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Someplace beyond de tape?

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May 17, 2014 by Fensic

Beyond The Tape.

It startin on TV6 dis Monday de 19th.

Is de latest attempt by de TTPS tuh get people tuh have confidence in its members. One paper say it supposed tuh help de crime rate. I eh sure what dat mean exactly.

Inspector Alexander, ah up an comin name in de TTPS, say dat it go give de public de opportunity tuh say what it want from de poleece while de poleece go find out what de public expect from it.

Accordin tuh ah voice describin de show, de public go have de chance tuh report crime tuh de inspector an accordin tuh de inspector, at de end ah de show, de public go get tuh say eef it satisfied wid de results.

Is tork like dat does have mih believin tings wuss den I tort.

Ah sure Inspector Alexander is ah media savvy officer, buh eef he seriously tink ah TV show go tell he what he should already know den Beyond The Tape startin orf on de wrong foot.

De good inspector have tuh know all people want is poleece dey could trust an who dey could help fight crime. Dey eh want tuh be frighten dat eef dey parse tips orn tuh de poleece dat de poleece go parse de tips orn tuh de criminal. Who want tuh go dong tuh de poleece station wid ah tip an by de time dey reach back home, de local “community leader” askin why dey givin de poleece tips?

People also want dey poleece tuh be competent, tuh be able tuh solve all crime, not just some. An people want dey poleece tuh treat dem wid respect, after all, de poleece have de ultimate power, why abuse it? Dis eh Trinis wantin anything special nah, dis is people everywhere. All ah we want tuh feel safe.

De inspector could ask dem people in Digo Martin, Bagatelle Road tuh be exact. He dealin wid dem right now.

Can ah TV show dat invitin de public tuh “send in tapes now”, do dem tings?  Poleece go start wearin sunglasses dat doh fit, like Inspector Alexander?

Dis show better not be ah next Crime Watch nah. Inspector Alexander better not be aimin tuh be ah next man ah cyar stand oui.

De show supposed tuh be daily. Dat better not mean it air two time an it gone. Is two episodes de TTPS show called Police Fuh ah Day on YouTube last. Is two editions de TTPS quarterly newsletter, de Service geh printed before it dead. Gibbs did understand de need fuh public confidence an trust, buh when he get chase unto de plane an it take orf fuh Canada, tings start gettin canceled.

Dat is what I say happen tuh de poleece caravan dat used tuh go from community tuh community introducin people tuh dey poleece. From pictures I see, it was well received. De onlyest ting dat eh geh kill is de poleece daily press briefin.

Everybody know being ah poleece eh easy. It take ah special kind ah person who mad enough tuh run towards what everybody else does be runnin from. I disqualified because I wid dem runnin away. Dat same special person know how tuh deal wid dotish people. I cyar deal wid damn fools all day while callin dem “sir” or “ma’am”.

De special people dat could do de right tings does get into poleecin because tuh dem it is dey callin. It have plenty ah dem in de TTPS. It also have some dey fuh de wrong reasons.

In certain tings, like poleecin, T&T so behind it fallin over itself. De maths have tuh be complicated on how de TTPS could take two steps forwards an anywhere from no steps tuh as much as four steps backwards at de same time.

Mih pardnah ask mih recently where I tink de TTPS would be eef Gibbs didn’t get run out ah tong. In ah better position dan it in now, is what I tink.

Fuh sure it wouldn’t have nuttin call no Rapid Response Unit. No professional poleece leader wid agree tuh have a unit inside de organization doin what de organization supposed tuh be doin.

Ah special unit tuh respond in ah timely fashion tuh calls fuh service? What de arse de rest ah de TTPS doin?

Is de same pardnah dat tell mih he tink he givin up on de TTPS. He wake up one mornin, read de latest T&T news an realize de TTPS hopeless. Ah know how he feel buh I cyar feel like dat. De moment ah reach dat point, ah cyar go back home. Ah want tuh believe I eh have tuh eat no Cascadura fish oui.

Ah waitin tuh see dis show. I want tuh see how de TTPS does move. Ah want tuh see dey tactics. Ah cyar lie, I like watchin dem kind ah ting. COPS revisited?

Ah was watch ah video of ah poleece department someplace else just now. It confirm poleecin is not fuh my coward ass buh more important, it raise de question of how different is de same job in ah place udder dan T&T an why is it different.

Ah watch ah officer stop ah driver fuh speedin. Once he check an see de man eh had no warrants, he let him go wid ah warnin. Ah watch him stop a pizza deliveryman fuh not wearin he seatbelt, again ah warnin. Ah next officer was doin ah safety check on somebody house because de owner call in de middle ah de night tuh say he hear noises in he yard. Next dey spot ah house wid de garage door open. Dey look wrong, eh see nuttin, close it an leave ah lil note tuh tell de homeowners tuh be more careful next time.

None ah dat poleecin had anyting tuh do wid one place being better dan ah next on. It was all about makin people feel safe.

I would assume any parts ah de show dat wasn’t “up tuh snuff” geh edited out so I eh being idealistic. Regardless, what would ah similar show about de TTPS reveal? Dat is what I was hopin ‘Poleece fuh a day’ would ah answer.

Now we have dis new show comin. It go achieve de goal of changin people’s perception about de TTPS?

I tink de TTPS need tuh focus on de kind ah everyday quality ah life tings dat show ah just watch was highlightin. Win back public confidence one satisfied customer at ah time.

Still, I gettin ready tuh cross mih fingers an hope fuh de best. Hopin fuh de best widout ah basis fuh expectin de best.

I eh sayin ‘good luck’ cause ah doh believe in luck. Luck eh nuttin more dan opportunity meetin preparation. Being prepared not easy. Ah hope de good inspector know dat.


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