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Rowley right on dis one

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October 12, 2013 by Fensic

Look how tings does slip an’ slowly slide an’ next ting yuh eh know, yuh far far away from which part yuh did start from. It does happen tuh people, countries too.

Wid people is only when yuh look at ah picture from yuh school days dat yuh does see how tings change. Not dat yuh didn’t know yuh now fat, is just how far yuh reach wid de fatness yuh didn’t know. Unless yuh only pretendin’ yuh eh know.

Same ting wid countries. Crime could have de country slidin’ an’ while yuh know it slidin’ yuh eh know fuh sure how far de slide reach. All yuh does be doin’ is changin’ yuh behavior tuh suit what I does call de “new normal”.

Yuh doh be rushin’ buh yuh makin’ sure yuh home before it dark. Yuh certainly eh limin’ after wuk. Yuh eh goin’ certain places no more. Yuh rage doh larse long no more when ah man get overkill. Yuh so used tuh livin’ in ah prison dat when yuh buyin’ or buildin’ yuh house yuh does automatically wonder what color tuh put de bars in. Pot hong doh do no more, yuh want ah real dorg.

Buh wha’ yuh could do different by yuhself? Yuh cyar swim upstream while everybody else goin’ wid de flow. Yuh need enough people tinkin’ like you an’ sayin’ whatever happenin’ not right an’ it have tuh change. Actually dat eh go wuk. Yuh need enough people like you READY tuh do what have tuh be done tuh change tings before tings go change. It dat simple—tuh say at least. Ah sure it damn hard tuh do buh yuh cyar only do tings dat easy.

So where ah goin’ wid all dem obvious tings ah just say?

Not too far. Ah just goin’ tuh say dat because ah what ah just say ah have tuh totally agree wid someting Rowley just say. He say it about Jack buh it apply across de board tuh all Trinbagonians.

Larse week an mention de fella Jack Warner defend as being good enough fuh de ILP cause he eh convicted ah no crime aldough de police arrest him on gun charges. Ah eh namin’ he again dis week. Ah only usin’ what happen tuh tork about what bigger dan he. He name eh important fuh dat.

Ah know is de silly season wid dis election coming up just now buh sometimes when dotishness goin’ orn yuh could detect some true tork in it. Who eh know what ah meaning? Yuh never dey limin’ an’ fatigue start tuh parse? Just so somebody say someting an’ yuh say tuh yuhself, “dat eh no fatigue nah, dat is true tork dey”?

Me eh know how good de analogy go stand up buh Jack wid he comments is de one parsin’ de fatigue an’ Rowley is de one who sayin’ someting eh right. Rowley also say ting dat song like he pattin’ he party on it back buh ah care study dat. Why boast about doin’ de right ting?

Buh when he take Jack tuh task ah listen good. He right in what he say about Jack low standards.

Who eh hear Jack say de fella eh convicted ah nuttin? So gun charge or no gun charge, conviction or not mean dat fella good enough fuh de ILP? Dat shouldn’t even begin tuh mean he good enough fuh T&T.

Who was parsin’ by dey TV when dey hear Jack sayin’ dat an’ dey did stop dead in dey tracks askin’, “what he just say?”


Why not?

T&T awash in gun crimes, primarily murders. Three hundred plus fuh de year so far. Ah recent one was de man de police say was homeless an’ dead in ah gunfight.

Homeless an’ gunfight?

Pause now nah tuh answer dis:

Since when dem two tings does go tuhgedder in T&T?

“Shit, ah just lorse mih house. What ah go do Lord? Hmmm, leh mih get ah gun.”

Okay ah know dat mightn’t ah be how tings happen wid he. He probably had de gun from before, buh be honest; you eh tink how I did tink dey? Not once?

De really hard part in all ah dis is dat like nobody eh pause an’ tell Jack dat even eef tings bard de country eh dat hard up. Like nobody eh tellin’ Jack tuh haul he damn dotish arse wid dat dotish tork; dat people eh go accept he low standards, especially how it mean he puttin’ party before country; dat de good people ah Morvant eh want nobody who does shoot at people just because dey vex.

All dat an’ more people should be tellin’ Mr. Warner. So what happenin’ instead? Deafenin’ silence.

Den it have dat shameless self promoter, Ian Alleyne dat it look like Kamla an’ dem considerin’ makin’ ah candidate. Why dese people even sniffin’ rong ah election? Is dat all part ah de “new normal”? People comfortable wid dat?

Den again maybe de good people ah Morvant waitin’ fuh de 21st tuh tell, not show Jack Warner one crook in de ILP is more dan enough. Ah could dream, ent?

Tuh be fair, ah cyar jump up an’ dong too high about dis an’ tork dotishness about crooks gettin’ een de govahment. Ah eh even dey wid Jack when ah say dat.

Ah meanin’ all dem udders who fuh years was, an’ might be still, benefitin’ from all de crime. In dey defense ah will say at least dey eh firin’ gun at nobody an’ openly showin’ dey criminal side.

Ah also know from experience dat when de police pull mih over fuh speedin’ de dumbest ting ah could do is ask he — sometimes is ah she — what about all dem udder speeders vooshin’ by.

Let mih go back lil bit tuh which part ah mention de “new normal” cause ah just realize someting.

De new normal doin’ changin’ how people does interact wid dey fellow humans. It makin’ dem act like dey in tribes.

Highfalutin people like tuh tork about tribalism in politics. I doh study dat. When is time tuh pick or vote I lookin’ tuh mih own people first, but dey have tuh be qualified. Dat eh no different from when I was growin’ up an’ was time tuh pick cricket sides. Yuh would tink ah do someting tuh de captain who pick mih. De man face used tuh swell up. Just because I was de larse one left an’ was he turn tuh pick. Like ah was bong tuh play. Steups.

Is someting like dat in politics buh only different. Ah lookin’ at mih own people first buh eef dey cyar help, sorry. Eef lookin’ inward first is tribal, den crong me chief one time. Buh it have ah kind ah tribalism ah fraid no tail.

Ah fraid it where people eh gettin’ what dey want so dey just take it from who wuk hard fuh it. Ah fraid it when de onlyest time “all ah we is one” is when somebody else do someting good fuh de country an one time all tribal members tun members ah de Trinbago community an’ celebratin’. Ah fraid tribalism when is every dorg fuh heself. Ah fraid it when it does make people do ting, see ting an’ hear ting an’ pretend dey senses orf lil bit.

Is dey T&T goin’? Is so far we beloved T&T reach?

Silly season or not, why is only Rowley who seein’ de slide an’ everybody like dey acceptin’ Jack position like dat moral rot normal?

Time fuh everybody tuh take out dat picture ah dem from secondary school.

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