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Where Table Talking arong de Caribbean could lead

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May 11, 2013 by Fensic

Dese parse two weeks ah was focused, refusin’ tuh get distracted by all de usual bacchanal goin’ orn in de great land of T&T. Ah was on ah mission. I eh even get distracted by no sextuplets fadder sayin’ he now wish he did take he wife, correction, he girlfriend, abroad tuh have she six babies cause he eh like de aftercare dey gettin’ in Triniland. I eh take none ah dat orn, at least not on de level ah bacchanal dat it evoke.

I was dey wid new tings an’ gettin’ new inspiration on ah idea whose time almost reach. On top ah all dat, ah was enjoyin’ someting ah does always love. No time fuh torkin’ about de same baby fadder who like he forget de govahment just give he an’ he wife, correction, girlfriend, ah house tuh raise dey remainin’ four babies in. Is only four since two died. He wife, correction, girlfriend did take some fertility drug.

If I was livin’ in mih mudder house an’ mih girlfriend in she mudder house, de larse ting I lookin’ tuh do or agree wid is mih girlfriend takin’ fertility drugs. Times changed dat much boy? Ah lettin’ mihself get distracted doh so let mih get back mih focus.

Ah ready.

Yuh does religiously watch any ah dem food channels on TV?

Yuh does follow websites like Trini Gourmet?

I bet yuh is ah Foodie an’ eh even know.

All Trinilanders is Foodies tuh some degree. We love we food. Is more dan just ah love fuh good food dat does make yuh ah Foodie. Eef was only dat, den every greedy person wid ah big belly could claim tuh be one an’ I eh tink real Foodies go like dat. Ah Foodie is somebody who does enjoy de taste ah food. Dey does do more dan just shovel it dong dey belly. Is more like being ah wine connoisseur. Just like it have wine connoisseur who does go all over de place tuh sample wine, it have Foodies who does do de same ting fuh food.

I did never hear about dem until ah read dis newspaper article about someting call ‘Table Talk’. In de article, dis woman was praisin’ Trini food. Anyting about T&T in somebody else papers an’ mih ears does pick up. Here was somebody who was only now findin’ out what good food really is so ah was in mih glee. Ah did steups once or twice cause ah didn’t like some ah de tings she say at de start ah de article, buh was ready tuh let all dat parse in de name ah Caribbean unity. Besides, ah cyar want tuh fight everybody who say tings about Triniland dat I eh like.

Tings she say in dat article had mih believin’ she is ah Foodie tuh de highest degree. She an’ de udders, similarly infected, eh dey wid anyting lookin’ tuh humbug dem from gettin’ dey fix. Is when she start torkin’ about de obstacles tuh extendin’ de Foodie world in de Caribbean dat she end up in my bigger-picture view on dis one ting. She get dey via ah different route, buh dat wasn’t important, me an’ she was on de same page. Yes, me and she could lime.

What is dis great page we orn? De one about ah international regional airline nah.

Dis nonsense ah Caribbean countries dat cyar even serve dey people on de grong buh yet havin’ ah national airline is just dat, nonsense. Larse time ah check, de risin’ Fly Jamaica had one plane, de dead an’ almost buried EZJet had like two planes an’ de long interred Redjet when it fall out ah de sky, had three. Three planes? Two planes? One Plane? Dem is airlines? Steups oui.

Is not dat I doh understand how people does feel when dey country have its own national airline. I bet is like when somebody from someplace else taste yuh country’s food an’ realize how good it is. Dey does start tuh rave an’ carry orn. Next ting yuh know, is lagniappe dey want. You in de meantime just relishin’ how dey actin’.

When it come tuh airlines in de Caribbean, politicians does take advantage ah dat misplaced national pride. Dey really want tuh bankrupt dey countries just so people could feel proud flyin’ on dey own plane? Air Jamaica an’ BWIA are de two poster airlines fuh dat misplaced pride. Caribbean Airlines? It like it pushin’ tuh follow suit. While all over de world airlines gettin’ passengers vex by findin’ new ways tuh milk dem, what ah CAL executive doin’? Givin’ away tickets tuh whoever while ah next exec tryin’ tuh put spin on dat dotishness.

Is time tuh change.

