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Politicians and ah bombing story could tork oui.


April 27, 2013 by Fensic

Two interestin’ an’ very contradictory tings happen dis week. I eh know how small each is by itself, buh wid de bigger picture always on mih mind, dem two tings tell me plenty.

Let mih describe dem quick so dat who eh agree wid mih could suck dey teet an’ go an’ find someting dey tink is better tuh do wid dey time cause dese next 12 minutes eh comin’ back.

De first was ah story ah Trini newspaper tell. Dey use de headline, “Trini Nabs Suspect in Boston Bombing.”

Okay, is change ah just change mih mind. I eh goin’ an’ describe de next ting yet. Ah have tuh tork about went in an’ out dat mind wid dat headline an’ de article.

Now me eh know every single ting dat happen after de people runnin’ in dat marathon in Boston get bomb. De Thursday after it happen when de policeman get kill at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, me eh even connect de dots. De next mornin’ ah listen tuh de audio of de shootout dat end wid one brudder dead an’ de police huntin’ de udder one. I eh shame tuh say dat at first I tort ah was hearing ah good Trini rain fallin’ on ah galvanize roof, buh was really bullets flyin’ ah was hearin’.

Since de brudder get capture, de American press showin’ how dotish it could be. While de Trini press doh interview enough, de American press does overdo it tuh de point ah ridiculousness. Is only because de two brudders eh own ah dorg why no reporter eh interview no dawg yet.

So anyway, dis Trini article start, “THE man who captured and handcuffed Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev at the end of a city-wide hunt last week, is a Trinidad and Tobago national now a police officer living in the United States.

Ah stop right dey.

“Eh?” ah say tuh mihself. Is dig ah gorn diggin’ fuh more information. Ah rememberin’ de reports ah how de suspect get cyatch. Mih first tort den was, “boy, how big is dat man backyard tuh hold such ah big boat”. Ah tinking dat because ah did read about plenty shootin’ an’ stun grenades gettin’ tossed at dis boat de fella was hidin’ in. Yuh cyar have all dat action by no lil boat, not so?

While ah diggin’, ah tinking back tuh de press conference after de capture. Everybody was praisin’ everybody else. Nobody eh get singled out. Now dis Trini article had mih tinking, …“Is ah Trini who cheups an’ push dem udder police aside tuh show dem how tuh capture ah bomber? Boy, way he was in 2005 when Port of Spain needed he? Now he do all dis in Boston an’ de American press eh givin’ de man no credit?

Dat is when ah bounce up de video ah de SWAT team involved in de capture an’ arrest. Ah listen tuh Mr. Thompson, de Trini hero. All ah hear he tork about was de team an’ what de team do. Up tuh now me eh hear he say dat he steups an’ tell dem udders,… “hear nah, allyuh move out de way yes. I is ah Trini an’ I have dis one”. In ah way it did sound like all de police say,… “1,2,3”, an’ all ah dem jump on de suspect one time.

Okay, let mih go tuh de next ting from dis week. Ah go come back an’ paint mih bigger picture, eef ah have more paint.

Ah was readin’ what Independent Senator Helen Drayton was sayin’ about dis comatose bill de govahment doggedly pushin’, hopin’ tuh make police out ah soldiers.

Back in 2010, she did tell de PP an’ dem tuh go on ah retreat an’ get dey act tuhgedder. Hear nah, look at all de bacchanal dat would ah get saved eef dey wasn’t harden an’ did listen tuh she. Now is bush bart an’ Manning spiritual advisor de PP need.

Anyway, is while readin’ what she sayin’ dis week dat it hit mih.

Dem independent senators doin’ ah better job dan Rowley an’ company.

De govahment didn’t listen tuh she in 2010, buh it listenin’ tuh she an’ de udder independents now. Look how quick dey pull de bill. Twice too.

