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I see this conversation, you?

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March 30, 2013 by Fensic

Anthony Thomas Aquinas Carmona.

Dat eh song like de name of ah savior? An’ me eh even Catholic. What would ah happen eef de new pope did take de name ‘Aquinas’? Look at bacchanal in de place.

Buh leh we tork about we Aquinas.

I did never see ah Trini presidential inauguration before so ah was excited when ah sit dong an’ start watchin’ dis one. We is ah lil USA oui. Man an’ woman wid dem lil ting in dey ears, trottin’ next tuh heavily tinted black cars. Ah hope wasn’t no iPod dey had underneath dey clothes an’ dey was listenin’ to Winsford Devine masterpieces, Ah watchin’ dem army fellas an’ gyals marchin’, lookin’ good although it had ah few who wasn’t swingin’ dey arms high enough tuh suit me. Buh ah being picky ah know.

Den de new president give he speech. Lord fadder. De man come out de gates blastin’, not in ah bad way, just ah unexpected way. De best part was when he say he eh have powers dat people tink he have. Den, while everybody who disappointed tuh hear dat startin’ tuh cheups, he say in a lil different voice dat powers yuh eh tink he have, he have.

Yuh see dat? Dat tuh me is how gun tork supposed tuh wuk. Yuh just hint at tings an’ leave de udder side wonderin’ what yuh meanin’ an’ eef dey should take ah chance tuh find out. Dem politicians have totally ruined ah treasured art form. Steups.

Anyway, while he givin’ he speech, I dey lookin’ fuh reaction. De TV camera eh pannin’ de crowd good enough fuh mih tuh see who bottom squirmin’ in it seat, so ah readin’ de real-time Facebook comments.

Lord it eh playin’ it have plenty frustrated constitutionalist lawyers in Triniland nah.

Is one set ah, ‘he eh have no power. He cyar do nuttin. Look at Max, he had any power?

Of course it had de udder side, one set ah know-it-all scholars, disguised as ordinary people saying, ….‘dat is one set ah dotishness. He goin’ an’ change T&T’.

Me eh frustrated or ah scholar, so I goin’ wid what de man who was ah judge in de Hague say.

Anyway was larse week ah tink dat dis tape fall in mih lap. Curious ah watch it den ah rush tuh transcribe it so ah could post it here.

Close yuh eye when yuh read it an’ tell mih yuh eh see dis happen.

He was standing by de window in de upstairs library in he new old home. De digs was nice buh he would ah prefer de new house or de renovated house or whatever de arse house he was supposed tuh get. Buh he knew in Triniland promises made tuhday, eef dey ever come true, could take years. He smiled. He hope dey replay he speech cause he promises was goin’ an’ happen right away. He was goin’ an’ surprise dey baxide.

He hear ah sound outside an’ he look out de window. Ah black car wheeled into de driveway, several more followed. He notice de license plate on de second car, ‘PM 1’.

All de doors ah de first car fling open. He immediately notice de cute woman in de pants suit. She an’ de udders, all men, jog back tuh de second car on both sides. One ah dem open de door. ‘Boy dem fellas does be serious’, he said tuh heself as he break away from by de window an’ headed dong stairs tuh greet he guest.

His aide-de-camp quickly fell in next tuh him. ‘Ah guess he go be followin’ mih wherever ah go from now orn’, he tort tuh heself.

By de time he reach dong de steps, de butler did have de front door open. In de doorway was dem burly fellas. It only had ah small space leave. Dat is de space she walk through.

He rush towards she, he arms open wide.

‘Kamla!’ how yuh goin’? Nice tuh see yuh’.

She start walkin’ faster tuh meet him wid she own arms open. Dey meet in de middle an’ hugged politely.

‘How yuh doin’ Antony? How yuh like de place? Dey treatin’ yuh alright?’

‘De place okay fuh now an’ everybody treatin’ mih good. Ah still gettin’ used tuh all de people doin’ tings fuh mih dat I could do mihself. Doh worry doh, ah go get used tuh dat real quick. Check mih back next week’.

De both ah dem laugh.

‘So yuh in de neighborhood, or yuh come tuh visit?

‘Well Antony, since you is de fuss president inaugurated on mih watch, ah had tuh come an’ look fuh yuh.

‘Tanks Kamla. Dat nice. Yuh real kind yuh know.’

‘It have ah next reason ah stop by doh.’

He eyes scan she face.

