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Time reach, no more lag gin

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April 26, 2014 by Fensic

It used tuh have dis TV show call de A Team. Dat show introduce de famous Mr. T tuh de world. Sorry world, buh I eh had nuttin tuh de wid dat. Anyway de show was pure dotishness as ah look back at it now. Dat doh mean yuh cyar find nuggets ah wisdom in de purest of dotishness eef yuh look hard enough. Every episode dat I see had a big fight scene near de end. It was so fake! Dis one character had a line he used tuh say: He did love how ah plan did come tuhgedder.

Eef ah stretch an stretch dat, ah could kinda sorta get close-ish tuh what I does say—everyting connected tuh everyting else.

Is all about technology.

Eef yuh believe how de press report it, de woman assault she wayward chile, nearly kill she wid licks even. Let mih say up front I eh watch de whole ah de ting. Buh as somebody who know what real licks is, all ah have to say is dis: Licks? What licks? Dat gyul get any licks? It had too much torkin goin orn fuh she tuh say she get any licks. I eh gettin into de argument of corporal punishment versus no corporal punishment. Dat is one ah dem tings yuh does instinctively pick ah side an defend it. Eef yuh old enough tuh know what real licks is doh mean yuh go be fuh chirren getting beat.

It eh de licks part I studyin anyway. Is dat de mudder had de beatin taped an den put it orn Facebook. Now dat is technology in use. It so First World. Wrong no arse buh very First World. Fuhget all de fatigue de chile go get in school. Dat move by she mudder have tuh be First World because dese days people see someting an de fuss ting dey does do is whip out dey cell phone, record de event an post it online. Yes, because ah dat mudder Triniland right up dey runnin wid de top dorgs ent? Doh answer yet nah.

Dis article ah read in de papers, say dat T&T behind de times when it come tuh technology. De exact headline is “T&T Lagging in Technology”. How could dat be eef mudders beatin dey chirren an postin it on Facebook? Ah guess any laggin have tuh do wid how de country, govahment an business not usin technology good. Dey goin fuh de whole hog an dat hard tuh do. Like Electronic Medical Records? In de meantime when yuh laggin behind in someting dat eh mean yuh doh use it? Or yuh does use it bard? Which way dis example fall ah wonder?

I went tuh take advantage ah de govahment’s e-business program, at least ah tink dat is what it call. Eef dat not de name is whatever de program call dat suppose tuh make it easier fuh people tuh interact wid de govahment online. I did need dis document so ah gorn tuh de govahment website.

Dis is what dese people consider doing e-business: Dongload de application, fill it out den mail it een. Yuh cyar even pay fuh de services online because it eh have no law dat allow de govahment tuh collect money electronically. Ah wonder eef any ah dat change since mih experience?

All dat an more mean I doh consider it good news dat between de larse time an now Triniland parse only lagger in front ah it.

Okay so ah might be spoiled by technology. Buh ah tink ah better orf wid technology dan widout it. I cyar begin tuh understand not havin de Internet. Yes ah could remember when it wasn’t arong. Buh dat was den an dis is now. Ah could remember gettin mih baxide blazed by mih mudder too but yuh eh see mih wishin fuh dat again.

Is long time now I tinkin dat fuh too many people, technology is ah necessary evil. No. Make dat ah UNnecessary evil, even ah waste ah time. How many ah dem in Triniland ah wonder. Dey in govahment too ent? Ah ready tuh take licks fuh askin dem questions by de way. Have dat chile mudder beat mih as long as she eh cuss mih like she was cussin when she was beatin she daughter. Like ah say, me eh watch de whole ting so ah goin by what ah get tell on dat cussing part.

One ah mih pet peeves is dem websites related tuh different entities in govahment. Tuh me somebody put ah website tuhgedder an gorn. It have dis fire service website dat I swear geh hacked long time an like nobody else eh notice. Like wid anyting else eef we want tuh improve, it go take ah change in mindset. Eef dat eh happen den who T&T just parse in dat survey go parse T&T back.

Ah remember de time ah did announce tuh dis pardnah on de job dat ah was goin an start ridin ah bike an exercising. De onlyest ting he ask mih was eef ah was ready fuh dat. In mih enthusiasm ah overlook de question, after all ah was announcin mih plans. Now dat mih lazy arse eh doin none ah what ah did say ah was goin an do, ah understand what he was meanin. Tork is never ah substitute fuh action. Maybe dat is where tings have tuh start. Buh as one ah de people who raise mih used tuh say, nuttin doh happen before its time.

Time reach.

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