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Exactly what dem statistics sayin’?

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June 1, 2013 by Fensic

Larse Olympics, Grenadian Kirani James run de Men’s 400m fuh he country an’ he cut everybody tail. Dat was de only medal Grenada win, buh it was enough fuh some people tuh say dat Grenada was de best country in de games, gold medal wise. Dey use statistics tuh come up wid dat. Grenada only have like 106,000 people, so on de basis ah one gold medal fuh every 106,000 people, no udder country eh do as good. Ah wonder eef dat use ah statistics cause ah rush of gold medal-seekin’ athletes from udder countries tuh Grenada, tuh learn how tuh win gold medals?

Still, dat is de power ah statistics. Somebody did come up wid ah phrase tuh describe dat power – “Lies, Damn Lies an’ Statistics.”

Anyway Grenada an’ Kirani, eef ah eh congratulate allyuh before, consider allyuhself congratulated now. Udderwise me eh here tuh tork about allyuh nah. I dey wid de land where fuh every 1.3, might even be 1.4 million people, it have de most bacchanal. Me eh tink no stats needed tuh say dat.

Recently, Kamla, Dr. Moonilal, even de actin’ CoP, was toutin’ statistics tuh eidder pat deyself on dey back, or tuh push dey agenda. It even had some survey company dat survey people an’ den release de results tellin’ people what dey did done know.

I does have tuh use all mih senses whenever it come tuh statistics. Sometimes dey does smell tuh high heavens, udder times dey doh ‘feel’ right. Ah always dey lookin’ lookin’ tuh see what dey hidin’, not really bodderin’ too much would what people want mih tuh hear an’ see.

Dis week go be all about numbers an’ what people say when dey trot dey statistics out. I is people too so ah went by de TTPS website fuh murder numbers so ah could parade mih own statistics. Beyond dat, mih mout go be mostly shut.

Steups. Less go have tuh be more on dis one as ah cyar find where ah put what Kamla say.

Guardian May 19:

Although pleased with the PP’s overall performance since assuming office, Leader of Government Business Dr Roodal Moonilal has admitted that crime is the Government’s biggest challenge. On a scale of one to ten, Moonilal has given the PP a performance rating of seven out of ten. When contacted yesterday, Moonilal, who was at Harry’s Water Park in Rio Claro with some of his constituents, said if the Government did not have to clean up the mess left by the PNM in 2010, they would have attained a higher rating—nine out of ten.

“After three years in office, I am very pleased with the performance of the partnership’s administration. I think we have done a very good job.” However, Moonilal said the party still had a lot of challenges before them. He said while serious crime has been reduced “we still have to look at the homicide rate. We are not pleased with only larceny, robbery and kidnapping going down…we are looking at homicides as well. We want to ensure that we reduce the murder rate. We want to increase the security sector.”

Express May 20:


How would you rate the performance of the Government over the last three years on crime?

• They are not doin’ anything new to fight crime.
• The curfew was a waste of time.
• The time taken to respond to crime is too long.

• Everybody needs to help in the fight against crime, not the Government alone.
• The crime situation has gotten slightly better but could still improve a lot.
• Crime in some areas has been reduced.

• The Government does not cause crime, is the people, the people of the country to blame.
• The Government trying different things, so it might take some time to see the results.
• Jack Warner did a lot to help improve the crime situation in the country.


How would you rate the performance of the Government over the last three years on dealing with crime?

Excellent    1%

Good    11%

Fair    34%

Poor    36%

Extremely Poor    18%”


Express Monday May 27:

“Respondents in the latest Market Facts and Opinions (MFO) survey have identified crime as the most important problem facing the country in 2013.

Of the 608 interviews completed in Trinidad and 49 in Tobago, 74 per cent of respondents identified the crime situation as the most important problem.

Ninety-five per cent of respondents described crime as serious, up from 88 per cent in the previous MFO survey in 2012.

Approximately eight of every ten people interviewed opined that they lacked confidence in the viability of Government’s crime plan.”


