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It cyar be ten tuh one, so what are de odds?

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April 12, 2014 by Fensic

It have times like now when de stories out ah Triniland does be all over de map, like dey supposed tuh be. Buh plenty stories mean de ten-day news cycle diluted?

De idea dat ah story does stay wid Trinis fuh ten days before people geh bored an move orn tuh ah next topic is interestin.

Ah sure people in udder countries does tink de same ting. It mightn’t be no ten days fuh dem, buh however quick dey does geh bored make dem tink dey unique.

Ten days an God being ah Trini make Trinis de real unique ones. Over who, all dem countries dat does claim Satan?

Anyway, de biggest news in Triniland right now is about ANR an it go larse longer dan ten days.

When ah mention tuh mih fadder dat ANR dead, he tell me dey was lil boys tuhgedder back in Tobago an dat ANR family had ah lil bakery. Hearin dat mash up de idea I had dat ANR was born into poverty an still manage tuh rise up an hold de highest offices in de land. Buh all ah have tuh do is change ‘poverty’ tuh ‘humble beginnings’ an ah back on track.

Dat slip up show me eh really know too much ah de ANR story. Sure he was prime minister an president. Ah know he was in power durin rough times in T&T an dat Bakr an dem hold him hostage in 1990. Ah recognize dat it have ah whole set ah people, wid Panday in front, who vex wid he fuh pickin Manning in 2001 when de PNM an UNC tie 19 – 19.

De biggest ting about he dat ah know is he was ah scholar. He was before he time, buh name one scholar who wasn’t. Ah wid Manning when he say ANR earn he place in T&T history. It far too early tuh say what dat place is doh.

Everybody who know deyself when somebody exceptional come along have tuh be dead before de dispassionate eyes ah history could find de right place fuh dat exceptional person.

Dat cyar happen wid ANR any time soon. Not when UNC supporters who was vex wid he in 2001 still vex wid he. Eef dey eh careful dat vexness go choke an kill dem dead. Panday should attend de funeral so we could see if he choke.

It far too early tuh tell eef across de board Caribbean integration go wuk. I tink it vital fuh de survival ah de region so all de hiccoughs it havin eh nuttin buh growin pains. Udders go say dey is proof de experiment fail.

I eh even bodderin tuh mention de Caribbean Court.

When history write ANR story, it go look at de way de region is an decide eef he ideas was borse.

He was ah forward tinker; one ah dem people who does come arong in life once in ah blue moon wid ideas dat different. Two quotes come tuh mind. Okay dey eh come in mih mind just so, one come part ah de way so ah went an look fuh it an find de next one. Tanks tuh George Bernard Shaw.

ANR was one ah dem who see tings dat never was an ask why not. While de answer tuh dat gettin find out, people who say dem tings cyar be done should stop interruptin who doin dem.

Is more ANRs T&T need. Everybody does tink dey country is de best because dey was born in it. As de fellah who quotes ah distortin say, dat is patriotism.

Buh leh we face facts; is Triniland we dealin wid. Fuh every ANR-esque tinker, it have idiots on de udder side. Forward tinkers gettin restrained even pull dong. Yuh could say dung does be pullin dem dong. Me eh know what de ratio supposed tuh be buh Sparrow say ten tuh one is murder.

Take criminals of all stripes. Anybody want proof dat Trinidad an Tobago not at de point where it ready tuh deal wid criminality?

Just the udder day I was tellin somebody, probably mih pardnah, dat de car accident he was een knock sense in he head. Ah was torkin about de head ah de Police Social an Welfare Association, Anand Ramesar.

From what ah read lately, I have tuh take back dat dotish hope. Over de years de man say some tings eh buh ah tink he top heself dis time. What make it sadder is ah read what he say after readin about de gangster de police cyatch wid ah police gun.

De gangster tell de poleece is ah next poleece officer who sell he de weapon. Ah female poleece officer on suspension fuh losin dat gun in 2012. Now me eh know eef is she who sell de gun an say it lorse, or eef ah next police officer tief it from she an sell it. Eidder way is poleece corruption. Dat eh no revelation of course.

Show me ah poleece force, service, department, agency, whatever yuh want tuh call it, an I go point yuh in de direction of ah force, service, department or agency dat does experience de same ting—now an den.

So it more common in T&T? How many ah de TTPS guns does geh “lorse” every year? What is de punishment? Not enough tuh deter de criminals it look like. An doh fuhget de ten-day circle ting so people does fuhget quick.

Is de next story ah read dat show how far de TTPS have tuh go doh. In it Ramesar say eef de poleece geh pay more dey go serve de public better.

Ah should suck mih teet in ah big fat steups an end dis right dey yes.


Ah go stop just now an go an learn more about ANR.

I eh go lie, me eh have ah clue what tuh say now I repeat Ramesar’s logic or promise, whichever one it is. Maybe he tinkin brilliant like ANR’s an people like me too dotish tuh understand.

Every now an den he does make sense buh he infamy comes from comments like when he say de time dat de macajuel in de poleece station was Gibbs fault. Dat rollin out 21st Century poleecing in a phased approach was ah sign ah bad management.

Is ah pity is only now somebody tinkin it would ah be ah good idea eef he an ANR did siddong in de same room an he listen while ANR tork.

So eef 10 tuh one is murder, what is de right mix of intellect versus dotishness fuh progress in T&T tuh continue?

Ah bet ANR would ah know.

RIP Right Honorable Your Excellency.

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