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Ah see ah man geh kill . . .

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February 22, 2014 by Fensic

I saw ah man geh kill wid mih two eye dis week.

No, I wasn’t dey when it happen, buh one ah dem CCTV was dey an it capture de crime. I was just in de unsettled position ah watchin what happen buh after it happen. Seein ah man alive an goin bout he business knowin he about tuh geh kill an den watchin him geh kill is damn weird. After all, we does go bout we business just like he was doin.

Since I does keep up wid de television station dat post de video online, ah sure ah would ah run into it by mihself. Not dis time doh.

Why, ah hear somebody in pit say?

De station had ah advertisement.

Is everybody benefittin from crime or what, except innocent victims an dey family dat is?

Ah mean, imagine ah man murder geh caught on tape an ah TV station advertise it goin an show de tape so come an watch. Buh dis is de world we live in an Trini media eh alone doin dis kind ah shit.

De nutsman in de Oval from back in de good ole days say it best as he advertise he nuts, “allyuh . . . ah have it here!”

Ah cyar be too self-righteous in mih condemnation cause I watch de tape. Ah admit dat long time. How many udder Trinis watch? Me eh know about none ah dem; I watch it twice.

De fuss time was tuh see what happen. De second time was tuh see eef ah could see any ah de T&T ah did know from before because dat kind ah ting didn’t use tuh happen so. Ah see two pot hong buh seein dem stale.

It might be hard fuh any Trini younger dan say 30 tuh appreciate dat once upon ah time murders didn’t dominate de news an people conversation like now. Eef it did it was only now an den cause murders was only now an den. Dis is where we reach. Tings change. In retrospect we could ah see it comin. De country was under attack, man was blowin up poleece car an ting. In response de poleece start totin SLRs.

Gary Griffith say he horrified dey does tote assault rifles in sportin events, like cricket. Which part ah T&T he grow up an when?

He eh know about de time ah English side was dong in T&T tuh play de national team? Was in de Oval. Football peong dat I was, I had tuh be dey. De place pack fuh so, people even in trees. Excitement all over de place. Everybody waitin an waitin fuh de teams tuh come out de pavilion an start kickin ball. It wasn’t dark yet buh we did know eef dey didn’t start it soon, night would reach before de game over.

Bramps! Ah branch break.

People start fallin like mango in ah storm. Panic in de area where it happen. Who was right dey in dat section? Me.

De poleece geh surprised. So what dey do?

Dey tun rong an point dem same SLRs into tuh crowd. What dey would ah do eef people did keep panickin? Ah go let udders answer dat. Up tuh know me eh see no poleece wid baton an riot shield.

Griffith eh know all dat happen? Steups oui.

Before mih larse trip home, ah was worried about mih safety. Ah was tinkin: I too ole fuh de shit dat happenin especially when ah tink back on how it used tuh be. Ah was tempted tuh put ah ad in de papers. It would ah announce mih arrival buh wid no money in mih pockets so doh bodder robbin mih or worse. De money tree in de backyard where ah was comin from was out ah season.

Of course any concern eh larse long once ah reach. How it could? Was still Triniland, home nah.

All de same, dat drive from de airport? Ah finally get tuh relax certain sphincter muscles ah did have squeeze tight tight on dat drive. Ah even tell de driver I wasn’t in dat big ah hurry tuh reach de house.

Sadly tings wuss now an de tape show mih how much. I eh just see ah man gettin kill wid he killer like he eh worried he go get cyatch. Ah see ah man geh overkill.

Ah see what de poleece doh seem tuh have de balls tuh come out an say; contract killin goin orn in Triniland. It easier tuh put crime in a box called ‘gang related’ an dump de box. Who go want tuh look inside dat box in de dump? Fuhget dat it could start ah next fire dat go cover PoS wid more smoke dan de larse time. Who tink dey unaffected by what in de box go be affected by de smoke, not so?

It eh often ah does see ah murder caught on tape. Dis one beat all de udders. What exactly it win, I eh know, buh it win. Why ah doh feel good? Is because winnin in dis instance not ah good ting?

Trinis done move orn since dis murder, even eef dey see de tape.

How an why?

Well de poleece corner an kill two ah de suspects almost right away. Kudos tuh de hardest wukkin senior poleece officer in de TTPS, Johnny Abraham, an he officers in de Central Division. How wid it be eef he an dem geh clone an put in every division?

De murder victim eh exactly had clean hands, so early sympathy fuh he dry up quick. People holdin dey outrage fuh de next brutal murder. It comin buh it go have tuh come good since people all but shockproof.

Like de time de fella geh kill goin tuh wuk dong Cocorite de mornin. Ah tell de story before of how somebody ah know was shoppin arong de same time. Dey say by de time dey reach back home dey done fuhget what dey see. Dat is some borse copin skills.

Copin does come in all shapes an forms. I was describin tuh mih pardnah what ah did see on de tape. He eh let mih finish before he remind mih dat he done tell mih is not Trinis doin dem kind ah murders. Dat was he way ah copin. I eh know how he does cope now cause ah tell him de police kill two ah de suspects almost right away an even had dey names.

Me? Ah cyar move orn, not yet. Not so quick. Not while ah keep seein ah man gettin kill over an over again in mih head.

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