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Cocaine in de orange juice? Sorry, no comment.

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January 25, 2014 by Fensic

It have all kind ah people in dis world. Dat is where de sayin’, “it takes all kinds”, come from.

All dese different kind ah people geh jumbled up an’ put in different places, called countries, tuh live. No country eh supposed tuh have too many ah de same kind ah people. Dat make sense ent? Everybody have tuh learn tuh live wid people who different. Dat is just one ah life’s daily challenges. Yuh get strong when yuh learn tuh live wid different people ah’ when everybody in de country get strong, de country strong.

Tings do always wuk as expected doh, an’ ah place might get too much ah de same kind ah people. Would dat country overcome its challenges an’ still be as great as it could? Would it be its own lil world?

I tink ah get de answer over de larse few days. Is true, when yuh in de middle ah ting, it does be hard tuh see de forest fuh de trees. It also dangerous tuh open yuh mout’ too big.

Take dis cocaine in de orange juice story.

I was ready tuh lambaste all dem early bloggers who did know exactly what de US was goin’ an’ do tuh lil T&T.

De US had fingerprints from de cans an’ dey comin’ tuh T&T tuh arrest de owners ah dem fingerprints . . . . . de US doh eat nice. When dey reach Triniland, dey go tell de TTPS tuh move out de way an’ dey go find who was dotish enough tuh send cocaine tuh America . . . . . de US law enforcement doh wuk like law enforcement in T&T.

Dat larse one ah did agree wid. Not dat ah didn’t believe de US wasn’t already investigatin’ an’ was finally ready, or was forced, tuh reveal ting. Buh eef dem bloggers did know so much, how come dey wasn’t providin’ de same level of expertise in dem udder drug finds involvin’ only Trini law enforcement?

Doh tell mih dey wasn’t interested cause Trini law enforcement eh nuttin like US law enforcement. T&T have what it have oui.

As de days went by, it started tuh like dem bloggers did know what dey was torkin’ about. De TTPS did done geh push aside an’ was only wukking “alongside US authorities”. Uncle Sam was fishin’ in Trini waters, ignorin’ de small catch.

Den ah notice someting else: Trini experts, not bloggers, was comin’ out de woodwork. Eidder dey was tryin’ tuh distance deyself or dey was providin’ inside information. De media was fallin’ over itself tuh expose ting. Of course names was gettin’ mentioned, as dat is how Trinis like dey inside information—no names. Not me, I want names. You eh foolin’ my dotish arse dat easy.

Where was dese experts gettin’ dey information? De Americans? Me eh tink so nah. One ah de reports say when de Americans geh ask tuh comment on de case, dey say “no comment”. My experts tell me dis is what de Americans really say:

“Comment? Allyuh want we tuh comment on an on-going investigation? What kind ah people allyuh tink we is? We is Americans, we do doh dat dotishness. Allyuh must be mad or someting. Trinis makin’ ah jail fuh dis cocaine in orange juice in cans doh so dey better have US court clothes. Buh nah, we eh giving’ allyuh no blasted comment. Wait fuh de trial like everybody else. It go be dis year as Trinis makin’ ah jail dis year self!

. . . “No comment?

What dat mean?

What kind ah person could have information an’ when asked say dat? Not we kind ah people. We know someting an’ somebody ask we . . . we have tuh run we mout’. How people go know what we know eef we eh tell dem?

. . . “No comment”?

Yuh mad or what?

People who eh know nuttin could say “no comment” tuh hide dey ignorance. De more yuh know or say yuh know, de more important yuh is, especially when it eh have nobody tuh say yuh eh know what de arse yuh torkin’ about. Or wuss, dat yuh lie.

. . . “No comment”?

Is only one law enforcement officer in T&T I know who say “no comment” an’ he wasn’t even ah Trini. Eef he tort it wasn’t time fuh de press too know something, dat was he answer. What would happen eef it had more people in T&T like he ah wonder.

Doh geh mih wrong nah. I is as good ah macco as de next Trinbagonian. I fascinated by dis case, buh ah could see de forest despite de trees. I want de big fish tuh geh cyatch more dan I want tuh know de details. I could force mihself tuh wait fuh de trial.

Buh since dat is just me, it eh stoppin’ de experts wid udders eatin’ it up while speculatin’ wildly. Meanwhile, de Americans quiet quiet, only lookin’ tuh catch big fish so dey could go back home an’ have bake an’ shark wid slight pepper.

So what eef SM Jaleel say nobody eh tork tuh dem yet den tun arong an’ say dey have proof de labels on de orange juice cans was de wrong shade ah green? So what eef de Citrus Growers Association, part ah de same SM Jaleel ah tink, tork about how so much cans ah juice was gettin’ tief fuh so long? Obviously de cans was used in de drug smugglin’, ent?

De one place yuh would ah hope it had experts, it turn out nobody was home. De Express report ah poleece officer sayin’ dey was suspicions when de juice was gettin’ tief all de time. I tort poleece does geh paid tuh be suspicious all de time. Anyway, de officer say now dat cocaine end up in de juice all de way in de US, we finally put two and two together”. More like de Americans do de maths an’ only tell de TTPS de answer. Too much damn useless experts all over de place.

Ah next expert say when Trini businessmen an’ South American drug dealers was settin’ up de smugglin’ ting, de DEA did know what dey was plannin’. How dat expert know dat? Somebody in de Yankee camp tell? De drug dealer tork? De Trini businessmen? Who tork?

Where was dese experts in de Monos Island drug bust in August 2005? Doh tell mih de local experts does only know ting when is is ah next country lookin’ tuh solve someting in T&T. Was Victor Sylvester an’ Shaheed Ali, de two Trinis who geh jail fuh life, any big fish?

De man who start orf dis expert tork spree, torkin’ again. He is de one who say Trinis tip orf de Americans. He sayin’ now too much tork goin’ orn an’ ban he people from torkin’. Ting have tuh reach too far cause we know he doh have no limits.

He ban heself doh?

Eef not . . . no comment.

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