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Dis deportee business

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May 3, 2014 by Fensic

What eef you get tossed into ah country yuh doh know? Would it help eef yuh have vague memories ah de place because yuh was born dey buh leave when yuh was about five? Now yuh in yuh twenties or older an yuh doh know de culture, de lingo, nuttin nuttin. De country dat toss yuh baxide out say dey catch yuh tiefin, robbin or doin someting illegal, even eef petty. How yuh go survive in dis next place?

Well dat scenario happenin. De place de people gettin dumped een is T&T an de country sendin dem ‘back home’ is de United States of America.

De people call deportees.

Leh we doh try foolin weself. De way people feelin towards crime in Triniland, tuh get sympathy fuh criminals, regardless ah dey situation, is ah tough sell. Buh what eef in helpin deportees, people helpin slow dong crime?

Eef dese deportees gettin drop at Piarco widout de govahment knowin dey comin den is ah good chance dey eh have no support system. No support system mean is people dey go prey orn. Remember yuh answer tuh dat what eef question?

Ah tink we in agreement dat we want crime in T&T tuh go dong. It go be nice eef it go all de way dong buh we know dat eh happenin.

Is not only T&T dat faced wid dis eh as dem udder islands gettin dey share. De US takin advantage as long as it just dumpin people widout notice.

Dat larse part is what all dis about: WIDOUT NOTICE.

I read dat de countries try tuh get de US tuh not send people it convict ah crimes back tuh de islands. Wait fuh dat tuh happen.

De idea ah protestin against deportation could backfire. After all, I would tink Triniland would want tuh reserve de right tuh do de exact same ting wid miscreants causin trouble in T&T. Caricom or no Caricom, ship dey baxide home I say. Buh de country cyar be cryin foul on one hand an doin de same ting on de next hand.

Now is tuh time tuh change strategy. Before 2016.


Dat easy.

We eh know who go be de next US president buh it safe tuh say it eh go be ah next black man. Obama eh go stop being American just because he black. Still, wid he an Holder, de Attorney General, me eh tink de Caribbean area go get ah more favorable ear between now an de end ah Obama term. He done show he eh like de idea ah de US beatin up on udder countries tuh get its way—taking advantage nah. All de more reason now is de time tuh push. Loud eef possible. Time runnin out cause de next president eh go be as receptive.

So de focus should be on dis word ah does hear people in T&T use all de time:  “Disrespect”.

De govahment does be disrespectin workers when it offer dem ah chinky lil raise. De poleece executive does be disrespectin all de udder poleece all de time. Dis one does be disrepectin dat on; orn an orn.

Me eh go lie, I eh tink I know what dat word mean anymore, buh ah go say dis: When de US exercise its right tuh deport people it disrespectin de country when it just load dem orn ah plane an fly low over Piarco in de middle ah de night an push dem out.

An no, de US cyar use de excuse dat T&T doh catch criminals anyway, so what is de big deal about dese.

Before any meetin tuh complain I tink it would help eef T&T an de udder countries in any complainin delegation have statistics. Fuh starters, T&T have tuh know how many deportees it have over ah period ah time like ah year an how many ah dem in de shaky T&T justice system. Doh fuhget dat it probably have more dat de poleece near tuh catch cause it always sayin ah arrest is imminent.

Profile all de deportees. See who have support system, see who eh have nuttin. Have information before yuh siddong an start protestin tuh people dat dey disrespectin de country.

I eh under no illusions dat someting like dis go be easy. I dey wid gettin dem udder countries tuh agree dat ah united Caribbean front go wuk best fuh everybody. Could some ah dem say dey not in dis cause, dem eh have no crime problem? Of course buh which one ah dem could say dat wid ah straight face? Could somebody say dey have it under control so dey eh need no united front? Again yes buh name one ting any country in de Caribbean could discuss by itself wid ah First World country an get ah better deal dan eef it went as part of ah front?

Besides we have tuh learn de power dat in numbers. Even eef de number doh top 6 or 7 million.

Dese days it easy tuh embarrass people. How embarrassin it go be eef it turn out dat is only in de Caribbean dat de US does dump deportees widout warnin?

Ah guess ah should say before it too late dat I eh have no knowledge ah deportees beside de infrequent article ah does read. De reason ah writin dis is because ah somebody who bring up de subject. Ah could tell dey very concerned. Dey even mention some Wayne Chance on ah tork show on 95.5 FM where dis topic geh discussed.

I know de US does send people back home. More like, doh let yuh back een once yuh leave. Dat does happen tuh people who have American papers buh de US find out dey have criminal records back wherever home was. So you gorn on vacation tuh dat home. When yuh bounce back een de American airport ting does hit de fan. Yuh does end up havin tuh wave goodbye tuh dey family while you board de next plane back. Back tuh de vacation place yuh was wishin yuh could stay longer tuh enjoy days earlier.

I also didn’t tink yuh could geh deported eef yuh was born in de US buh ah see endess articles showin it does happen.

All dem tings is sidebar issues eh. De only ting on de table is fuh T&T, preferably wid its Caribbean neighbors, tuh ask de US tuh let dem know when an who dey deportin.

No more disrespect, whatever dat mean, would be nice, ent?

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