‘What yuh want tuh drink?’ he asked as he eyes darted arong looking fuh he butler.

Kamla paused. Dat one cyatch she orf guard. ‘Hmmm, yuh have any any…….’

‘Bring Kamla some black tea.’

He looked back at Kamla. ‘Yuh want any lemon in it?’

‘Yes, lemon good.’

‘Wid lemon!’, he call back out. ‘So what is dis udder reason yuh visitin’?’

‘It eh nutten big nah. Ah just wanted yuh know tuh know ah go droppin’ orf de bill dat just geh parse givin’ de Regiment police power. Ah want yuh tuh sign it.’

‘Yuh know ah have tuh read it first an’ ask questions right’?

‘Questions? What kind ah questions? Max didn’t use tuh ask no question.’

‘I not no Max.’

‘What yuh meaning?’

‘People used tuh come in my court claimin’ dey eh responsible fuh someting cause dey eh read it good. Ah did call dem dotish an’ find dem guilty. Yuh want me tuh call mihself dotish an’ find mihself guilty?’

‘Oh gorm Antoneeeeah. What kind ah question is dat? De bill get read plenty times. What in it dat you go see now dat Jack an’ Anand eh see?’

‘How ah go know until ah read it? Besides, what was in Section 34 dat de same Anand an’ Herbert eh see?’

Kamla squirmed an’ give ah skin teet smile.

De president pressed home he advantage. ‘We see which part dat went, ent?’

‘Ah know yuh was goin’ an’ say dat. So let mih ask yuh dis. Is every bill dat yuh go be doing dis wid?’

The butler walked een de room an’ put dong two cups an’ pour steaming tea into each from ah kettle.

Kamla waited until she cup get filled. She add de lemon. She raised de cup tuh she head an’ sip.

‘Aaaahhh! Dat tea good. Exactly what ah needed tuh drink.’

He nodded in agreement den went right back tuh answer she question.

‘Kamla? Max sign de Gang legislation, ent?’

De Prime Minister notice he voice change when he say de word ‘gang.’

‘Yuh really eh like dat word eh Antony?’

‘ Nah. Not when it gettin’ used tuh marginalize people.’

‘Yes, Max sign it.’

‘What happen after?’

Kamla wasn’t used tuh all dis squirmin’. ‘De gan…. hoolig….bad joh…. de young men de police arrest get released an’ de bill had tuh get tweeked. Yuh happy?’

‘How dat go make me happy? All I sayin’ is, I is ah lawyer an’ I could find tings in ah law udder people miss, or udderwise.’ He look she in she eye.

She look back at he. She wasn’t sure what he did mean by dat ‘or udderwise’ part or eef tuh find out. She try tuh study back who it was dat pick he? She smile.

‘Yuh right on dat Anthony. Yuh dead right. Buh yuh know, it go have people in government who go say yuh doing dis because yuh on de udder side?’

‘What side is dat? I on de side ah Trinidad an’ Tobago. De question is who on dat side wid me? Remember mih speech?’

Kamla sipped she tea real slow like eef it just get hotter.

‘So who yuh want tuh tork wid before yuh sign de bill? Better yet, since you not Max, what is yuh process? Wid Max we would stop by wid ah bill, he ask what in it, we tell him it tuh fight crime or whatever, an’ he sign.’

‘I not no Max.’

Flustered, Kamla momentarily lose she cool.

‘I eh just say dat Antony? Steups.’

He smiled.

‘Just drop orf de bill an’ give mih ah few days. I go call yuh when ah ready tuh ask mih questions. Once ah happy, ah signin’ it in two twos.’

Kamla finshed she tea in silence. Max was definitely easier tuh wuk wid, she tort.

‘I guess that takes care of your stoppin’ by. I tink we go have ah good workin’ relationship. You eh tink so too?’

There was a pained look on Kamla brow. ‘Yes, ah hope so.’

‘You know what? While yuh here, it have some udder tings ah go be doin’ different dan Max. Yuh want tuh tork about dem now?’

Kamla rushed tuh get up.

‘Nah, not now. Ah have ah appointment wid mih cabinet dat ah just remember. We could tork next time?’

‘Sure Kamla, next time go be good.’

De president get up too an’ closed de gap between he an’ de prime minister. He kiss she cheek wid he cheek.

She headed for de door again filled by dem burly men leavin’ de small space just big enough fuh she tuh parse through.

Yuh en tink dat (go) happen?

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