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Newsday, de people’s number one newspaper?

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September 7, 2013 by Fensic

De amount ah ting dat does go orn in T&T make it hard tuh comment on only one ah week.

Eef someting happen early in de week an’ yuh decide, “aha, yuh see dat dey? Dat is what ah goin’ an’ tork, about. What is tuhday, Tuesday?”, fuh sure more ting go happen Tuesday self an’ every udder day fuh de rest ah de week. Yuh go be tempted tuh fuhget yuh plan. Dis week is ah good example. Buh ah stickin’ tuh mih guns.

Ah go get Kamla next rounds when she expand she cabinet again while sayin’ she reshufflin’ it.

Right now yuh see mih, is vex ah damn vex.

I eh vex in joke nah.

Ah wid de people ah de Beetham on dis one. No man, not how stink dey behave protestin’ de police shootin’ ah Christopher Greaves.

Ah done say before dat me eh blame de people in communities dat tink bunnin’ rubbish in de street is ah legitimate form ah protest. Ah say dat cause ah believe on de whole, some people does do whatever de law let dem get way wid. Dis week was more dan tyres dat burn. Was outright lawlessness.

When dat happen I say de police should move een, arrest people an’ haul dey baxide orf tuh jail. Granted dat go cause more raucousness. Not fuh long. After four, five times resistin’ an’ losin’, ah bet dey go get de message dey cyar break de law just because dey vex. Dat kind ah tinking an’ behavior have tuh have negative consequences.

Den again I must be like tuh hear mihself tork. De deputy commissioner ah police just come out since ah start sayin’ how vex I is, an’ say tuh arrest anybody in dem circumstances go only make tings wuss. Dat eh why ah mention after four, five times resistin’ an’ losin’ dey go stop? Buh from what he say, is like I is de one dat dotish. What an idiot.

Fuhget he oui an’ back tuh being damn vex.

Ah wid de Beetham in protestin’ de wotless newspaper name Newsday.

Is dat really de number one newspaper in T&T, cause dat is what ah read someplace. Ah wonder who tell dem dat? Dey mean “number one” as in first, or “number one” as in pee?

When ah did hear fuh de fuss time it was goin’ an’ have anudder newspaper in T&T, ah did ask mihself how ah next newspaper go survive, who go read it? Ah still eh know who does read Newsday even eef it is number one, or number two.

Ah might as well go ahead an’ say it – me eh like Newsday. Ah does hardly read dey articles. Is de pictures ah life in T&T in dey Photos Ah De Day section I does follow.

Sometimes de papers does cyatch ah vaps an’ post pictures dat doh have nuttin tuh do wid nuttin, far less T&T. Udder times is just ah picture dey print. No headin’, no story, it just hangin’ dey like it lorse an’ lonely. When dat happen, ah does scratch mih head, wonderin’, “what does be wrong wid dese people?”

Dat is exactly what ah was wonderin’ de udder night when ah click on dey online link an’ what pop up buh dis shameless Newsday picture ah vex about.

Let mih be clear about mih feelings eh. Anybody, N. E. body dat tink ah picture of ah woman, in anguish an’ holdin’ up she dress showin’ more dan just she panty…… anybody who tink dat is newsworthy is ah damn sick puppy. Dat include Newsday. Dey eh just ah sick puppy, dey have de parvo virus.

Dat said, me eh believe de excuse some damn fool from de Beetham give as tuh why de hem ah de woman dress wasn’t dong by she knees where it belong.

Wind blow it up? Geez come better dan dat nah.

What woman does form ah fist an’ hold she dress by she belly when de wind blow it up? All de woman I see when wind blow up dey dress does rush tuh push it back dong quick quick so man eye doh fall out.

Den it had udders who float de idea dat Newsday take two different pictures an’ stitch dem tuhgedder tuh look like one. All dat credit fuh who, Newsday? Fuh real? Dem does tink so deep?

What is Newsday excuse or dey reason fuh publishin’ dat picture? None ah dem eh have no gran’mudder? When grief or udder strong emotions hit some people, dey does do tings udders tink strange. Now dat ah know de woman is ah senior citizen, possibly somebody great gran’mudder, ah more vex.

De question needs tuh be asked so ah askin: Eef dat wasn’t in de Beetham buh “someplace else”, wink wink, would Newsday ah take dat picture, far less publish it?

Dat picture real advantagin’ de woman. Not only dat, buh since she from “dat area”, more winkin’, people who would normally agree wid what I sayin’ now cyar be boddered as she is “one ah dem”. Wink yuh eye eef yuh want.

Just de woman age alone mean she earn de right tuh not have people take inappropriate pictures ah she an’ publish dem in no newspaper under de guise ah news. Or worse yet, tuh show how “dem people” stop.

Dis eh de fuss time I tink Newsday cross de line ah decency, even fuh maccos.

It had dis udder time dey print a picture ah dis dead lil chile, ah baby actually, who dead in ah road accident. She end up in de grass by de side ah de road after de crash. Is dey de Newsday photographer went tuh take de picture of ah some mudder dead chile.

Just because some ah we cyar parse ah accident widout lookin’ an’ we does have tuh rush tuh see dead bodies, doh mean you, Mr., Miss or Mrs. Newsday Editor, have tuh stoop tuh we level.

While ah have ah copy ah de picture, is no way ah sharin’ it. Yuh is ah sick puppy? Den find it yuhself.

Ah have it because every now an’ den one ah dem newspaper does change dey mine about ah picture dey use when dey publish late at night. Dey think because everybody in Triniland still sleepin’ an’ eh wake up yet, dey could change it an’ nobody eh go know.

When ah did first take een de picture, ah honestly tort Newsday would ah pull it once dey see it good deyself. Nobody would ah believe me when ah tell dem what dat first picture was, so ah make sure ah had ah copy fuh evidence.

Buh Newsday eh flinch.

In fact part ah de headline tied tuh de picture screams, “NO REMORSE”. Is like Newsday raisin’ up dey own dress an’ shakin’ dey bumpy bumpsie at we sayin’ who vex lorse.

Well I fuh one vex buh I eh tink ah lorse.

Ah gettin’ rid ah mih own copy ah dat picture.

In respect ah everybody tantie, wherever dey livin’.

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