Ah tink what Eric Williams an’ dem did envision wid de Federation donkey years ago, startin’ tuh show faint signs ah life. I eh torkin’ about dem obvious tings like open trade as Jamaican businesses might have dey own ideas on how dat wukkin’. I eh even torkin’ about UWI which wukkin’ good. Fuh damn sure I eh de dey wid West Indian cricket. I torkin’ about tings dat really go tuh de heart ah regionalism. Like pickin’ up just so an’ goin’ Barbados, or Guyana or Jamaica or wherever else cause yuh want tuh visit ah part ah what is yours. Dat is where dat regional airline wid come in.

Some would argue we could do dat all now. How? Wid Caribbean Airline an’ LIAT? I would argue only eef yuh is ah Trini. Dem udder countries lookin’ at CAL cut-eye while grudgingly givin’ it flag carrier status. Ah tink de status from Jamaica come when CAL did take over Air Jamaica while Guyana give it tuh dem cause dey eh really have no choice. Yuh cyar have a regional airline by duress. Give dem islands ah alternative an’ dey will be on it in ah heartbeat. Dat eh what Fly Jamaica all about? Dat eh what had all dem Guyanese flockin’ tuh EZjet?

Because so many politicians eh doin’ what is right but doin’ what is popular instead, we lucky eef it have more dan one or two ah dem who eh automatically steupsin’ at de idea of ah regional airline. Me eh know how much Manning was one or eef he change over time. Ah know he do tings dat suggest he was fuh some level of regional unity. Some might say he wanted it only eef T&T was de borse ah de udder islands. History go have tuh be he final judge. Kamla? She too busy outin’ fires dat threatenin’ tuh mash up she coalition tuh bodder about any udder integration.

Doh touch Jamaica, yuh go get bun! Let dem cool dong lil bit an’ hope CAL eh piss dem orf no more dan it does seem tuh do wid regularity. Guyana? Dem always hard tuh figure out although dey does be pragmatic. Dem too eh like how CAL does treat dem doh. De prime minister ah St. Vincent, Mr. Ralph Gonsalves, lookin’ like ah leader who seein’ de faint signs ah life.

How de vision of de Foodies an’ my bigger picture could come tugedder an’ have we, as West Indians, includin’ who in de diaspora, climbin’ up on de world stages tuh show orf how good we food is? How we gettin’ tuh all dem different stages in de Caribbean?

Ah real regional airline go have tuh wuk wid LIAT tuh keep service tuh de small islands. Yes ah know dat CAL an’ LIAT doin’ dat now buh ah tort ah done explain good why CAL in its current state, eh de regional airline. LIAT is more of ah regional airline if yuh ask me as it have like six or seven regional govahments dat does put money tuh support it. Is not like LIAT doh have it own cross tuh bear if yuh ask me about dat too. I look at it schedule an’ ticket prices an’ almost choke. Oui Foute!

De Table Talk article hit de nail on de head when it tork about havin’ tuh get rid rid ah de inter island rivalry.

When tings go change?

So LIAT go be de ‘domestic’ regional airline primarily fuh de small islands while some udder airline go be de ‘international’ regional airline? I say yes. Wid all de tings ah say about CAL, de truth is dat it is best positioned tuh be dat ‘international’ regional airline. De only ting is dat, ‘best positioned’, doh mean it position good. It go have tuh make changes fuh so.

So where from here?

Ah know I eh really answer de question of how we go get tuh dem stages ah tork bout earlier. Maybe we need more ‘Table Talk’ type tings where we can really start findin’ out an’ appreciatin’ de tings we have in common instead ah all de misplaced national pride. Dat pride could get repositioned an’ placed at ah regional level. Dem politicians eh go be so quick tuh cheups when de idea of ah single regional airline come up. Who knows, we could even let dem ‘take de lead’ tuh get it done.

Imagine, takin’ dat airline tuh someting outside de region den parsin’ by Haiti den swingin’ by Grenada fuh Spicemas. Is only den we could say wid pride dat we, all ah we, ‘reach’. Not so?

Links tuh tings mentioned:

  • Trinidad Guardian article:

  • Trinidad Newsday article:,177074.html

  • St. Vincent PM on regional airline:

  • Table Talk article dat start mih up:–The-Trinidad-and-Tobago-Table-Talk-Awards_14157814



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