Ok ah done. Mih soul cleansed an mih attitude positive.

Larse week ah was askin questions about Inspector Alexander an de new show, Beyond de Tape on TV6.  It is de start ah de TTPS hope tuh regainin public trust.

What ah long journey ahead. Uphill all de way.

Before ah go far, it have someting goin orn or dat was goin orn behind de scene wid dis show an de one Ian Alleyne have. Dat obvious. So anyting ah say from now is because ah takin dis show at face value.

Ah givin it two tentative tumbs up. At least It parse de first hurdle: It on de air longer dan udder tings de TTPS try. Good start.

Eef I run into Inspector Alexander while committin any crime, ah droppin whatever in mih hand so ah could run oui. Dat is ah impressive specimen of ah man. He look like he would tork plenty shit wid yuh eef allyuh is friends. Eef he eh like yuh he go blaze de daylights out yuh. I eh tink he like criminals.

One reason ah give de show praise is because de Inspector providin information tuh people about what dey rights is in dealin wid de poleece.

All over Triniland, citizens sittin dong listenin tuh how dey should be treated. Next tuh dem is de poleece who like dey hearin fuh de fuss time how dey suppose tuh serve people. It go take ah while fuh both sides tuh geh comfortable wid dey true responsibilities.

De challenge is some ah what he sayin require far more trust in de poleece dan people have now. Who ready tuh ask de poleece fuh ah escort tuh de bank when dey have large financial transactions?

Who puttin in dey request days ahead an sayin de money under dey mattress now?

De inspector deserve high marks fuh standin up an admittin dat over de years de TTPS fail in keepin people safe.

Ah write dong what he say: “We have fallen short year after year”.

Ah hope mih continued optimism dat dey go pick deyself up eh mean one day ah go look arong an notice is me alone still waitin an hopin.

He ask what sense it make fuh de police tuh seize two guns from criminals when dat same night like 18 guns come een de country.

Dat is ah excellent question fuh de current minister ah national security. He go parse de buck doh.

De Inspector say de borders need protectin an serious laws enacted tuh deal wid gun violence.

Amen Inspector. Amen.

Eef it turn out dat despite Inspector Alexander, dis show eh nuttin buh ole tork, den de show go make de TTPS efforts at better public relationship, impossible. People who pinnin dey hopes on it turnin tings arong go be so sad . . . nah, not sad nah; disenchanted. Gettin dem back go be 1000 times harder.

Somebody ah know watch just part ah de first show an say what dey hearin soundin like ah speech. Dey waitin fuh action. De Inspector smart enough tuh know dat everybody . . . every single body, waitin. He not dotish like any ah de people ah was makin mih notes on so he know some people eh go wait fuh long. Nobody could suck dey teet an walk away annoyed better dan ah Trini. He know dat too.

Ah like how he keep pushin de idea dat is ah partnership; dat de public is de eyes an ears ah de police. He repeat dat whenever he comment on ah police raid de show highlight. He keep sayin de raid is ah result ah tips. As he put it; call de police wid information about someting an de poleece go take dat information an find dat someting.

De public interaction wid de show did start real slow doh. On de first day dis woman who call een describe de Inspector an de host as Batman an Robin. Ah next caller say only Jesus Christ could stop crime. People was watchin an listenin doh. By de end ah de week dey was callin wid serious questions.

Dey was also providin tips. Two wanted men not wanted no more. One get shot dead doh. How come de newspapers doh ever show de faces ah wanted people? Criminals of all kinds does be wanted an de best de papers does do is give dey names. Yuh could bounce up de person an eh know is dem. Fightin crime Trini style.

Ah glad de Inspector take orf dem blasted sunglasses. Dat was ah big problem fuh me on de first show. He argument tuh ah woman as tuh why he was wearin dem was caca. Wear dem outside when on duty buh not when yuh tryin tuh gain public trust. We have tuh see yuh eyes.

I like de show as long as de information about de rights ah de public keep flowin. People should know what members ah de TTPS can an cyar do tuh dem.

Nobody should tink dey go get licks from de poleece when dey ask why dey gettin arrested. More importantly, no poleece officer should tink dey could beat somebody fuh askin.

Maybe de Inspector should also be goin tuh each poleece station tuh remind officers what dey swear tuh do. He does pause before he say de, ‘wid pride’ part ah notice. He shouldn’t have tuh do dat buh he know who he wukkin wid, ent Inspector?

Ah guess ah have tuh ask about de Ian Alleyne Crime Watch connection. Eef de TTPS was supportin it dat mean dey changin sides? Rogue poleece officers who refuse go get in trouble fuh being on de rong side?

“Rogue poleece” ah say? Okay, fuhget dat question.

Maybe de next step will be de TTPS gettin good at solvin all kinda crime. Like de Inspector say, is only one kind people judgin de TTPS on right now.

People willin tuh do dey part as long as yuh could win dem over Inspector. One person at ah time. Right?

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