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Emailgate! Allyuh doh block mih view nah!

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May 25, 2013 by Fensic

Oh Lord!  Oh Lord!

Dis time it happen. Dis time it finally happen.


T&T reach!

What go happen now?

Dr. Keith Rowley drop a bombshell in de parliament accusin’ de PP, namely de AG, Kamla an’ she national security advisor, Gary Griffith, of very bad tings. He produce ah series ah emails he say he get six months ago. De emails suggest plots an’ udder nefarious activities by people who out ah control, ah law unto deyself. Ah damnin’ accusation wid evidence tuh boot.

De PP corrupt an’ geh cyatch. Dey have tuh go. Now! Call elections!

Hold orn doh. Not so fast. Slow all de way dong.

Ah next Gmail email address dat end in ‘.con’?

Ah know PNMites eh care about dem technicalities. Dey lookin’ at what de emails say since dat matchin’ tings dat actually happen. Tuh dem dat mean de emails real. Ah know all dat an’ ah have ah counter argument buh I eh no PNM supporter so I eh wastin’ mih time.

Ah know supporters ah Kamla eh want de focus on what in de emails. Ah eh have no arguments yet since de validity ah all email addresses involved is mandatory. Me eh no PP supporter doh.

Since people like me eh have no political home, should we get out de way an’ let de two sides fight it out? Ah done get tell by ah pardnah dat he eh care where de arse de emails come from, dey could ah come from Uranus. He say all he care about is eef dey true.

Plenty udders share he views. Not me. I cyar get tuh de content ah de emails eef tings about de address questionable. Dat doh mean I eh tink it have corruption an’ conspiracies at de highest levels in Triniland. It had dem before now an’ nuttin eh change tuh stop dem or punish wrongdoers at de highest levels. I eh dat naïve.

It have more email addresses dan just dem ah mention. Buh eef de AG is ah player in Emailgate, why is only he email addresses dat dubious? Somebody or someting have tuh remove dat doubt before I could move ah inch. De udder email addresses being valid only mean Gmail allowed dem addresses tuh be created. It eh care who set dem up. Let mih stop right dey cause as mih pardner say, he an’ by extension all who tinkin’ like he, eh care about none ah dat. ‘NONE’ he flat out tell mih fuh mih tuh understand.

Ah cyar do dat nah pardner.

Rowley not technical so when he try an’ explain away how de emails addresses fuh de AG valid, tuh me was only nonsense he was torkin’. Buh he wasn’t torkin’ tuh people like me who care about dem technicalities. He should ah shut he mout’.

Everyting I check say dem Gmail addresses invalid.

Gmail start in 2004, April 1st tuh be exact. At first, de only way yuh could get ah account was by invitation. Wasn’t before 2007 dat you an’ me could set up we own Gmail account.  In September 2004, on ah Gmail Help Forum, somebody ask eef dey could get ah account wid less dan six characters before de ‘@’. De answer was no, six is de minimum. On udder Gmail Help Forums people does complain about dey account gettin’ hacked all de time. Even dat pardner ah mine get he own account hacked. Ah stoppin’ right dey in honor ah he wishes.

After de T&T newspapers write about Emailgate, I went an’ macco what bloggers was sayin’. It wasn’t hard tuh figure out which side was rulin’. Anybody who wasn’t jumpin’ up an’ dong in glee was gettin’ beat like bobolee. All ah had tuh do was scan fuh who had like five or more thumbs dong an’ once ah read dey comments, it was obvious dey was PP supporters. Dat or dey was innocent bystanders wid de foolish idea dey could ask inflammatory questions like, “how come dat Gmail email address only have 5 characters before de ‘@’’?”

I did steups an’ get vex when ah read all de bloggers who was jumpin’ up an’ dong sayin’ tuh bring een de FBI. Dat instinctive call does get me stink instinctively. It is so subservient on de face of it. After 50 years of independence why dat does be de first ting out ah so many Trini mout’ when someting happen? Dat, or bring in foreign help. It eh only bloggers nah, is people who I would ah hope did have ah different sense of self.

