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Bimshire, we on we way!

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March 9, 2013 by Fensic

Okay. Is long enough since ah say ah was goin’ an’ do dis, so is time. Ah goin’ an’ check out dem Bajans in Barbados. Who comin’? Everybody who went wid mih tuh Guyana had better jump on dis plane before it leave an’ let we go tuh Little England, Bimshire, de land ah de flyin’ fish.

Somebody askin’ eef it have time tuh stop at all dem places an’ Barbados too? Steups. Barbados is Lil England, Bimshire an’ de land ah de flyin’ fish. Doh fuhget cou-cou too.

I know it mainly fuh de cou-cou an’ flyin’ fish which I eh tink ah ever eat, buh ah good cou-cou? Wid okra? Man dat is good food.

Bimshire an’ Bim must be what people from outside de Caribbean does call Barbados. As fuh Little England, mih guess is dat name is because is only de English flag dat ever fly over de country. De queen still dey head ah state. It eh only dem dat does still do dis queen ting, dey does still do it in mih next stop, Jamaica. Both ah dem does make stabs, actually lil jooks, at changin’ dat, buh I eh tink dey go be successful until everybody who was alive before independence, dead an’ gorn. Eef dey try an’ geh rid ah de queen as de Bajan head ah state now, it go have fight.

Barbados tiny. Eef ah Caribbean island callin’ ah next island tiny den yuh know it small. When de plane yuh orn flyin’ into Grantley Adams airport, yuh does have tuh trust dat de pilot eh go miss an’ land in de sea. Ah eh know how big Port of Spain is, buh almost all dem Bajans could hold in tong eef yuh add in St. James, Belmont, Woodbrook, Laventille an’ St. Clair. It only have like 285, 000 Bajans living in Barbados. De rest living in Trinidad. Okay, dat is ah joke.

Barbadoes had ah big election in February. Eef yuh eh hear nuttin about it is because dat is how dey stop in Barbados, dey low key. Dey doh gallery like Trinis so everyting not a bacchanal wid dem. Anyway de party dat was in charge, de DLP, nah not dat ‘DLP’, win 16 ah de 30 seats an’ de opposition, de BLP, win de udder 14. Imagine ah party win ah election by one seat an’ it eh have no fightin’ or no big set ah gun tork. At least me eh see or hear none.

Ah guess Rihanna is currently de most famous Bajan? From what ah does read, Bajans between ah rock an’ ah hard place when it come tuh she. Dey like de fact dat she is ah big time American pop star an’ is Bajan. One de udder hand, dey eh too like de image she does project. Bajans strongly religious so dey must be prayin’ real hard she eh goin’ straight tuh hell fuh de tings she does say an’ do even eef de rest ah we eh seein’ nuttin all dat bard. I tink she is ah damn fool fuh goin’ back wid dat Chris Brown fella who beat she up de time. She torkin’ like ah truly battered woman, saying dey is adults now. Ah wish she luck an’ hope dat in she case she abuser eh go continue tuh smack she arong.

De more ah did read about Barbados while preparin’ tuh write dis, de more I eh know eef ah like dem nah. Ah sayin’ dat from ah subjective Trini perspective. Is everyting dey better den Trinis in, except bacchanal? Dey does boast dat everyplace in dey country have pipe water, like dat is anyting tuh brag bout when yuh country so small.

Dem an’ Jamaica had ah run in 2011. Barbados doh let yuh bounce in dey country just because you is part ah CARICOM. Yuh does have tuh prove yuh eh go be ah burden on dem. Well ah Jamaican woman name Shanique Myrie couldn’t prove dat in March dat year. She tell de Jamaican press dey treat she bard at de Bajan airport even accusin’ de authorities of someting call, ‘finger rape’. Use yuh imagination on dat. She say after dey violate she, is back tuh Jamaica dey send she. Well tork about commesse she story cause. I tort Jamaica was goin’ an’ fight Barbados oui. Dem Bajans eh take dem Yardies orn. So lawsuit geh file accusin’ Barbados ah discrimination an’ ting. De case goin’ orn right now in de Caribbean Court ah Justice. Jamaica have lawyer, Barbados have lawyer, de woman have lawyer, everybody have lawyer. Like de CCJ does move arong cause right now it in Jamaica hearin’ evidence. It orf tuh Barbados next, den tuh Triniland where de court have it HQ. De verdict go come from dey. Widout digressin’ too much, dis case go do more dan say eef Shanique win. It go impact de standin’ ah de CCJ cause not all dem udder countries in favor of it, Jamaica being one. Barbados and Guyana already agree fuh it tuh be dey final court of appeals.

