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Kamla? Ah blaming you.

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April 20, 2013 by Fensic


Ah blamin’ you eh Kamla.

So much happen dis week an’ here I is, torkin’ about Jack Warner. Yet again!


Kamla? Yuh in power three years, in fact dis month is yuh anniversary. What happen since yuh ride in wid all dat glory an’ de people’s anticipation of great things from yuh?

In my opinion yuh start paintin’ yuhself in ah corner when yuh went an’ name Mr. Warner Minister of Works an’ Transport.

What is dat?

No man Kamla. Yuh give him de ministry of National Security in June 2012 when yuh reshuffle yuh cabinet.

Yuh name him minister despite all de rumors, an’ allegations about he an’ de circumstances under which he leave FIFA an’ CONCACAF in 2011.

Yuh really didn’t know dat it was just ah matter ah time before yuh decision tuh replace Sandy wid he was goin’ an’ blow up in yuh face? Granted it eh blow up yet, buh all ah we know when ah balloon gettin’ blow, eef yuh keep blowin’ an’ blowin’, it does buss. De bigger de ballon, de bigger de pop. Dis balloon gettin’ so big, mih fingers done in mih ears oui.

Ah mean I lookin’ fuh ah logical reason yuh do what yuh do. It eh have tuh be logical tuh me, buh tuh you at some level, since is you pick he. It have people who tink Jack have somethin’ over yuh so yuh really cyar fire he. Dat cyar be true, can it?

Eef Jack had somethin’ over me I would ah put T&T fuss an’ call he bluff. I would ah tell he tuh haul he damn baxide long long time, regardless of eef he had pictures ah me or anyting. Me an’ he would ah see who go hang who jack fuss. See what ah mean? Right dey ah say all dat an’ it doh make no sense tuh me. It have tuh be someting else Kamla why Jack is where he is fuh as long as he has been. An’ look at de position he puttin’ you in! How much times he say he eh go resign? What he does really be sayin’ is you go have tuh fire he. Buh is not like yuh eh know how tuh fire people.

Yuh remember Mary? Yuh must recall Mary King cause yuh fire she back in 2011, May month. Yuh remember sayin’ dis too back in 2011, also May month? “It is a fundamental tenet of the rule of law that a man is innocent until proven guilty”. Yuh say dat in Jack’s defence when he fall out wid FIFA an’ CONCACAF. Nobody in dey right mind eh go disagree wid dat statement, so dat couldn’t be de reason. Kamla? Dis is politics, not so?

How yuh could say dat an’ den fire Mary King? Or, since ah not sure which happen first, how yuh could fire Mary King an’ den say dem words? Yuh have tuh have udder reasons fuh supportin’ Jack despite all de turmoil dat he does stir up like ah dust devil. Leh we go wid loyalty as being yuh reason. Is ah noble concept buh as ah quality fuh successful politicians? Nah. I eh sayin’ ruthlessness is de way tuh go either. Sometimes people does just do an’ say tings tuh make yuh ruthless. Blackmail? Yes blackmail does wuk buh only when is you doin’ de blackmailin’. When people doin’ it tuh you den it bard an’ it cyar wuk. Dat is when yuh does have tuh be ruthless. Besides, is you who is de prime minister, right?

You been de opposition Kamla, you know how it works in Triniland. Dey oppose almost anyting de govahment propose. So dis eh about Rowley cause eef he had his way it wouldn’t have anybody in de govahment. So yuh now have tuh do what is in de best interest of de country. Ah willin’ tuh bet dat yuh do dat, an’ yuh go get re-elected. After all, yuh doing tings in areas de PNM never bodder wid.

Although ah have mih concerns about de credibility ah de press, dat eh stoppin’ mih from readin’ what dey does say. Dat mean ah read yuh comments bout de final CONCACAF report dat just geh release. De papers say yuh ‘shocked’. Yuh have tuh read de entire report dey say yuh say. Dat fair, especially how you too have issues wid de press. Should we all feel hopeful doh when yuh say eef de allegation true dat, “I have action to take”?

T&T go have ah new Minister ah National Security by next week dis time?

When yuh go be back in T&T from yuh trip?

How much time yuh need tuh read de report?

Send yuh number an’ somebody could read de whole ting fuh yuh over de phone.

De point is dat action needed NOW! Doh wait fuh de next shoe tuh drop. I guarantee de shoes de FBI an’ de IRS does wear, doh fall silently. Dey could buss man head.

Normally I doh bodder wid nuttin Rowley say, buh every now an’ den he does make sense. Like when he say is not about if Warner guilty. Is about de fact dat de govahment cyar afford tuh have he in it. Just de appearance ah doin’ someting bard is enough tuh take away de people’s trust.

Kamla? Doh study back tuh when de PNM was in power an’ not doin’ tings tuh instill trust an’ confidence yet dey was still winnin’ elections. T&T growin’ up politically an’ dem days gorn, after all, you get elected, right?

Ah next ting? Between you an’ me, yuh see dat lil dotish skit det get pull startin’ wid de Communications minister, Jamal Mohammed sayin’ Jack have de support ah all he cabinet colleagues? Den Moonilal an’ Rambachan on camera shakin’ dey head up an’ dong sayin’, yes Jack is dey colleague an’ yuh does always support yuh colleagues? What was dat all about?

When dat happen?

Thursday nah at de post-Cabinet news conference. I eh tink dat was ah PP ting nah buh just de UNC. De COP done jump up an’ dong sayin’ de statement misleadin’. Like is only UNC colleagues Jack have or what? You is really one ah dem Kamla? Jack have your support or he tell you dat he have yuh support? Ah still lookin’ fuh dat logical reason why yuh doin’ what yuh doin’. Regardless, dem kind ah announcements by Jamal is what people does make when dey boat sinkin’. I wasn’t dey, buh ah bet on de Titanic it had ah man wid ah horn tellin’ de passengers dat de helmsman had de full support ah de crew.

Take de man out de spotlight. An’ doh forget tuh take away he microphone too.

Ah eh know eef yuh does play All Fours nah Kamla, buh ah know dat plenty more eyes on you now.

Your move.

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