Guardian May 19:

According to the Police Service’s crime statistics database, there were 166 murders at the end of May 2012, in comparison to 143 murders up to yesterday.

Despite a paltry crime detection rate of under ten per cent, Williams said the police service’s main objective was preventative measures. He said that by ridding the streets of illegal firearms, it should redound in a reduction of murders as most violent deaths were caused by shooting. “The issue of detection is one we are working on, but the major thrust for us is prevention; reducing the crime level in the country. If you have no crime, the issue of detection becomes irrelevant.”

Williams also gave assurances that old murder cases were not being thrown on the back burner.

“We are not closing any murder investigations, that is why you will see that in a murder from 2012, people are being arrested and charged in 2013 because we are continuing all murders. Some might be what we call ‘cold cases,’ but we are continuing all investigations.”

Express May 10

On Ash Wednesday, February 13, Shinelle Nelson’s partially decomposed and dismembered corpse was found in the Guayamare River, off the Old Southern Main Road, in Cunupia.

Nelson’s body was recovered but her head, arms and feet had been chopped off.

Nelson, 21, left home on Carnival Saturday, February 9, to attend the Trini Posse fete in Chaguaramas, following which she was supposed to attend the Insomnia Breakfast party in O2 Park, also in Chaguaramas.

Oyin “Angel” Assing, a 20-year-old geriatric nurse, left her family’s home in Pioneer Drive, Sea Lots, on April, 3 bound for her workplace in Woodbrook to return a pay cheque on which her name was misspelt.

After returning the cheque, Assing left to go shopping in downtown Port of Spain.

Attempts to contact Assing on her cellphone provide futile, and relatives filed a missing person report at the Besson Street Police Station on April 4.

On that same day Assing’s body was found floating off Dhein’s Bay in Carenage, with her abdomen sliced open and her intestines removed.

An autopsy concluded Assing died as a result of “acute haemorrhagic shock due to decavitation injuries of the abdominal content”.

Asked to comment on the deaths and concerns by certain sectors of the public that the killings may be as a result of a serial killer targeting women, William said:

“It is obvious that what you are having is three incidents and the three incidents not being related; you cannot have a serial rapist or killer.

“For you to have a serial rapist or killer, it has to be with related incidents, and what is highlighted here are not related incidents, but we are concerned as an organisation. 

“The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) is concerned with every single death of a citizen, whether it is a young person who is female, a young person who is male, we are extremely concerned, and that is why we are working extremely hard to re duce the number of murders and all incidents in Trinidad and Tobago, whether it is of a violent nature or a criminal nature,” Williams said.

“On the face of it, to this point in time, there is no existing relationship we can make any determination on,” he said.

Williams yesterday reported a 36 per cent decrease in serious crimes in the first four months of this year as compared to last year for the same period.

I up next. Dese is my stats usin’ data from de TTPS Serious Statistics database. Dey tellin’ de whole truth an’ nuttin’ but de truth? Ah hope it eh go be my maths dat lyin’.

Monday May 20th



# Solved

% solved

























Since 2008




Ah have tuh tork.

Dem numbers terrible, horrible even an’ May month eh even added yet. Still, de number of murders could be under-reported.

I was surprised tuh hear what ‘solved’ mean. It eh mean somebody behind gorn tuh jail fuh de crime, nah it eh mean dat at all. It only mean somebody geh arrested an’ charged. Dat or dey dead an’ de police close de books on dat murder. De TTPS only followin’ suit wid dat definition.

De number solved fuh ah month doh tell yuh eef ah murder was also in dat month or not. Does de TTPS know which one? I tink so.

Yes, statistics can be used tuh hide tings.

Ah stumped by dis one. What kind ah chart dem people usin’ tuh show how much murders dey ‘solve’? It eh eidder dey solve ah murder or dey eh solve it? What is wid dem fractions? Dey want yuh tuh say bard tings about why dey do it so or what?

Tork done.

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