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May 10, 2014 by Fensic

I not ignorin de implications ah de Dana Seetahal killin when ah say de onslaught ah information in de first days after she assassination had mih head spinnin. How de papers know so much about how it happen? Dey was quotin from somebody who was watchin or what? How dey know ah poleece officer tip orf de suspect an he, de suspect, now hidin? What happen tuh dat . . . dat . . . nah ah sorry, ah cyar use de word officer.

De papers even provide de suspect initials an did know where he from an dat he was operatin freely fuh years. How dey know de hit pay $2m an dat it originate from jail? Who in de TTPS runnin dey mout like dey eat parrot bottom? Wid all dis information ah figure de next article would announce ah arrest.

When Newsday say dat is one man wid ah ‘high powered’ weapon dat take out Dana buh in de same article report de autopsy say she geh shoot five times buh fail tuh mention is ah small caliber handgun, den Newsday’s credibility fall tuh zero. Lucky fuh me it didn’t have far tuh go tuh reach dat.

Mih pardnah say he hope dis murder is de larse straw. Dis murder go break de hold killers have over T&T? Tings go start turnin arong fuh de ‘good guys’? Dis is one time ah hope he right.

While I keepin mih fingers crossed fuh de umpteenth time in hopes de TTPS step up tuh de crease on dis one, de truth is dat past performance is de best indicator ah future performance.

Ah learnin tuh plug mih ears when anyone connected tuh dis case open dey mout. It too late doh as ah done get de sense dat de skids gettin greased fuh tellin people dis is yet annuder murder dat eh gettin solved. Dat early tork about ‘military precision’ better not be some ah dat grease nah.

It had dat udder case where de idea ah military precision or trainin geh used an we see where dat case gore. Eef by de end ah next week, nobody eh under arrest or de suspect eh geh kill in ah shootout, den Trinis could fuhget dis murder an wish de TTPS better luck on de next one. How ah know ah next one comin? Parse performance nah.

One ah dem TV stations in its coverage ah de assassination bring Dr. Valery Alexandrov into focus. Wid my bard eye I might be de onlyest one who seein Dana’s murder, murders in general, how de govahment ah de day respondin an Dr. Valery Alexandrov’s continued pleas fuh help as being connected.

Tuh me it not ah puzzle nah eef yuh keep yuh eye on de big picture.

In dis interview de man again complain about some ah what ailin de Forensics Science Centre. According tuh him, de workin conditions ‘catastrophic’. He say in all he life, dis centre is de only one he see dat does operate like ah ‘kindergarten’—open 8 in de morning an close at 4.

Dis in 2014 when de govahment want people tuh believe it doin it best tuh handle crime. Tuh be fair, de doctor say he been complainin fuh de parse seven years.

Anybody who does follow murders in Triniland or know somebody who know somebody who have ah murdered family member, know about de Forensics Science Centre.

De Forensic Science Centre start operatin back in 1983, December, de information I have say. Its goals were tuh be ah effective part ah de judicial system wid state ah de art scientific information about how people dead an what crime, eef any, de same gun geh used in. Experts was supposed tuh be able tuh take spit from two people an tell eef dey is family—de people dat is. Who could find fault wid dem ideals?

Since den everyting de centre do, it does do plenty more of now. Murders have tripled de number of autopsies. Dat is why every Trinbagonian must ah hear about de centre at least once.

Some might feel Dr. Valery Alexandrov, de chief complainer about tings is ah pain in dey baxide. Dat doh mean what he sayin is not true or dat he doh wuk hard. Back in September 2012 he geh diagnosed wid someting call ulcerative dermatitis dat prevent him from holdin ah scalpel so no autopsies was happenin. He claim in ah year he does do more dan de number ah autopsies recommended fuh ah forensic pathologist.

Being ah pathologist is not de kind ah ting de vast majority ah people would consider fuh ah career. I fuh one eh living arong nobody who does do dat kind ah wuk. It is ah dutty an dangerous job, especially fuh de pathologist who does open up people who eh geh murdered. Dey bodies could be diseased.

Is not only Dr. Valery Alexandrov who sayin tings not right at de centre. De Trini OSHA say de place doh meet international OSHA standards. In ah article larse year in March, ah daily newspapers list OSHA findings. Is de same tings dat he complainin about: Not enough space tuh wuk, not enough storage fuh dead bodies, poor ventilation, human bones eh stored properly. Is like 15 tings dat wrong.

De place have two immediate major issues it seems—space an staff.

De following month, April, Justice Minister fuh like ah ten-days, Christlyn Moore announce de govahment was goin an build ah next Forensic Science Centre. Dat might eventually happen buh what about in de meantime? Maybe nuttin eef de same Christlyn Moore’s opinion dat nuttin was wrong at de centre is held by de govahment. Is dat why nuttin eh happen since de govahment agree larse year tuh fix up de second autopsy room, closed because ah poor ventilation?

In ah place where murders does happen BAM; BAM; BAM, an wid few people interested in cuttin open ah dead person skull wid ah saw, why would de govahment ah de day not move like ah bat out ah hell tuh change de tings de headman complainin about?

What eef he finally say he had enough ah de damn nonsense? Ah doh want tuh get ah picture in mih head ah de govahment actin all surprised dat he gorn when de man givin warnin after warnin dat tings not right.

Given de lil bit ah change he does wuk for I tink de govahment should double he salary an put he tuh run de place. Fuh once fix something before it break dong. It go cost more tuh wait an den have tuh fix it back up.

Eef de national security status is now amber, den what color is de status ah tings at de Forensic Science Centre?

I seein red when ah look at de big picture.

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