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actin’ CoP Williams – theory versus reality

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June 8, 2013 by Fensic

Someting troublin’ mih.

Leh mih see…….high muckety mucks visitin’ T&T? Nah.

De auditor general comin’ out an’ showin’ how T&T govahments continue tuh be terrible stewards of de people money? Nope. Besides, dis govahment spendin’ $6 million tuh recover someting worth $2 million done prove dat slackness eh changin’ anytime soon.

Rowley supposedly tellin’ de police tuh write him ah letter explainin’ why dey want he computer? Certainly not dat.

Dis one ah have tuh quote – “…. nobody could accuse Jack Warner of any kind of sleaze or corruption since I came into government to now. Nobody! Besides torkin’ about heself in both 1st an’ 3rd person, dat one eh even funny.

All dem tings, none ah dem tings eh cause more dan de normal deep sigh an’ de mandatory steups.

Ah will admit watchin’ dem pushy Chinee picture takers wid dey step ladders breakin’ we protocol left right an’ center, did come closest tuh gettin’ mih really stink. Not wid dem, buh wid how Trinis let dem be so blasted pushy. Must be dat US $3 billion in concessionary loans fuh infrastructure projects dat make it okay. Yeah, dat is what all dem CARICOM supporters ah de One-China policy gettin’, Triniland included. Why does Kamla look like she cork up when she smile doh. Dat crease across she forrid doh look good nah. Anyway, ah hope when de projects start firin’ up in de nine countries an’ de govhaments see de lack ah local workers dat dey go be as quick tuh forgive too. Oui foote! Ah eh digress in joke dis rounds nah. Look how far ah reach.

So yeah someting troublin’ mih.

Leh mih guess……. dem comments de actin’ CoP, Stephen Williams, make goin’ orn three weeks now? Yes. Oh Hell YES!! Dat is it! Ah cyar let go. Unlike Shadow when he sing about de Bassman, I eh have tuh lie dong in mih bed tuh hear dem comments echoin’ in mih head. Dey pongin’ away all now.

So why dey different? I eh sure nah.

Ah know ah did expect more reaction from udders who must ah read or hear what de man say. Even de bloggers who comment in de papers eh see what I see. Since den mih heartburn gettin’ wuss as wid everybody else, ah watchin’ murders return tuh normal levels. Yes, de murders did slow dong in March an’ April when each had only 19 murders.

“Had only 19 murders”?

Is me who just write dat? I would ah never tink dat in mih wildest dreams ah would ah ever use dem words tuhgedder in ah sentence. Ah cyar believe ah compare madness wid extreme madness an’ settlin’ fuh madness. Havin’ only 19 murders in ah month is now good? Wow.

While Stephen Williams is no dummy, de man I does see on TV torkin’ wid marbles in he mout is not de same fella Manning did tell in 2008 tuh hold strain, he day go come.

De funny ting about dat whole episode is dat when Williams did geh selected tuh be CoP, it was de fuss time de new process tuh pick de commissioner usin’ meritocracy not seniority, geh used. In blankin’ de man, Manning went right back tuh seniority, brushin’ aside Williams fuh Philbert, de most senior man in de TTPS. While he was doin’ dat, Colm Imbert was in Parliament explainin’ why Williams shouldn’t geh pick. Just because dem politicians does enjoy parliamentary privileges doh mean duplicitous tork shouldn’t result in plenty licks, preferably wid ah bull pistle. Ah mean who start de ball rollin’ tuh make merit de criteria tuh pick de CoP, not de govahment ah de day?

All dat is besides de point now as Williams is de man an’ me eh tink he does tork fuh torkin’ sake.

He was attendin’ de funeral ah Cpl Terrence Abraham when he make he troublin’ comments. Ah goin’ an’ quote some ah dem, buh ah also changin’ de order arong tuh get de full effect fuh dose who livin’ in reality while he dey in some theoretical place. Eef after dat people still eh worried, den is because dey cyar worry no more as worryin’ doh change nuttin. But it have udder tings people could do tuh change tings, not so?

“ If you have no crime, the issue of detection becomes irrelevant.”

Hard tuh disagree wid dat. Ah also eh go disagree wid anybody who say when ah car goin’ slow it doh be goin’ as fast as when it not movin’ slow. Mih only question is how eidder statement does affect de price ah milk.

