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Ah Trini blogger speaks about bloggin’

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July 6, 2013 by Fensic

In ah few months, it go be ah year since ah finally accept mih own challenge tuh see eef ah could be one ah dem bloggers. It probably take mih ah year before dat tuh muster up de courage tuh finally say, ‘why not?’ De only requirement ah did put on mihself was dat de blog had tuh be on tings related tuh Trinbago.

Ah did get told it was goin’ tuh be demandin’, tanks Wuzdescene. Any similarities between we two sites is because ah does admire she wuk, she smood. Since imitation is de greatest form ah flattery, what yuh seein’ is de result. Still, it have way more tuh dis bloggin’ ting dan ah could ah dream of. Oui papa-o!

Topics eh hard tuh find nah, after all, is tings Trinbago ah does be torkin’ about. Ah still have tuh be careful wid topics doh. Ah cyar beat one tuh death even doh dat hard tuh gauge, it so subjective. Who close tuh de ting yuh torking about, does say yuh attackin’ it. Dey might let yuh slide, once. Do it ah second time an’ tuh dem people wid ah dorg in dat hunt, is only one ting – yuh tail prejudiced. Dat is how bacchanal does start. Ent? Bacchanal nice buh not all de time so.

Even when ah tink ah get parse all dat an’ have a topic, goin’ from dat idea tuh ah 1,500-plus word post eh always easy. Sometimes what ah tink ent go give trouble does end up kickin’ mih behind.

Even eef ah reach tuh where ah ready tuh post someting, mih internet connection could have its own ideas, like larse week. De modem stop wukkin’ just so an’ ah wasn’t able tuh make de post until Monday. Dat does throw mih orf makin’ mih feel like ah have tuh scramble tuh cyatch back up. Ah postin’ twice dis week, dis post yuh readin’ is dat second one.

As eef tings out ah mih control eh bard enough, imagine when dem tings happenin’ fuh spite. Dat is what goin’ orn right now. Someting call ah ‘brute force attack’. It involve computer people who sharp like tacks takin’ advantage ah people by tryin’ tuh break into dey websites. Me eh know eef is tuh make mischief or take over de world. Ah bawlin’ eidder way.

Ah mean is ah fledglin’ blog. It so young, me eh even know eef it go be ah boy or ah girl yet. All ah does do here is invite everybody tuh ah lil lime. We does siddong under ah mango tree once ah week tuh ole tork, shoot de breeze nah. Why dat gettin’ swept up in dis ting involvin’ brutes? Dat eh fuh big people? Now ah have tuh worry about bard people livin’ in places dat ah cyar even spell de name of? Steups yes.

Back tuh de real world.

Yuh know how yuh doh let chirren play wid scissors or udder sharp objects? Well it have people who shouldn’t be no place near computers. Dat is how big ah danger dey is tuh everybody else.

I eh know, buh could you be one ah dem people? Let we check. Who out dey used tuh tellin’ lies should try tuh be honest, fuh once.

Yuh have ah ting fuh email attachments an’ does rush tuh click on dem eef:

  • de email say yuh win money in some lottery in Spain?
  • de family ah some dead rich African king say dey pick you tuh help dem get de king money out de country?
  • de email appealin’ tuh yuh vanity an’ yuh go get tuh see who tellin’ yuh dat yuh does make dem hot?
  • yuh believe dat de cream dey advertisin’ go really get dat body part yuh tink too small, bigger?

Fuhget emails, yuh does go tuh porn sites tuh watch nekked men an’ women posin’?

Doin’ any one or more ah dem tings does open up yuh computer tuh people who countin’ on yuh tuh be gullible. Eef you is ah big man or woman an’ eh realize dat yet den yuh in worse shape dan yuh tort. Just now TTEC go shut orf yuh current, it go be fuh de greater good, doh worry.

Once de smart computer people lookin’ tuh make mischief tink dey have enough computers under dey control, dey almost ready tuh attack. More on how.

My website is just one of millions an’ millions dis place call WordPress does host. De number so big it make WordPress attractive tuh dem brutes.

