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Givers an’ takers.

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May 18, 2013 by Fensic

If was me wonderin’ if ah should ah take mih wife overseas tuh have she babies an’ you geh vex an’ tell me I ungrateful, trouble would ah be comin’.

If you add dat you do one set ah ting fuh me an’ yuh wonder eef I go want de same house yuh an’ yuh cohorts give mih tuh be remodeled, den bacchanal was rong de corner.

Since none ah dat wonderin’ involve de real me, I free tuh wonder about ah question ah want answered. Let mih first fill in de spaces in case anybody wonderin’ what Nancy Story dis is.

In April month, T&T create regional history when ah woman went an’ had six babies one time. Dem in de know, say she take fertility drugs an’ dat so many babies born one time never happen before.

De Ministry ah Health pull out all de stops tuh prepare fuh dese babies. New equipment, special treatment, everyting. Ah next ministry jump een an’ skip de parents over udders in de ‘house line’, handin’ dem keys tuh ah new house. Sadly doh, de oldest an’ de youngest babies died.

History or no history, is Triniland we dey wid. See eef yuh could find any ingredients fuh bacchanal in any ah dese actual quotes.

“I’d just like to say thanks to all the doctors and medical staff, friends and family, thanks to the nation for all their support and prayers.”,  baby fadder Kieron Cummings, on March 5th.

“If I could do it all over again I would have sent my wife abroad”, baby fadder again arong, May 9th.

“I hope he doesn’t have a complaint about the house now that he has gotten from the Government. I wonder if he will say that the room is too small, or they need air-conditioning or they need another storey put on”, de Minster ah Health, Fuad Khan, May 9th-ish.

One point ah correction in what de baby fadder say? Ah tink he get ah lil confused when he tork about he ‘wife’. Before de bacchanal did start, he went an’ say he was goin’ an’ marrid he baby mudder, Petra Lee Foon, once she recover. So he didn’t have no wife tuh send abroad. Dat didn’t mean he couldn’t ah send he girlfriend doh.

Me eh line up behind nobody in de discussion about who ungrateful. To do dat would be like takin’ sides in ah argument about de symptoms of ah disease an’ not studyin’ how tuh get rid ah de disease dat causin’ people tuh do what dey does be doin’. Instead I formin’ mih own line an’ anybody who know me could line up behind me. Just doh push.

Now dat everybody up tuh speed, let mih ask what has tuh be de big picture question.

How far must de govahment go tuh meet its primary obligation?

Eef you doh believe dat de first order ah business fuh de govahment is tuh keep its citizens safe, den we have tuh tork so ah could understand what yuh tink is dat first responsibility.

Any serious discussion about people being safe assumes basic tings in place an’ people doh have tuh be bunnin’ tyres in de road. Since citizens eh have tuh be out protestin’, dey could be doin’ dey part in keepin’ safe. Makin’ wise choices fuh communities an’ families always good.

As long as nobody eh attackin’ de country, everybody should assume responsibility fuh resolvin’ all dey daily challenges an’ hardships dat all ah we does have. We each have tuh manage we own personal space. Outside dat zone we need de govahment pickin’ up de slack so we could continue managin’ we own space.

All dat make de govahment more of ah caretaker wid de responsibility tuh jump een whenever needed. Sometimes is tuh help out one person, ah family or ah whole community.

However T&T is ah growin’ country an’ part ah what growin’ is de role ah de govahment. Many of de additional tings still part ah keepin’ citizens safe buh de line gettin’ blurry. It have tings it doin’ now dat questionable. While tings like providin’ public hospitals easy tuh see, providin’ housin’ lil bit harder tuh link tuh safety. What else yuh expect from people like me who did tink de houses an’ dem was free.

Dat mistake eh stop mih from tinking dat de govahment should not be runnin’ tings like water taxis. Dat strainin’ de idea of public safety. Why de govahment eh wukkin’ wid de private sector offerin’ tings like tax breaks an’ udder incentives fuh dem tuh start dem kind ah business?

While ah done say de govahment should pick up de slack when tings happen outside people comfort zone, does dat mean it should do it every time someting happen? It hard tuh believe de govahment should always be de first place people look fuh help. Of course when is ah disaster, like floodin’ dong Digo, de quicker de govahment move, de better.

Because ah all de tings de govahment does be in now, it eh just de first place people does turn to fuh help. It now de first, second, third an’ larse place people does look. Plenty people doh even say ‘please’, as dey feel is dey right tuh not just ask, buh tuh demand. De govahment better deliver too else is endless bard tork.

When ah mudder goin’ an’ have six babies yes, help. It easy tuh see how dat keepin’ people safe. I even willin’ tuh accept dat one hand cyar clap, so while helpin’ she, go ahead an’ claim de honor ah being de first place in de Caribbean tuh have dat amount ah babies born one time tuh one woman.

Why more companies eh come forward tuh help dis mother? How much ah dat is because everybody standin’ dey expectin’ de govahment tuh do it all? De one hand still cyar clap ting could still wuk. Offer de woman diapers or someting else yuh does sell dat she could use. When yuh do dat who go mind eef yuh soak up some free publicity fuh yuh business?

Skippin’ people in de house line? I eh know bout dat one. It have people waitin’ in dat line fuh years now so ah eh go tork fuh dem. If was me in dat line an’ baby mudder an’ fadder geh skip over me is ah 50-50 chance ah go eidder cuss or go congratulate dem an’ tell dem dey go have tuh get skip in lines all over de place.

So what is dis line I say I formin’?

I too far away tuh have ah dorg in dis hunt buh I not wid de people who say de baby fadder ungrateful. He had every right tuh review de decisions he make an’ wonder eef he do de right ting. Dat is he right tuh do. De only ting he have tuh be true tuh is he conscience an’ he sense of doin’ right by he baby mudder. Dat right he have is de same one dat I have an’ does use when tings eh go de way I tort dey was goin’.  Dat right me an’ he have is de same right you have too. Use it when yuh tink yuh do de right ting buh yuh havin’ second torts. Fuh all ah we, dat right eh have nuttin tuh do wid tings dat supposed tuh be keepin’ we safe as long was we say tanks when we was supposed to.

De way de minister respond tuh what is every person’s right provided me wid ah glimpse into de mindset of de udder half of de entitlement duo. What ah see make me mistrust de relevance of de question dat I ask an’ tort I was goin’ tuh answer. Tuh ask how far de govhament should go tuh meet its primary obligation, make it sounds like eef  it have ah point dat de govahment shouldn’t parse. Buh dem comments by de minister tell me eidder he or he govahment doh tink it have ah place called ‘too far’.

He remarks tell me he believe dat once you get help dat you give up de right tuh second guess yuhself, especially if it make de govahment look bard. Does dat mean it eh just about keepin’ people safe buh also keepin’ dem beholden? Given dat so many people done feel entitled den de two sides go hand in hand formin’ ah duo where each side worthy of de udder. One side does only help because it does make dem feel good, so who gettin’ de help better take it an’ doh say nuttin besides, ‘tanks fuh yuh generosity’. The udder side demandin’ tuh get help an’ tellin’ de helper tuh bring de damn help quick. All dat even doh dey should be lookin’ towards dey family, friends, church an’ community first, in dat order.

So wid dem two sides engaged in someting dat look like it have vulgar undertones, what is de question about de govahment dat ah should really be askin’. Right now me eh know nah, ah watchin’ givers an’ takers.

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