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Football peong and Soca Warriors fan. Help!


May 4, 2013 by Fensic

It goin’ on ah month now since de larse football tournament T&T was in. Mih recovery slow. Somehow ah does take dem loses really hard, almost personal. Must be because I is ah football peong?

When as was small, ah could only play boom-kick football. Dat change as ah get older. Ah learn de game an’ how tuh play mih position well. By de time ah hang up mih tugs mih teammates was weekend players who did never kick ah lime in dey life an’ played like dey was suckin’ one. Dey learn de game from readin’ books dat had plenty pictures. After dat ah start coachin’ dem same weekend warriors’ chirren. De hardest part ah dat was watchin’ all mih coachin’ go tuh waste when dey insisted on kickin’ orf games like was American football. Ah went an’ coach ah teenage boys competitive team. Ah tellin’ anybody who ask mih opinion about me an’ mih football days dat ah was good.

On top ah being ah football peong, ah does follow de Soca Warriors. Dat mean always walkin’ wid ah suitcase tuh put all de disappointment de team does be dishin’ out tuh its supporters. So tuh ease up on de weight ah dat heavy suitcase, ah figure ah go follow de Under-17 team. Dey young, dey cyar know how tuh dish out heartbreak an’ heartache like dem seniors doin’ since 2006.

So dey ah was, takin’ een de team tryin’ tuh qualify fuh de Under-17 World Cup dat go be later dis year in de United Arab Emirates. De USA, Canada, Mexico an’ de usual collection ah udder countries like Panama, Costa Rica, Jamaica, an’ Barbados was also dey in Panama all lookin’ to tuh qualify.

T&T fuss match was against Canada.

Dey eh score while Canada score twice.

Next up was Costa Rica.

De best way I find tuh describe dat game is tuh say dat ah team from ah parallel universe take over de Trini players’ bodies an’ win de game. Ah cyar lie, dat team play good football. When ah team play good football it does make de game look simple. Almost nuttin in life eh sweeter dan football made simple. Almost nuttin.

De teams was playin’ in groups ah three, so de junior warriors end up wid one victory an’ one lorse. Yet again ah Trini team take its own destiny out it hands an’ put it in de hands of ah next team, like de two ah dem is friend. Why dey does do dat? Anyway Canada play Costa Rica an’ win. Since dat wuk in T&T favor, Triniland was into de next rongs. Ah was vex how dey make it buh ah was glad dat dey make it.

Knowin’ God not ah Trini an’ dat He probably doh even watch football could give yuh ah myocardial infarction as ah supporter oui.

Up next was de host, Panama.

De fellas from de parallel universe kick orf fuh T&T. One ah dem blaze ah shot dat almost buss de Panama goalie net. Eef it had ah better goal fuh de whole competition me eh see it.

I eh tink anybody on de T&T sidelines did know what tuh do when dat goal score as T&T doh ever score no goal first. Dey might score de third one, buh never de fuss one. Wid dat goal de players from de parallel universe hand over de game tuh de udder Trini team.

‘Whap!’ ‘Whap!’

Is three goals Panama lash dem wid yes. One ah de three was ah Trini present, so no whap on dat. We goalie went dong on de grong tuh stop ah ball, buh it outsmart he. It dig ah hole under he body an’ come behind him an’ roll into de net.

De parallel universe team cheups an’ take back over, buh wid only ten players. De larse one didn’t know he was goin’ back tuh play so he went tuh buy doubles. Although dey was shorthanded dey still manage tuh stick an next one in de Panama net tuh make de score three tuh two. Sadly dey went an’ give back de game tuh de udder Trinis.

Was ah next ‘whap!’ an’ dat was it fuh T&T’s Under-17 an’ dis year’s World Cup.

De Trini football fan in mih stop bein’ disappointed long time. Is only vex, he does get vex now. De football peong in mih? He does analyze de game an’ could tell when dotish football gettin’ played. When he see dat happen, he does get even more vex.