Despite mih pardnah not wantin’ tuh hear nuttin about nuttin technical, it have udders on he side ah de fence dat prayin’ real hard right now dat Rowley only playin’ dead tuh cyatch cobo alive. Dey hopin’ dat he back-squeezin’ wid he information. Dey wishin’ he have de real emails wid de right email addresses an’ ting in he back pocket only waitin’ fuh de right time tuh buss dem. Eef mih pardnah eh want tuh hear dat den he need tuh go shut up he own supporters who doin’ all dat prayin’, hopin’ an’ wishin’ fuh people like me tuh read.

Ah eh particularly want tuh, buh ah know ah have tuh look closer at mih pardnah side. Not because ah anyting udder dan it  always good tuh learn as much as yuh can about how udders does tink. Sometimes knowin’ dat does help yuh change dey dotish minds. Ah expect tuh have tuh do de same tings wid de PP folks buh not yet. Not change dey minds buh understand how dey does tink.

In dis pardnah circles everybody only waitin’ fuh 2015 when elections due. Dey done know dey votin’ de PP out. Dey minds made up. If elections come sooner, less waitin’ fuh dem. Nuttin tuh discuss. Certainly nuttin technical.

I totally agree dat eef dem emails is true den de PP have tuh go. No argument on dat. Dat is it. Nuttin more tuh say as yuh cyar defend de indefensible. Dat not go stop de PP supporters as people doh give up dey beliefs easy.

Rowley handle he presentation sloppily I say. Ah doh care how vex any pardnah get hearin’ dat.

De man had de documents six months. Fuh de PP tuh use dat as part ah dey counter-attack dotish. Buh ah digressin’.

Rowley did send de documents tuh Max when Max was president. Max self admit dat happen. Ah could see Rowley waitin’ an’ waitin’ an’ finally steupsin’ an’ doin’ what he tort was de next best ting. Buh what he do was sloppy. He had time tuh validate email addresses. All it would ah take was ah hour or so an’ ah good Internet connection an’ he could ah know how firm de grong was dat he was standin on. Buh he must ah be like mih pardnah who openly say de ends justify de means.

Was Rowley set up? Did de PP knowin’ how rabid he anti PP stance was, set de man up an’ he buy cat in bag? After all, Rowley does spend plenty time doin’ nuttin but sayin’ de opposite ah what de PP say. Dat approach does waterdong de effectiveness of anyting dat worth listenin’ to from he. Up until dis week.

Emailgate go make or break he as leader ah de opposition.

It have ah next setup possibility dat shock even mih pardner when ah lay it out. Rowley own party set him up. Dat was ah technicality mih pardner hush he mout’ an’ listen to. Den he run back tuh he ole position as dat was safer. Ah hope udders doh do like he. Ah hope dey remember Rowley an’ Manning. What Manning call him? Some kind ah bull? Ah “ragin’ bull” tuh be exact.

Who in dey right mind could call T&T backwards wid all de possibilities of what drivin’ Emailgate an’ what goin’ orn behind de scenes? Who in dey right mind could say dey know how dis go play out?

At de end ah de day dis latest scandal different. I doh recall nuttin like it ever happenin’ before. I eh know if dat mean T&T politics sinkin’ or eef it growin’ up tuh resemble it siblings all over de world.

Now dat ah gorn dong dis windin’ road lookin’ at Emailgate in hopefully ah logical an’ analytical way, dat instinctive reaction ah did get readin’ dem bloggers callin’ fuh de FBI, mellowin’.  Ah tink wid pardners like mines an’ opponents like in de PP, dis needs somebody who eh have ah dustbin jumper in de hunt fuh de truth. Ah namin’ my call, “assistance from experts wid more experience regardless which part dey from”. Ah could stomach dat better.

Even as ah put orn mih slippers an’ settle into ah rockin’ chair wid mih popcorn in ah bowl in mih lap, ah mindful dat how I see tings eh how Trinis on de grong in T&T does see dem. What make sense fuh one doh always make sense fuh de udder. What one side does see doh get seen by de udder side. Mih pardner right here done prove dat. Is okay doh. Dis still go be interestin’ tuh watch unfold. I hope I eh have tuh embarrass nobody by askin’ dem eef dey fadder is ah damn glassmaker.


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