So if it doh listen tuh what Rowley an he posse sayin’, den I have questions. What sense it make tuh have de opposition role limited tuh simply opposin’? Who on de people side when dem two sides joustin’? Why is only one side dat could propose new laws? Just fuh spite, whoever in power could refuse tuh bring ah bill dat in de best interest of de people only because de opposition mention de need fuh de bill. Who does suffer when dat happen? De same people who done eh have nobody on dey side.

Is paintin’ time.

I doh tink dat any opposition so evil as tuh want T&T tuh sink tuh de bottom. Buh is obvious dat none ah dem eh go lift ah finger tuh help keep it afloat. Eef de TTS Triniland started takin’ orn some serious water, how far dey go let it sink before dey stop arguin’ over who fault de leak is?

De absurdity ah de relationship is what had Rowley protestin’/marchin’, whatever he want tuh call what he do when he do it, wid de people ah Digo Martin. Ah remember it well, de people was protestin’ years an’ years of govahment neglect. Right dey was Rowley. Is dat same kind ah ting dat allow de PNM representative fuh de Sea Lots area tuh tork bold face right after de accident, about how long de people askin’ fuh ah walk over bridge an’ nuttin eh happen yet.

Dat tuh me is manipulatin’ reality.

Ah ready tuh argue wid anybody who doh see dat article about Mr. Thompson as doin’ de same ting. Nobody who was dey cared who slap orn de handcuffs. Dat is de opposite of how Trini politicians does operate. Dey care more about who get de credit too much. Dat eh unique tuh dem, dey does just take it too far.

I tink it was selfishness an’ ah fear ah criticism dat cause de Trini paper tuh remove all de comments people post about dat Boston arrest. I was curious as tuh how people would react, so ah was watchin’ de comments roll in, next ting ah know, all ah dem disappear like dey never existed. Dat wasn’t selfish?Why is only when de press gettin’ its short hairs pull dat it does worry about freedom?

I tink part ah selfishness is de false belief of what de ‘bigger world’ out dey does tink. Yuh tink it does be lookin’ at you or where yuh from, ready tuh laugh when somebody in your miniscule world do someting dotish? What is it wid all de head gettin hold, de arms gettin’ thrown up in de air an’ de bawlin’ about gettin’ embarrass?

Meanwhile, eef yuh have de power, yuh pullin’ comments yuh doh like so yuh could pretend nuttin eh happen. Leh we doh forget while all dat goin’ orn yuh also lookin’ fuh de smallest, de most dotish ting tuh point out how good you an’ yours is. So yuh had doubts or what?

Is de same ting dat happen buh only different when Michael Jackson went an’ dead. Why was de Trini papers annointin’ he doctor as ah Trini? We scruntin’ fuh Trinis now? Is just so yuh does become one? We went an’ waste we damn time tuh geh born dey? Doh tell my mudder dat nah. I could ah born someplace else, an’ like de doctor, only go tuh school dey? All I need is fuh someting big tuh happen arong me an’ I would ah get call ah Trini? Steups. At least I cyar get disown like happen tuh de doctor although me eh know how yuh does disown what wasn’t yours tuh start orf wid.

It eh Trinis who should be namin’ udder people Trinis, is udder people who should want tuh be one ah we. Den we could make style when we pick an’ choose who worthy.

Buh alas, de rest ah de world doh give ah fat rat’s behind. People have enough problems. Nobody eh sittin’ dey waitin’ tuh see if you or yuh country doin’ dotishness. So what eef de head of arguably de most important ministry take de head of de defence force wid he tuh mash up some flimsy huts of protestors? What make yuh shame more, dat it get reported outside de country or dat it even happen? Doh be embarrassed fuh de wrong reason. De world doh spin arong you, yuh country or yuh newspapers. In dat ultimate world dey does look at you, shake dey head, smile fuh like four seconds den go orn wid dey business. Dey done forget about  you, not carin’ about what important tuh you.

Tinking small does always keep yuh small, I find. Especially when you is de only one believin’ yuh tinking big, be you politician or paper owner.

Paint run out.

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