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Is ah next election, who excited wid mih?

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October 5, 2013 by Fensic

Yuh see dat Kerwin Bucchan?

Is peope like he who does spoil ting fuh everybody else. Buh not dis time. I eh go let he do dat. Not dis rongs. I eh takin’ no basket an’ go dong de road he open up. I eh callin’ nobody party ah bad-john party nah.

Eh eh.

Kerwin is de fella de police just arrest on gun charges an’ shootin’ at people.

Dat is ah big deal because dis Mr. Bucchan is de ILP candidate fuh de Morvant seat in de upcomin’ local elections.

Not even he borse, Jack Warner go get mih mad when he say ting like since Kerwin eh convicted ah no crime, he good enough fuh de ILP.


Not even de election people who sayin’ dat since he eh convicted ah no crime he could run fuh de seat.

Nope. Not all. Two set ah jack-ass brayin’ eh tyin’ up mih foot or tiefing mih head.

Ah holdin’ firm.

As ah matter ah fact, who is Kerwin Bucchan an’ Jack Warner? Ah never hear dem two name in mih life.

So is yes ah say. Is excitin’ times in T&T, at least in de first T. Over de next couple ah weeks is nuttin buh excitement. Dat is what I does see – election time as excitin’ times. I didn’t always used tuh tink dat nah, not in dem ole days when eef yuh was black, yuh votin’ PNM an’ eef yuh was Indian yuh was votin’ fuh whatever de Indian party at de time did name. Ah goin’ real far back in time when ah say dat.

Buh dem days mostly gorn. Yes, people does still vote race buh I eh tink it automatic as it used tuh be. Now people realizin’ just because so an’ so party full ah people dat look like dem eh meanin’ dat so an’ so party go look out fuh dem. Dey does find dat out de hard way when dey stain dey finger wrong.

Yes man. Ah say de lil chile nation call T&T growin’ up, it even gettin’ fresh wid itself. What nice too is dat it eh had tuh parse through none ah dat wild adolescence wid people killin’ people at election time just because dey eh like dey politics. Tell mih dat eh sweet.

Ah dey watchin’ how de parties rampin’ up fuh dis local election come October 21st. De silly season in full swing. Eef anybody could tell mih wid ah straight face dat de level of excitement dat startin’ tuh build is normal den ah go have tuh apologize fuh mih own excitement an’ shut mih mout. Ah might even have tuh go an’ lie dong so ah could cyatch mih senses. Buh ah eh tink anybody face dat straight.

While ah still eh like Jack Warner an’ de shit he say about Kerwin…… oops ah almost fuhget mih own pledge. Leh mih try dat ah next way den:

Ah have tuh give de fellah who did win de Chaguanas West seat he jacket an’ say what he do in startin’ de ILP party have ah big part tuh play in all dis. De party givin’ people hope. Dey finally realizin’ power does flow from de bottom up so dese lil elections big big.

As long as who votin’ make dem who seekin’ power know dat gettin’ elected or re-elected eh ah sure ting no more. When dat happen den is all de people who go benefit. Not just some, an’ fuh sure not just de politicians. Dat is why ah tink when people start evaluatin’ de parties an’ decidin’ which one not as bard as de udders, Jack days done. Dat eh mean de ILP dead doh.

Ah tink de ILP could be what de COP was wantin’ tuh be when it start buh couldn’t make de grade. It had too much of ah scholarly elitist kind ah atmosphere when it did geh formed so people blank it. Jack form de ILP out ah nuttin buh meanness an’ pure spite I tink. De timin’ was right doh an’ people identifyin’ wid it, an’ he.

Why he still only de “interim head” ah wonder. It have ah bombshell dey someplace he go be droppin’ just now? Kamla leavin’ she party an’ join de ILP as de head? What about Prakash? Maybe like me, Jack done know de party have tuh be bigger dan de man so he eh want tuh name heself de head.

Maybe ah should shut mih mout’ wid all dis analysis an’ go back tuh jumpin’ up an’ dong wid pre-election excitement. Ah like dat idea.

An’ yes, ah did try hard not tuh have tuh say nuttin more about de blasted man oui. Steups.

Ah was scannin’ de list ah candidates fuh dese local elections. It have anybody in Trinidad who not ah candidate? One ah de newspapers say is like over 400 Trinis from all de different parties runnin’. Dat is people fuh so. Ah did only ask about Trinidad cause Tobago had dey own like dis larse year. Dat must be why what he name from Tobago, Orville London, was campaignin’ wid Rowley an’ dem. Me eh know eef Rowley dotish or smart buh he real brave bringin’ ah politician from Tobago tuh help he in Trinidad. Look at all de help Kamla give de TOP when she went Tobago.

As late as when dem people een Chaguanas West did vote fuh dat fella so he win back he seat, de political know-it-alls was carryin’ orn like eef tings dat happen never happen before. Dat or dey was tryin’ an’ break dong de Trini votin’ public like eef Trinis is Americans. It have ah clear template on how tuh predict Trini voters?

Dat is why I does go wid de feelin’ in mih bones.

Mih bones wonderin’ eef two weeks go be long enough fuh campagnin’. Dey sayin’ it go be all about who know who name more. Dat who runnin’ an’ have family dat big big go have de advantage.

Over dese next two weeks it go be plenty shit tork, plenty nonsense gettin’ spout, plenty lie gettin’ tell an’ endless promises gettin’ make. Plenty, plenty picong dat sweet like only Trinis know how tuh make it. All de tings dat we have words for – bacchanal, commese, mauvais langue, dotishness an’ wajang-itis, I eh tink two free drink go win plenty vote nah. Dem days mostly done.

Yes. Trinidad an’ Tobago go be hot an’ sweet. I sure ah hear Orville call it “Tobago an’ Trinidad”. Must ah been in de heat ah de moment. Dat is why I does prefer “Trinbago”. How hot or excited yuh have tuh be tuh not be able tuh say, “Trinbago”?

Buh is election time an’ anyting could play. Excitement in de place right dey.

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