Every website have ah administrator. As administrator, yuh free tuh do anyting tuh de site, as you is de borse. Most ah de wuk is behind de scenes, keepin’ everyting in order, an’ of course addin’ tings fuh people tuh macco. Dat is when yuh does realize it have people out dey who doh sleep. Dey does be hidin’, waitin’ fuh yuh tuh mess up. Leave anyting ajar an’ dey een yuh website makin’ mischief. Dem eh de brutes, dem is dey cousins, de slick ones.

Being ah responsible administrator is mandatory tuh stand any chance against all ah dem. Tuh do dat mean yuh have tuh start orf guardin’ de two tings dat does let yuh run yuh website – yuh administrator name an’ yuh password.

WordPress does start everybody orf wid de same administrator name. It eh no secret, is ‘admin’. It really should geh changed once yuh start up buh everybody doh do it. Dem is slackers, right up dey wid dem who does rush tuh read jokey emails or sneak tuh watch people pose. Slackers cyar claim dey eh know tuh change ‘admin’ tuh someting only dem know. Eef dey eh understand what WordPress does tell dem, it have enough people online lookin’ tuh show orf how.

Anyting yuh want tuh know how tuh do, go online. Yuh want tuh know how tuh build ah computer? Go online. Yuh want tuh learn how tuh make roti? Go online. Mauby? Ginger beer? Bake? How tuh make yuhself irresistible? Online, online, online. Just know dat learnin’ tuh de wrong ting from de Internet, especially eef dat ting illegal, go get yuh behind in trouble. When yuh online, yuh does leave ah trail. Some people know how tuh hide it better dan udders, buh de trail dey. Tink Emailgate. Also, it eh you who does decide what is de ‘wrong ting‘.

So wid people not changin’ ‘admin’ tuh someting safer, dem computer wizards does launch dey brute force attack. Thousands of computers under dey control does bang away at websites thousands ah times at places like WordPress, usin’ ‘admin’, while tryin’ tuh guess yuh password.

Too many people does use passwords dat easy fuh dem tuh remember, as opposed tuh hard fuh udder people tuh figure out. Exactly what dem brutes does be hopin’ for. Me eh know how dis attack goin’ fuh dem, all I know is dat it goin’ orn fuh like two weeks an’ it stale. Not dat ah lookin’ fuh anyting nice an’ fresh.

As long as mih lil infant standin’ up tuh dem brutes, I doin’ alright. Now ah know how dem lil piggies did feel when dat big bard wolf was huffin’ an’ puffin.

By de way? De computers de brutes usin’ does be from all over de world. Trinbago part ah de world fuh any Trini who dey tinkin’ dey computer safe. Not eef yuh does go online. Dat is why ah give dat test before. Eef yuh went an’ fail it, change yuh computer habits before TTEC pull up tuh yuh door.

Ah learnin’ ah whole lot. Havin’ ah blog does push yuh into de bigger world. It take ah lil while tuh get used tuh seein’ all de places de people who does be checkin’ Trinispeak come from. People is people so dey curious.

Some also unbelievably bold face tinking dey could ups an’ tell yuh anyting just so. What, all because dey read what yuh write an’ decide dey eh like it or you?

Somebody write mih de udder day in fragmented English tellin’ mih dey eh like mih post about being ah football peong. Dey say ah waste dey time. Me eh even tink ‘peong’ is ah word in dey language nah. Ah do have lil bit ah power, buh me eh lookin’ tuh go an’ ban all 1.4 billion people from one country.

Buh ah wonderin’, which worse. Somebody understandin’ Trinispeak an’ tellin’ mih ah writin’ chupidness, or somebody who doh understand Trinispeak an’ tellin’ mih ah writin’ chupidness.

In many ways dis bloggin’ is de hardest ting ah do in donkey years. Like all tings dat hard, when yuh done an’ yuh know yuh reach, de sense ah satisfaction hard tuh describe, hard tuh imagine, buh does feel so good. Since I choose tuh post weekly, my cycle ah pain an’ satisfaction short. Guess which one winnin’?

Right now dem brutes makin’ life hard. Buh ah still here after almost ah year an’ ah eh plan on goin’ no place. Dat must mean someting good, ent? Ah hope so. Ah hope dem brutes could figure dat one out an’ leave Trinispeak alone.

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