When ah people believe ah next set ah people could give dem better justice dan dey could give deyself, den yuh know tings bleak. De case go also say someting about de free movement of people from one CARICOM country tuh ah next one. Enough strayin’.

Before de ting wid de finger, dem Bajans went an’ had ah crack dong on illegals in ah policy dey call, ‘Barbados First’. Dey zero in on de Guyanese one time. Dey even help some ah dem pack dey grip up an’ send man an’ grip back home. Well de Guyanese in Guyana was righteously indignant. Is like dey didn’t want nobody deportin’ illegals Guyanese from dey country. Ah make sure an’ only read de stories an’ keep mih mout shut.

De two events tied as dey showin’ how fractured de Caribbean continues tuh be. It comin’ out now in Shanique case dat more Jamaicans an’ Guyanese get prevented from enterin’ Barbados dan people from any udder Caribbean country. Is couple thousand Guyanese an’ almost as much Jamaicans dat geh run back home in de parse seven years or so. In de same time period is less dan 200 Trinis dem Bajans ever tell, ‘nah, nah allyuh Trinis does only come here tuh take we man an’ sell drugs, take allyuh baxide an’ go find allyuh home’.

Ah sure part ah de reason fuh dat is because none ah dem udder countries eh have as close ties as Barbados an’ Triniland. Besides, Trinis does have dey papers in order when dey go Barbados. I eh tink no Trini ever try tuh go in Barbados an’ tell de immigration people dat dey stayin’ wid somebody dey just meet on de Internet or dat dey stayin’ fuh ah festival dat eh go eh happenin’ until after dey say dey leavin’ de country. One ah de Jamaicans wid Shanique did tell de immigration officer in Barbados dem tings. Eef nuttin else, Trinis smarter dan dat, ent?

We get away wid dem Bajans doh. At least Manning did. Dey wanted tuh cyatch flying fish orf Tobago tuh go wid dey cou-cou. Manning tell dem doh try dat, tuh try bake an’ shark instead. He was serious too as he nearly put Triniland on ah war footin’ tuh do what, sink four Bajan boats?

Someting I didn’t know about Barbados is dat it play ah big hand in de foundin’ of South Carolina. White Bajans doh hide in Barbados. Dey consider deyself as Bajan as anybody else an’ dey have dey history tuh prove it, especially how it say de first slaves in Barbados was white. Dat change of course an’ soon de country was kickin’ ass as de top slave trade an’ sugar producin’ colony. Whites start rushin’ dong dey fuh part ah de action. Buh wid de country being so small, it eh had no place fuh dem so dey look fuh ah next colony. Is dem who found South Carolina oui an’ start de Bajan slave trade model dey. De two places was so tight dat of de first 21 governors South Carolina had, seven ah dem had strong strong Bajan roots. I did never learn any ah dat in school, buh ask mih about what problems Alexander de second faced when he became de Tsar ah Russia in 1855.

‘Barbados Belong Tuh Trinidad’. Yuh ever hear dat calypso? It ole, like since 1999. Larse week ah went an’ mention how T&T companies own plenty ting in Barbados tuh dese very close Bajans ah know. Man, eef yuh was only dey tuh see how dem people eye geh big an’ dey voice get shrill. Ah had tuh back back into ah corner an’ tell dem ah sorry fuh bringin’ dat up cause dey frighten me oui. Eef dey reflective ah Bajans den all ah Barbados vex dat Trinis own business dey. Again I eh want tuh go orf de topic buh it eh only dem Bajans who feel dat way. Eef yuh arong Jamaicans an’ fuh some reason yuh happen tuh say, ‘Caribbean Airlines’, run. Dat is all ah go say. Let mih say it again, harder, RUN.

I goin’ an’ run now an’ see eef dem Bajans still like mih an’ go still give mih good Bajan food. I eh say nuttin bard here right? If dey want, I go even list de places ah get mih information from besides mih head.

Allyuh could look arong Bim until ah ready fuh Jamaica.


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