Right before dat Williams say, “The issue of detection is one we are working on, but the major thrust for us is prevention; reducing the crime level in the country.”

Accordin’ tuh Kevon Filmine, who write de article de Guardian publish on Sunday May 19th, Williams also say, “that by ridding the streets of illegal firearms, it should redound in a reduction of murders as most violent deaths were caused by shooting.”

Any duncey headed people like me eh go know what ‘redound’ mean. At first I tort he say ‘rebong’ an’ Kevon write it rong, buh when ah went an’ look it up, it is ah real word dat mean, ‘contribute greatly to’. So know I join de smart people who know Williams say dat gettin’ rid ah guns go mean less murders wid guns.

He also did say de followin’:

“‘Most of the murders are centred around shooting incidents so it is really about an issue of firearms in the country. By way of a clear strategic approach, our target is to get as much guns off the streets, but also to find the mechanism to limit guns coming in the country.” Williams also gave assurances that old murder cases were not being thrown on the back burner.’

Dat is de TTPS crime plan? Get guns orf de streets so it eh go have as much murders by guns? So crapaud smoke people pipe until guns orf de streets? Buh not tuh worry, de police go still be solvin’ murders? Like dey doin’ now? Arrests go be imminent?

Eef Williams serious an’ dat is de plan den I fuh one wonderin’ eef he dotish. De TTPS cyar have no one ‘major thrust’. Is only one ting it could do at ah time?  Wid dat new focus, de low low rate ah clearin’ up murders eh go drop lower? Eef he serious, who country he adoptin’ dat model from? He see dat wukkin’ someplace an’ say, “yes, ah like dat. Ah goin’ an’ do dat in T&T”?  Eef he serious den he really believe de State ah Emergency did result in plenty guns gettin’ find. Tuh me it did look like some ah dem guns was from de early days ah de Regiment an’ was buried someplace, dey was so rusty. What gunman today would use one ah dem? It blow up in he hand an’ who he go sue?

I eh sayin’ doh get guns orf de street. I eh even close tuh suggestin’ anyting so dotish. Tuh me gettin’ guns orf de streets have tuh be ah part of a serious crime plan. Emphasis on de word “serious.” Tings like boats fuh de Coast Guard an’ marine police, an’ radar systems dat does wuk 24/7. An’ when ah say, ‘boats’, ah mean boats dat go stand ah chance survivin’ in Trini hands. Dat should exclude boats any govahment lookin’ tuh throw away or sell tuh penny-wise pong foolish govahments. Ah wonder eef de HMS Orkney, ah mean de TTS Nelson still in service?

Gettin’ illegal guns from de hands ah people who shouldn’t have dem have tuh involve harsh penalties. What about jail fuh gun owners who ‘planasse’ people wid dey gun? Dat would keep former govahment officials in check, not so?

Williams plan only could wuk on paper. He an’ it would be in good company doh. De ODPM Operations Manager, Mr. Vijai Mahabir had de followin’ exchange wid Commissioner Diana Mahabir-Wyatt two weeks ago durin’ de wrap up ah de enquiry into de 1990 coup attempt. She was askin’ he about some evacuation plan fuh Port ah Spain dat he tell she he agency had.

Diana Mahabir-Wyatt: But they have never been tested so you don’t know if it will work.

Mr. Mahabir: On paper it works.

Tuh be fair he did add,“I mean, I am advocating for it be tested.”

He say dat too late fuh me.

Meanwhile, I cyar come up wid even one half-baked plausible reason why Williams say what he say at dat funeral. What message he was tryin’ tuh sneak parse Kamla? He did tork about how he for police officers takin’ dey guns home. Did dat have anyting tuh do wid de rest ah what he say?

It was February 2002 when den Minster ah National Security Chin Lee tork to de nation about de increasin’ crime an’ de govahment’s planned responses. Tuh dis day tings he say de govahment was goin’ an’ do in response, eh get done. What was supposed tuh be stopped still rollin’ along like a growing snowball dong ah hill. Is only damn fools fallin’ into de trap ah comparin’ bad wid what worse, instead ah bad wid what better thereby takin’ worse out ah de equation. 19 murders ah month should never be acceptable.

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