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Ah next one gorn? Time tuh change de process den

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April 5, 2014 by Fensic

Never before in de history ah politics in de republic ah Trinidad an Tobago, have de tings dat happenin now, happen before.

Two ministers in 2 weeks? Dat must be ah world record.

It have so many sides tuh all ah dis an me eh takin none ah dem.


Well because is politics an how people does see tings go dictate who side dey orn.

By de way, Sharma good oui. Ah wife, ah deputy an ah next deputy? She was tuh remind he ah he younger days or what? Buh more important, it have ah chile in de commess.

I tink deputy #2 milkin Sharma. She makin he know what sweet in goat mout does sour in he bam-bam. Or it could just be dat she is one ah dem dangerous kind ah deputy: beauty wid ah warped moral code.

Since ah digressin, let mih digress some more: Dis conscience ting remindin mih ah Kamla. Is only know she focusin on what is right an honorable? Dem noble traits wasn’t arong when Jack was MNS or what? Or is he dat was right an honorable? De fuss ting he do as MNS wasn’t tuh declare war on dat udder country up de road, buh tuh mash up Kublalsingh tent. Ah slight breeze would ah blow dat dong by itself.

So eef Kamla now serious when it come tuh nobleness, we might find out eef it have udder ministers sweetin dey tea wid salt by election time?

Okay ah back from digressin.

Dem political sycophants could argue back an forth all dey want. De PNM could even win de next election. Me eh care about none ah dat. De onlyest ting I get out ah dis latest bacchanal is de belief dat is time fuh T&T tuh tink big.

Prime minsters, startin from now, have tuh find ah better way tuh pick dey cabinet. Find people who eh have moral turpitude. Dat is ah word dat come in mih head just so.

Dammit Prakash!

Ah did done write dis before you went an open yuh mout. Now ah forced tuh add dis so it eh look like ah tief yuh idea.

Yuh callin fuh a code ah conduct fuh politicians. Code ah conduct? Dem kind ah calls eh part ah de problem? Who definin what dat is? How many years it go take before it have agreement on what dat mean? What go keep happenin in de mean time?

My idea is tuh mash de brakes now, no later dan next year election fuh sure. Stop dem bad apples rotten mangoes an dem from makin it into govahment. Ah givin he idea two weeks before it dead.

Back tuh what I did say before he jump een.

My idea is ah small step dat I tink have ah chance.

Penny or Rowley or Kamla might see de wisdom in followin my idea. Dress it up how whoever win want. Dey could make de idea look like dey own, me eh care, just do it.

Tink ah what mih pardnah say dat ah cyar dismiss: “Havin tuh geh rid ah so many people show ah lack ah judgment.”

Now ah know it go have people wid all kind ah dotish reasons why mih idea cyar wuk in T&T.

It doh have tuh be no hard hard test; no maths in it, no essay, definitely no science fiction. Who cyar come up wid ah few questions based on de real world? Like:

  • We want tuh know eef yuh does mine yuh outside chirren.
  • When yuh geh drunk an start dotishness, yuh does say yuh was only tired? Yuh does brush against anyting yuh not suppose to touch?
  • Eef yuh geh de UN Ambassador job, yuh go waste time ole torkin about how yuh meet up yuh future husband online when de lecture is on Cultural Diversity or shit like dat?
  • Eef yuh geh elected, yuh go continue being ah shameless self-promoter?

Four questions right dey, easy easy. Only six more. Dis whole idea involve baby steps so no deep questions dat might give candidates ah hard time tuh answer. Ah even stayin away from tings like how much house yuh plan tuh have by de time yuh no longer ah minister. Once everybody used tuh dis den we could go fuh de whole hog.

Fuh dem who say dis kind ah screenin cyar wuk, let mih point out why it have tuh wuk.

Larse week, Glen Ramadharsingh was on de show ah dat shameful self-promoter, Ian Alleyne. Mih stomach turn listenin tuh Mr. Ian comment about de poor flight attendant. Is like she was in de rong an should apologize tuh Glen.

Ah keep askin mihself, “dat is de Ian Alleyne who run fuh political office? . . . he?  . . . dat dotish man ah listenin to tork shit?”

Of course who put he up as ah candidate was damn fools like he as he had matters, “before de court”, as de poleece does say.


Right dey is ah next question:

  • Yuh have any matters before de court?

Five more.

Ah notice when Glen geh fired some ministers was mutterin about, “too bard”. Too bard is only good eef he is ah puppet an cyar control he mout an he hand.

Now dat Sharma gorn too, ah hope dem same political apologists fuh bard behavior wettin dey jockey shorts.

Is true, removing ministers fuh misdeeds good fuh de country, but it eh better tuh not have dem people in positions ah power in de fuss place? My plan go do dat.

Is like walkin dong de road in de dark because it eh have no street light. Yuh mash dorg poop an it gorn all between yuh toes since yuh barefoot. No grass an no canal water close. Yuh go keep walkin on dat pavement night after night, not sure when yuh go mash more poop an tork about how could yuh is at cleanin it out from between yuh toes? Or, yuh go walk in de day when yuh could see ? Eef it have tuh be in de night, yuh eh go cross de street an walk on dat side?

Eef anybody seriously tink dat comparison is ah bard idea, please explain how.

Triniland progressin; buh sometimes movement does be in de wrong direction.

What about de Integrity Commission someboy wonderin tuh deyself?

Dem people eh have time fuh wuk, dey too busy fightin—one anudder an everybody else. Besides, anybody every get in trouble an make ah jail because ah anyting dat commission find?

Buh wait nah . . .

Ah just went tuh check out de Integrity Commission website

Under About Us, ah clink orn Who does de commission report to.

Is ah empty page dat come back oui.

Is dem people tink watchin over tings?

Ah rest de case fuh mih idea.

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