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Political Incorrectness? One day one day congotay

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February 8, 2014 by Fensic

One ah de tings ah just love about mih T&T is dat it politically incorrect.

One ah de tings ah just hate about mih T&T is dat it politically incorrect.

Lovin de same ting ah does hate does have mih tail in ah quandary: Which one tuh stop since ah cyar keep doin both, or can I?

‘Fitsy’, Fitzgerald Hinds nah, gorn an bring de dilemma ah does face tuh de front burner. He went an say in Belmont dat he hear from somebody who say dey hear ah next man brudder cousin say dat certain unnamed people sayin while Rowley is ah great political leader ah de PNM, he too dark tuh be prime minister.

Why? Because T&T too ethnically diverse. I eh read it buh I hear dat in ah article Selwyn Ryan claim Rowley’s critics say de same ting.

Just who is de Trinis sayin Rowley too black boy?

Ah went tuh check de 2011 Census. Among udder tings it say:

  • 20% plus Trinis consider deyself mixed
  • 6% ah Trinbagonians eh answer de question about ethnicity
  • Between Indians (35%) an Blacks (34%) yuh have 70% ah de population.

So who saying it? De 6%? De 20% dat mixed? Dem have strings dey could pull? “Unknown” udders dat not in de 70% ah Blacks an Indians?

Why de arse Trinis gettin categorized so in de fuss place? Ah know why! Ah know why! Doh bodder answerin. Ah guess ah vex because culture does divide people before race ever could.

All dat said, ah still doh have no problem wid de kind ah political incorrectness ah love in Triniland. “Love” might be too strong ah emotion buh ah goin wid it.

I remember de fatigue in school dat was part ah growin up. Show yuh couldn’t take it an yuh dorgs was dead. I eh go lie, sometimes it used tuh get tuh mih. Is knowin ah could give fatigue back dat keep mih from cryin an runnin home tuh tell mih mudder what dem udder boys sayin about she son.

Tuhday, as far as I concerned, anybody sayin ting tuh try an insult mih givin mih fatigue so I does move tuh suit. I does make de “one day” in de expression “one day, one day congotay” come quick so ah could strike back wid mih own words an ah smile. What fairer dan dat?

Outside T&T political correctness reach so far it eh funny. Ah few year ago, some aide tuh ah politician, lorse he wuk after he use de word “niggardly” in ah audience ah mainly black people. Nuttin eh wrong wid de word, buh tellin de trute dead long time an political correctness runnin amok only gettin worse. Dat is one ah de reasons ah love de political incorrectness ah T&T.

Still, ah keepin mih eye peeled fuh de tort police: Dey comin. Dey eh go have tuh arrest me because when dey reach, ah givin up one time cause wid tort police on patrol, I eh go be free fuh long. Ah tellin dem doh even touch mih an tuh haul dey baxide so ah could bounce een dey jail all by mihself.

People from de Land ah de Hummingbird is de onlyest ones who know how tuh be politically incorrect widout killin one anudder.

Where else dat does happen?

People is real racist eef dey actions does mean yuh cyar live someplace, wuk someplace, eat someplace or do anyting at de place ah yuh choice or wid who yuh want, all because ah yuh race. De ultimate racist is somebody who decide you have tuh dead.

Is any ah dat happenin tuh Rowley? He cyar get de job he want? I must be abnormal cause while I wouldn’t ah vote fuh he, de shade ah he skin never cross mih mind as ah reason.

So since Rowley too dark den de PP eh have nuttin tuh worry about in de elections next year den? . . . Dey do? . . . So Penny go beat Rowley fuh PNM leadership? . . . De few Trinis pullin de strings happy wid two woman runnin fuh leader? Dat progressive ent? . . . Wait! . . . It cyar be progressive because dem few Trinis is de same set who say Rowley cyar win, he too dark.

Ah confused oui.

All ah know is de political incorrectness ah love does mean people ventin. De next Census go show it have plenty more mixed Trini chirren.

What on de udder side ah dis coin? Why ah hate political incorrectness T&T style?

I doh hold mih head an bawl when ah tink what happenin is shit, like what Fitsy say. Ah hate dat social media make it so easy now fuh dotish people tuh expound dey dotish views. Let mih go ahead an say, “like me”, cause eef anybody else say it an ah hear it go be one day, one day congotay.

Wid de explosion ah social media, people who clueless about Trini culture misreadin Trini discourse. I read where people sayin it have racial strife in Triniland. Racial strife? In Trinidad an Tobago? Steups. Anyway, I care about what happenin inside T&T before I could care about what people outside tink.

What Fitsy claim he geh tell probably still gettin commented on like crazy. Ah glance at some comments an by de tone yuh would tink people discussin more important tings. Like de ridiculous murder total fuh de year or stories about big stones men wid froth in dey pee, mashin up de privates ah lil gyuls who mightn’t be even havin dey period yet. Kamla say she not acceptin de idea dat ah chile gettin rape because she “too hot”. Who ah need tuh ask eef I could be de one tuh execute people like dat? Who?

Political incorrectness have Trinis losin de big picture. Dey gettin distracted badly. Political incorrectness have Trinis paintin dey own picture.

Which picture is T&T? Is like de tings dat make Trinis, Trinis, is de same tings dat preventin progress. Dat right dey is de core ah de issue fuh me. De way some tings wukkin mightn’t be good, buh mess wid dem too much an chances good de results go mean I stop hatin political incorrectness an start hatin political correctness instead.

Me eh know or care eef Rowley win de PNM internal election fuh leader. Ah do care about de general election since de system fuh governin T&T break long time. Be it PNM, PP, IPL, COP; whoever in opposition next time go behave de same way—oppose, oppose oppose.

When I look in my crystal ball, is one Trini I does see being Prime Minister one day: Faris-Al-Wari. Whoever want tuh put dat in dey politically incorrect pipe an smoke it, feel free.

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