It had times when de fellas was at sea, udder times dem was de sea lookin’ tuh drong de opposition. Den it had udder times when dey play like de only Panamanian footballer on de field was de forward runnin’ tuh de Trini goal wid de ball an’ de Trini defender escortin’ him. Den when he cross de ball, nobody eh markin’ de udder Panamanians an’ one ah dem calmly butt de ball in de goal. Headin’ is when yuh out jump like ten defenders an’ got your head tuh de ball. Buttin’ is when nobody eh arong yuh an’ yuh do even have tuh raise up orf de grong. Openin’ yuh eye is optional. Dat ball get butt. Is dem kind ah ting dat had de peong gettin’ stink wid vex, wantin’ tuh know who coachin’ dat kind ah defendin’.

It eh dat de Trinilanders cyar play nah, is just dat de team have ah ways tuh go. Concentration lackin’, confidence does come an’ go, intensity weak an’ dey basics have holes.

Yuh cyar be trappin’ de ball an’ have it hit yuh like yuh is ah wall. It go just bounce orf an’ yuh go have tuh run behind it. Dat cyar wuk in tight spaces.

Yuh cyar waltz de ball into de udder people goal. Dey players eh go stand up dey an’ admire yuh skill, no matter how often yuh try.

If yuh playin’ man-tuh-man, yuh cyar be by yuhself in de penalty box when de udder team attackin’. If yuh playin’ zone, den you an’ yuh teammates cyar be guardin’ de same space.

It have plenty blame tuh go arong. Ah just cover de coaches an’ de players dey.

Is licks fuh everybody else now.

Why ah football fan have tuh go read some udder damn country blasted newspapers tuh find out how ah Trini team do? How dat could be right?

Me eh want tuh read dat dem Panamanians salute or cheer de Trini team after de game nah. Dat doh make me feel better. Let dem haul dey baxide, dey shouldn’t ah beat we.

Next is dem fickle fickle football fans. Yes, dey does want T&T tuh win but dey doh make de kind ah noise needed fuh de newspapers tuh be frighten tuh brush dem aside an’ not report scores on time. What kind ah ting should fans do den? How I supposed tuh know? Why T&T football fans not rabid? Me eh here tuh answer no questions. Maybe tomorrow. Today all ah doin’ is sharin out licks.

De new head ah de dysfunctional football federation say he disappointed over de Under-17 result. Disappointed? Man I parse ‘disappointed’ plenty times oui. After de 2006 World Cup in Germany was de first time. I parse it again when de senior team was goin’ an’ warm up against India. How cold yuh team have tuh be tuh say you usin’ India fuh warm up as part ah yuh preparations boy? Steups yes. I parse disappointed yet again when Guyana beat T&T an’ knock it out de 2010 World Cup. So much fuh de ‘warm up’.

Bahrain must be far more disappointed an’ vex dan me. In 2006, de Soca Warriors beat dem tuh make it tuh Germany. It happen again in 2010 when New Zealand beat dem tuh make it tuh South Africa. Since me eh here tuh solve issues about T&T fans an’ de Trini media, what are de chances dat I care about Bahrain? ZERO!!

Tim Kee, dat new head ah de football federation, look like he know what he doin’ or at least what need tuh get done. He makin’ movements tuh settle up wid dem same Soca Warriors fuh dey services in 2006. Leh we hope dis is de start of ah new vision an’ de end ah vindictiveness an’ grudges.

Buh back tuh de Under-17 team.

It hard tuh tell eef de team get enough preparation. Ah know it should ah leave Panama undefeated. Buh it take more dan enough game preparation tuh win. Ah sure de US had enough buh dey get knocked out. Jamaica too buh dey was short ah match practice an’ did admit so before de competition. Canada make it. Buh me eh care about none ah dem much an’ certainly not now.

Despite everything, ah hopin’ dey keep an’ build on dem under 17s. Give dem plenty opportunities tuh not only gel an’ perfect dey skills, buh tuh work on ah aspect ah de game dat ah tink killin’ Trini football – mental toughness. I would have dese fellas eatin’, sleepin’ an’ dreamin’ football. Yuh cyar keep havin’ players from ah parallel universe takin’ over.

I go get over dis larse competition. Once dat happen, no Trini football team go be lookin’ tuh add no more weight tuh mih suitcase.

Go Warriors?

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