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We need ah better guardian or what?

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January 18, 2014 by Fensic

People fair, right?

Dey sensible, ent?

We does understand tings once dey geh explained tuh we, not so?

Eef TSTT, as de good corporate citizen it is, decide it go start issuin’ ah report showin’ how often customers does complain, would people be able tuh understand de report?

Everyting does wuk on paper ah hear, buh ah always like testin’ tuh see eef dat true.

Leh mih see eef people really fair, sensible an’ understandin’. Or, eef dey does geh vex quick eef tings eh in dey favor.

Leh we say TSTT decide it go print dis report twice ah year. De fuss one go cover Jan. thru June; de next one, July thru Dec. Dat fair, sensible an’ people could understand.

Leh we pretend TSTT does get plenty calls, plenty plenty. So dey decide yuh have tuh call dem 13 times durin’ one ah de two reportin’ periods, before dey go put yuh address on dat report. We still good ah tink.

Now yuh eh know TSTT plannin’ no report, buh yuh know your phone wasn’t always wukkin’ an’ yuh spouse say dey keep callin’ TSTT.

De report fuh Jan. thru June geh release. TSTT also take de time tuh explain how tuh read what it say

Yuh eh see yuh address. Way yuh go do? Remember, yuh fair, sensible an’ understandin’.

Yuh go start cussin’ yuh spouse, accusin’ dem ah being lazy an’ tellin’ lies?

Ah sure I eh lorse nobody so far.

Leh mih change dat one time.

Is ah trick.

Dis really happen, ah just change ah few tings so nobody go suspect.

It happen wid de TTPS, Google an’ de Trinidad Guardian.

Some now retired former high rankin’ poleece officer, was supposed tuh call Google fuh information about dem bogus email addresses, Emailgate nah.

Is me sayin’ dem email addresses bogus eh, cause dey damn bogus!

Ah bet ah lorse people wid dat larse part. An’ ah now gettin’ into gear oui.

Anyway, dis poleece officer offer he regrets he eh solve de case.

So sad.

Dis week, de Guardian scrape de bottom ah de journalistic barrel an’ print ah story dat start off wid ah conclusion dat yuh cyar use because de justification not true, it never happen.

Here is how dey start dey story. Everybody still here could spot what ah torkin’ about.

The probe into the emailgate scandal may be facing a bleak future after US Internet search giant Google indicated in its latest transparency report, published on its Web site, that local police officers investigating the case failed to make any official request from them for information relating to the matter last year.

Mih question is . . . nah, mih only questions suppose tuh be about eef anybody still arong readin’. What ah have is ah observation: Dis is what does parse fuh journalism in mih beloved T&T?

I doh have tuh ask nah, ah know ah lorse more people right dey. Dat is awright cause people eh fair, dey doh be understandin’, an’ dotishness does run wild.

Yes, de TTPS leave plenty tuh be desired before anybody go tink, “ace crime fighters”, when “TTPS” come tuh mind. At least de TTPS dat mean Trinidad an’ Tobago Police Service. It does give enough ammunition tuh detractors, of which I am one when ah ready.

Anyway, dis bogus interpretation of what Google say, is not one ah dem instances where de poleece provide ammunition tuh anybody so dey could criticize it.

Come orn Guardian.

How allyuh reach dey from what dat Google report have?

Where allyuh integrity?

Shit, ah gorn an’ open de gate. Ah wasn’t supposed tuh be askin’ dem kind ah question nah. Steups.

Since Google take nearly six months tuh release de Jan thru June report, it eh go be until what, like June or July ah dis year before we go know fuh sure eef de TTPS write dem? We go know only eef dey humbug de people at least 30 times.

No matter what Google come back an’ say, de TTPS probe dead long time. I eh need no report from Google, reinterpreted by de Guardian, tuh tell me dat. I only need tuh observe how tings does wuk in T&T or not wuk, as de case might be.

Okay ah doh have tuh whisper dis part because dey cyar hear mih. De rabid PNM-ites an’ TTPS haters cheups an’ gorn.

Buh ah have mih own bombshell dat go have eidder me, or all de PP supporters doin’ like dem two dat just gorn.

Local Government Minister Suruj Rambachan say he write Google in July larse year an’ Google answer he within 24 hours. An’ surprise, surprise! De news from Google say it eh have no emails from no

People believe dat shit?

No, not dat de email addresses bogus, I done say so long time, buh dat Google answer he email in 24 hours?

Google does even bodder wid requests dat doh have subpoena attached?

Yeah, ah know ah goin’ back tuh de past, buh everyting connected tuh everyting else. Ent?

I sooooooooooo skeptical ah Suruj claim, dat it have tuh have ten “o” added tuh “so”. Ah mean de amount ah requests Google does get, de legal requirements dey have tuh meet? Twenty four hours? Maybe is de wrong person writin’ Google fuh de TTPS?

Back tuh de Guardian. Dis wasn’t ah good week fuh dem.

De Express an’ Newsday better not be feelin’ proud nah.

I eh know which one ah all dem ah tink is de wuss. Is drama an’ bacchanal all de time. De sad part is dat ah does see udder newspapers printin’ as bard or even worse articles dan dem. Me eh care about dem udders nah. I care about de three it have in T&T. When ah tork about causes all de time, de press is one ah dem causes.

Maybe ah too ole now an’ I eh hip tuh de style ah reportin’ dat fashionable. Still, when ah want hysteria an’ people behavin’ on instinct, ah go check Twitter, not so much Facebook. When ah read what journalists say, ah expect better dan dat fuh de simple reason dat dey is journalists. Dey went tuh school tuh learn how tuh write ting dat make sense, dat fair, sensible, an’ we could understand. Pride in what one does do shouldn’t be in fashion one week an’ out de next week. Maybe dat is de carrot tuh dangle in front ah reporters den? Okay, leh mih dangle it:

Have some blasted pride in yuh damn wuk nah? Give people de facts. We might be dotish, buh wid de facts we go figure ting out weself.

Hello? . . .

Ah wonder eef it still have anybody here tuh agree wid mih?

Hello? . . .

Ah well. Time fuh me tuh go den.

What de Guardian write:

What Suruj say:



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