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Caribbean Wives vs Kick Een She Back Door: Maxine vs Stephanie.

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November 16, 2013 by Fensic

Who does really watch dem reality shows boy?

Shows wid people like Snoopy . . . ah mean Snooki? Like Real Housewives ah . . . full een any place yuh want.

I eh mean ‘watch’ as in yuh parse by de TV an’ stop tuh look at ah cyat fight. Ah mean ‘watch’ as in shovelin’ dong yuh food so yuh could rush an’ sit dong in front de TV widout interruption. Or not takin’ no telephone calls fuh de same exact reason.

Caribbean Wives is unique. It’s different because there is nothing like it — Hollywood wants the high drama, the fights, the ridiculous conflicts, shock behaviour — we bring none of that to the production”.

Dat is what Maxine Tulloch de CEO an’ president ah Tulloch Media Communications in Florida say. She have ah cable show dat does reach de Caribbean. Yuh never hear bout she? When she geh big, remember who tell yuh about she eh.

She was torkin’ about dis new reality show she pushin’Caribbean Wives ah South Florida.

Maxine went orn tuh say, “Yes, there are conflicts, but they are played out differently, the Caribbean way, with class and dignity; our culture dictates how we behave and it is shown in our production — we are different, America has never seen the Caribbean in its true form. In this production, we expressed the culture as best as possible.”

I eh go lie, when ah read all dat ah say, “yes! Caribbean woman is borse!”

Den ah went an’ find de promo fuh de show. Steups.

What really drivin’ dis show? Life imitatin’ art? Art imitatin’ life? Maybe it just about Caribbean people imitatin’ udder people.

What about dem woman make dem West Indian? De accident ah way dey born? Tuh me all ah dem was actin’ like de typical bitchy females reality show must have so people could watch an’ hate dey baxide. Buh ah have tuh be fair; ah did hear ah lil Jamaican lilt couple times.

Just like it have make-believe reality shows about housewives in New Jersey, New York an’ Atlanta, dese housewives just from de Caribbean. Dey did probably leave as babies.

Buh hear dis Trini women. Good news. From what I see in de promo, not one ah allyuh showin’ America de classiness ah West Indian women Maxine tork about. Doh worry, be happy. Allyuh dodge ah bullet.

I did never like dem kind ah shows before so havin’ Caribbean women being de ones actin’ dotish eh go make me watch dis one. Ah should really know better an’ stop tinkin’ dat Caribbean promoters doh engage in puffery like udders.

West Indian man go reach home after ah long day ah hard wuk tuh find he woman watchin’ he cut eye because ah something dotish she see on dat show. Ah expectin’ relationships tuh mash up.

One set ah people who eh have no life go watch, lookin’ fuh people dey could feel morally superior to.

Den it go have udders just glad West Indian woman reach. Ah hope dat is ah different place den I see in de promo.

De maccos? Dem in ah next group or one ah just call? I eh know fuh sure.

Buh what eef somebody wanted tuh have ah show about real West Indian wives? What would be in dat show? Would it have tuh have ah woman from every island or would dat feed into the 3 Cs: Conflict; Competition; Commesse?

Maybe de first question should be what would be de purpose of ah show like dat? Maxine done gorn an’ promise de high grong. Is only some ah de people yuh could fool all de time doh. As long as it have ‘real’ or anyting like dat in de show title, den how it could serve any real purpose?

Before ah did hear about dis show ah was checking out de Trini papers when ah see ah article about people wantin’ tuh ban Kick Een She Back Door. I must be blind, deaf or gender biased cause me eh seein’ or hearin’ none ah de tings people protestin’ de song insist it doin’ an’ sayin’. Check it out on Youtube. While yuh dey, listen tuh I Command You! fuh ole time sake. Burning Spear sing both.

One ah de people sayin’ plenty about de song is Stephanie Leitch, ah LGBT gender an’ equality activist an’ feminist—Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual an’ Transsexual.

Me eh even know T&T had no feminist. Dat tinkin’ right day is probably why it need feminists.

I consider feminists tuh be activists an’ activists does see tings real harsh, an’ tuh make dey point dey does go overboard. Buh when Stephanie say dat women have been, “historically violated through songs, which is unfortunately a reflective of a culture’s ideology and how women are valued. “Calypso has historically carried the metaphor through double entendre but the metaphor cannot be at the expense of women’s choice and autonomy,” ah had negative ideas bout she one time. Ah had tuh see eef ah right.

Ah find ah video of ah interview she do. She is a typical good lookin’ Trini female so ah was rong ahready. Given all de hintin’ arong she do ah wonder what she does do when men hit on she?

Anyway, she eh dotish in de slightest. I admire people who could tork widout all dem, ‘ums’; ‘ers’; an’ de latest one; ‘literally’. Dat eh why ah could force mihself tuh listen tuh she point ah view doh. She from de same culture I from buh she does see tings I doh see. She experiences different so we paradigm different. One ting ah go take away from what she say is dat yuh have tuh sensitize people tuh tings dey mightn’t even know exist. Like how ah torkin’ about Caribbean Wives ah South Florida nah.

Ah sure just like me, she an’ she posse eh go consider dat ah upliftin’ story about West Indian woman. Buh I eh signin’ no petition tuh ban no song. I eh sure eef Stephanie an’ company really want tuh ban it or dey just tryin’ tuh raise awareness by being extreme.

Let mih ask dat udder same question now Stephanie on de scene: Fuhget wives, what eef somebody wanted tuh have ah true show about real West Indian women? Could activists like Stephanie have ah role in making sure no woman rights eh geh violated?

I not no advocate buh ah like good taste. Ah cyar force people tuh have my taste buh ah could sensitize dem tuh ting ah like or doh like as de case might be.

So we have ah stalemate den? Caribbean Wives ah South Florida an’ Maxine Tulloch sayin’ yes. Kick Een She Back Door an’ Stephanie Leitch sayin’ hell no. What de rest ah we supposed tuh do now?

Idea time:

Maxine? Meet Stephanie. Stephanie? . . . Maxine.


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