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January 11, 2014 by Fensic

Ah was commentin’ tuh ah friend de udder day dat most ah we does live ignorant of de amount ah networks of interconnectin’ tings it have in dis world.

Imagine me sayin’ dat when is me dat does preach dat everyting connected tuh everyting else, like eef ah does live dat belief. Regardless dat it eh me who invent dat sayin’, is one ting tuh say it an’ be dotish enough tuh tink yuh smart. Is ah next ting tuh live yuh life like yuh know it true. Ah mean, eef all ah we start livin’ dat belief, it eh go lead tuh ah Eastern Main Road type traffic jam, buh not wid cars, only humans, tinkin’ hard before dey do anyting?

While dat big picture sink een, let mih explain how ah reach where ah reach.

Stephanie Leitch nah.

Ah bounce she up while searchin’ tuh see how come was gettin’ all dis traffic just so. After all, is ah lil scruntin blog. Once ah did identify which article was causin’ de traffic, was tuh den find out which ah de two woman ah did mention send people tuh read mih blog.

Note tuh Gary Griffith an’ dis Virtual Poleece ting: Ah had enough information tuh start findin’ out all who was part ah de blog traffic even doh dey was just maccoin’.

Dat eh how ah bounce up Stephanie eh cause ah wasn’t trackin’ nobody address. Ah meet she on mih Facebook page.

Stephanie Leitch is ah Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual an’ Transsexual, (LGBT), gender an’ equality activist an’ feminist from Triniland.

As ah did say in de article dat start all dis, me eh even know it have dem or dat in T&T. It eh only have dem dey, is all across de Caribbean. Part of a worldwide social activism network aimed at women’s rights. Dat is ah example ah what ah was meanin’ when ah tork about interconnectin’ networks. Widout knowin’ dem udders, Stephanie is de tort leader fuh de region.

Ah have tuh back back lil bit cause ah gettin’ ahead ah mihself.

By de time ah answer Stephanie comment about de article, she done answer mih back. Me an’ she had ah nice lil chat, albeit non-verbal. Ah ask she eef she was de reason fuh dat traffic tuh mih blog. She eh say yes or no nah. All she say is dat she have followers.

So who eh know about Stephanie Leitch? Besides me dat is. Hard tuh believe since ah tink she doin’ what she doin’ fuh de better part ah ten years. Since everybody done know she, doh study me while ah tork tuh mihself highlightin’ what I now know.

She is ah passionate social activist an’ conceptual artist, callin’ sheself, “ah radical of sorts”, eef ah rememberin’ right. Ah eh sayin’ she “opinionated” cause she had dis long arse response when ah call she dat during we tork. She call it “sexist language” tellin’ me ah would ah never call ah man dat. Steups oui.

Once yuh go online lookin’ fuh information about she, yuh go find out she all over de place. She have ah blog; she form de Triniland-based Womantra, (dey members call Wombys); she orn Facebook an’ Twitter, maybe even more social media platforms me eh even know exist. She does teach at UWI an’ she does be in play an’ ting.

Wid all dat an’ more, which ah go mention just now, ah could see why she tink she only ah radical ah sorts. When yuh is ah radical or even one ah sorts yuh does end up being ah hammer an’ de onlyest ting yuh does see is nail. Dat must be why I geh pong when ah make dat “opinionated” comment. Plus she done say tuh make changes yuh have tuh be inside de system, or at least have de “credentials”.

While ah dey scramblin’ tuh put order tuh all ah was findin’ out, ah see ah article she write about someting she did do. Was Ole Time Mas where instead ah de woman wid de baby dolly lookin’ fuh it fadder, she, Stephanie was lookin’ fuh somebody else. Leh mih let she tork:

Ah lookin’ for Nick

Ent you know who’s Nick?

Noo not Nicholas… Nikki

Ya aint see she?

Stephanie does do ting dat does make straight-laced people squeeze dey bamsie, an’ paint orn fake smile.

Erotic Art Week in T&T? Yes man. She was dey—in ah scene wid ah next woman. She den do ah piece een ah regional magazine name ARC about eef de image was erotic or pornographic. My answer wid be why it have tuh be one or de udder or even why only two choices.

She does also write fuh de Express WOMAN magazine. One recent-ish article was about de abuse ah women an’ de kind ah nonchalant fight against it dat does go orn in de region. Since dem is my words, ah tradin’ dem een fuh ah next set dat more tuh de point, startin’ wid “or”. . . Or tuh put it ah next way, de casual acceptance ah de abuse.

It kinda funny dat wid all de ting she write; all de places she have she web presence, dat I bounce she up because of ah article she eh even write, buh did get quote in—de bannin’ ah Burnin’ Flames song, Kick Een She Back Door.

Wait nah! I just realize me eh call she by de name she does use all over de place. Stephanie Leitch is de Barefoot Contessa, at least one ah dem. Ah next one is ah chef. Eef Stephanie take dat name after dat udder one den ah could say dat ironic since cookin’ could be considered ‘sexist’, in ah way.

“Woman, way mih damn food? How come it eh done cook? Yuh eh home all day?”

Ah go have tuh ask she dat one.

Before I did know de scope ah dis Barefoot Contessa—like she is ah big time writer, ah went wid mih farse self an’ tell she could stop by an’ write ah lil ting whenever she want. More proof I could be dotish even when ah not tryin’.

She was gracious in showin’ appreciation fuh what ah say in de article, ah still eh know why doh. Is not like ah was goin’ an’ rake anybody baxide over any coals, unless dey in de T&T govahment. When ah first did read about she advocatin’ bannin’ de song, ah admit ah had bard torts based on ah next LGBT advocate who was far more shrill dan she.

One ah de reasons ah find Stephanie cool although dat eh de right word, is because while she is ah hammer; she is ah hammer. It eh just bein’ unlike everybody else dat does change tings nah, is wantin’ it, believin’ in it so bard dat yuh risk udder people callin’ yuh opinionated. Okay ah say it. Ah tink de right Barefoot Contessa go understand what ah meanin’. Eef not, hammer time.

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