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It happenin’ now fuh 2014

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January 4, 2014 by Fensic

It just wasn’t happenin’.

Ah was more dan halfway dong de road, strugglin’, really strugglin’ tuh start orf de T&T New Year in ah promisin’ way. Buh every place ah turn, is bad news ah bouncin’ up: Nine, no ten, no twelve murders in four days; Petrotrin supposedly eh fix ah oil pipe fuh years, now dat pipe involved in de leak(s); de poleece stumped sayin’ dey cyar solve what call de largest robbery in T&T’s history. One man geh kill. It all happen November 28th wid, “military precision”; mih pardnah tellin’ me he tork wid ah next pardnah in Triniland an’ dat next pardnah say he under what I callin’ ah “self imposed curfew”. Orn an’ friggin orn.

Who want tuh hear all dat at ah time when dey supposed tuh be lookin’ forward wid hope? Since not me, den what are de chances I want tuh write about it? Steups.

Mih struggle was so bard, ah tort ah takin’ ah break dis week an’ hope by next week tings would ah settle dong an’ look more hopeful.

Den ah geh saved.

Fuh de record, me eh like Gary Griffith much. He is de latest MNS or MONS or Minister ah National Security in T&T, however yuh want tuh say it. He was Kamla’s National Security Advisor before. I feel she create dat job so he could be in govahment. He an’ Brig. John Sandy was in de TTDF. Me eh know wedder Sandy was de top man when Griffith was dey. In de PP govahment, ah tort it was awkward dat he advisin’ Kamla, while de man who might ah been he borse in de army, was in charge ah national security.  Who knows, was he whisperin’ een Kamla ear not tuh take orn Sandy cause he dotish?

Den it have dis YouTube video, Guns, Drugs and Secrets, where he geh interviewed. Nuttin he say eh change mih mind about he.

When Kamla make he she latest MNS, ah roll mih eye. It stop when ah hear he say all de ole tork done, was time fuh action. It start back rollin’ when ah realize he eh stop torkin’ since.

Dat same Gary Griffith just save de day allowin’ mih tuh not just have someting positive tuh say about de Trini New Year, but tuh mean it in spite ah all de tings ah was bouncin’ up before. While it go have tuh have plenty fightin’ tuh fix what need fixin’, ah totally agree wid he attackin’ pointin’ out de root cause ah some ah what does parse fuh problem solvin’ in T&T. Change never easy.

All he non-stop tork have a faint ring of promise tuh it. Eef he could do even part ah what he say, tings go improve. Ah go be able tuh look back at dis post, proud proud. Until dat happen he does tork too blasted much! Action wid positive results nah man?

Yes, ah know is ah damn shame when all ah man have tuh hold orn to fuh hope, is tork. Sad buh what ah go do? Ah have tuh have some optimism tuh go wid mih cynicism, ent?

Anyways, de story dat have mih hopeful start wid ah report where Griffith say rogue poleece go get fired from de TTPS. Well who tell he say dat? Up jump de former chairman ah de Public Service Commission, Nizam Mohammed. Senior Counsel, Dana Seetahal jump up too.

Lil history on Nizam? Remember de fellah who disobey ah poleece officer instructions on where tuh drive, den he try an’ call de CoP tuh complain about de cop? Was he self. Now he an’ Dana sayin’ Griffith should hush he mout’ since he doh have de power tuh hire, far less fire, any poleece officer. Since I practicin’ not commentin’ on symptoms-only fightin’, I dey just listenin’.

Dis evening’, Gary Griffith, de man who me eh like all dat much fuh all de stated reasons, respond. More tork of course buh ah lookin’ fuh someting dat have de ring ah hope in it fuh 2014.

Ah must be approachin’ desperation.

Griffith say de people who criticizin’ he is only ah set ah damn fools. He eh use dem exact word, dem is mine. So dey is jackasses. He wanted tuh know where dey see he say is he goin’ an’ personally fire rogue poleece. I say he really wanted tuh say is de same shit all de blasted time. Somebody offer up ah idea on how tuh start fixin’ tings an’ up out de latrine come people who should know better, sayin’ whatever de idea is, it cyar wuk. Is part ah de, everybody-know-every-damn-ting, mentality. Why none ah dem doh fake everybody out an’ argue why someting could wuk fuh ah change? Dey have cocoa in de sun or what?

He say plenty more, buh he did done have me in he corner ahready. When he full statement come out, ah go have tuh read it tuh see eef ah still dey wid he. Fuh now, ah so identify wid he it eh funny.

One time, while ah was dong home visitin’, ah start torkin’ wid ah relative about garbage collection. Ah had mih reasons. Dey tell mih garbage does geh pick up every day. Ah couldn’t believe dat. Ah figure ah would tell dis relative how dey does do garbage collection where ah was livin, hopin’ we would start ah lil discussion.

It went someting like dis:

“Doh even bodder. It cyar wuk in T&T.”

“Buh A A. Just so? Yuh eh have tuh hear it fuss or what?”

“Nah. Is T&T. It cyar wuk.”

So when Griffith say what he say, mih head was noddin’ up an’ dong so farse, it almost fall orf an roll under de table.

Now eh de time tuh attack he fuh he dotish idea about dat Virtual Poleece nonsense. Fuh now, especially now, eef ah want tuh believe tings will improve, ah have tuh start trustin’.

Anybody who tink ah being dotish, mih defense simple: Eef dey went tuh bed larse Tuesday night an’ wake up Wednesday mornin’ tinkin’ anyting change besides night becomin’ day; dat somehow bad tings go slow dong because bad people suddenly become good; dat tings “start over”, den I ready tuh put all de dotishness dey tink I say, up against dat level of dotishness from dem ah just describe.

Eef not, den what ah have tuh say in closin’ is simple:

Happy New Year T&T. Allyuh let it start happenin’.

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