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Dis larse week, how Trinis does do it?

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March 2, 2013 by Fensic

Dis larse week? Wow.

Yuh had tuh have lived dis larse week in Triniland tuh even come close tuh describin’ all dat went orn. As somebody who doh qualify, it could be dat what I feelin’ about dis larse week, dem eh feelin’ as dey numb tuh all ah it by now. Is like when you go tuh de dentist an’ he jook yuh wid de needle an’ numb yuh mout. When he start drillin’, udders does only see an’ hear an’ start wonderin’ how yuh managin’ tuh stay in yuh chair. Dat eh exactly how I feel about de week in T&T, buh is de closest ah go get.

How Trinis could get used tuh ah week like dis larse week? It must be plenty Novocain dat gettin’ used buh not just on teet, buh de whole psyche ah Trinbagonians. It must be in de water WASA does provide an’ de air once it come over de Nordan Range. Is in dat context I in awe, no make dat fear. No, not fear, try surprise, nah not dat eider. Ah goin’ wid disbelief fuh now. I in disbelief.

Me an’ ah pardnah was torkin’. He say he eh know eef he could take plenty more Trini news. He say he might go back tuh not knowin’ what was happenin’. Ah hear he oui. Sometimes, like now, de news does be so constantly bard an’ so scary dat ah does fraid tuh peep in de papers. Buh ah cyar do what mih pardnah threatenin’ tuh do. Dong dey is home an’ home have family. Buh ah hearin’ what he sayin’.

Dis larse week eh start orf too good nah. Larse week, ah did tork about how life cheap in T&T. Next ting dis week, ah readin’ about ah man losin’ control ah he car an’ mowin’ dong six people, wid four dead, includin’ ah young mudder an’ she two chirren. Nobody else car eh touch he car an’ he lorse control? Just so? Ah look at de car. De ting mash up mash up. Ah wonderin’, how farse he was goin’ boy? An’ wait! He is ah police too? He had alcohol in de car like people was claimin’? Ah listen tuh all de reports an’ ah watch de frustration ah de people an’ de response ah de authorities tuh dat frustration.

Ah have no doubt now dat life cheap in T&T. Absolutely. No doubt. Whatsoever.

Ah listen tuh de politicians dis week. Note tuh self: Dis is one area tuh follow yuh pardnah on.

Ah hear, what she name, Member ah Parliament fuh PoS South, Marlene McDonald, say dat de people had been ‘agitatin’ fuh ah walkover fuh ‘years’ now. How many ah dem years she party was in power, she eh say. Ah wonderin’, since de policeman car bounce de people while dey was on de side walk, how ah walkover would ah help?

Ah listen tuh ah next politician in Parliament sayin’ when she watch what de police an’ dem was wearin’, it remind she ah police in countries dat at war.

Newflash Miss Dotish-Arse party-servin’ politician: T&T is at war! It at war wid itself. Me? Right now ah have orn ah sweater an’ jeans. What dat remind she of?

While de udder side winnin’ de war, allyuh dey torkin’ nonsense!  How de arse yuh want riot police tuh dress? I tort de issue was eef de police should ah fire rubber bullets an’ fire tear gas.

Eef ah army did invade T&T an’ was killin’ people at de same rate people gettin’ kill now, tell me de govahment wouldn’t ah responded. De time de Bajans did threaten tuh fish in T&T waters, remember what de govahment do? Manning an’ dem was ready tuh bomb Bajan boat oui. Buh now, since is Trinis killin’ Trinis, de govahment like it paralyze. All ah dem mout wukkin’ good doh.

De day dat de newspapers had de article announcin’ de govahment goin’ back tuh de one ting it know – joint patrols, it had ah next article. Ah remember what de headline say cause ah tort de whole ting was ironic. Dat headline was sayin’ dat de PSC was admittin’ dat all past crime plans failed. Joint patrols have been at de heart ah crime fightin’ fuh years now. Crime go up in ah area, joint patrols move in. Crime go back dong, de patrols gorn too. Now me eh sayin’ doh have dem patrols. But dey have tuh be part of ah package ah actions. Dey cyar be all dat yuh know how tuh do. Even ah coward like me eh mind being ah criminal eef dat is de case.

De same politician who tork bout countries at war, say she hope people in different areas eh go get different police responses. Ah wonder eef she meanin’ Laventille? De police fire tear gas an’ rubber bullets at dem angry people in Sea Lots buh doh do Laventillians nuttin when dey openly breakin’ de law by bunnin’ tyre in de roads.

How Trinis managin’ tuh live wid all dis?

Ah eh playin’ dumb on dis one eh. How Kamla could be in charge ah anyting havin’ tuh do wid regional security when she an’ she people eh have no idea, no strategy, no long terms plans on how tuh attack de murders in T&T? Is only my head shakin’ in wonderment?

De scary part, okay de part dat more scary dan de rest in all ah dis, is dat de murders gettin’ more an’ more brutal. How many people de police arrest fuh de what 80 murders it have so far in 2013? I guessin’ 20, an’ ah being optimistically generous.

So eef yuh eh solvin’ murders, exactly what yuh doin’?

Yuh know what mih same pardnah say? He eh care eef is de Flyin’ Squad, de Ton Ton Macoute, extra-judicial killin’, just STOP de murders. Once yuh stop dem, den worry about how tuh stop what yuh used tuh stop de murders. Ordinarily I wouldn’t agree wid dat kind ah logic buh as de days go by, it gettin’ more appealin’ as ah stratedy. Kamla say yuh cyar break de law tuh cyatch people breakin’ de law. Dat have de air of Sunday evenin’ drinkin’ tea an’ chattin’ about tings dat doh really affect your own life. When yuh dey drinkin’ tea an’ torkin’, dem tings are good ideals tuh practice. Buh when is your own tail in trouble, is ah next story. Right now is de collective baxide ah all de people ah T&T dat in de sling, so de time fuh dat Sunday evenin’ social parse an’ gorn. I all fuh cuttin’ corners oui.

Lord how de people ah T&T puttin’ up wid all dis?

Is comedy in de face ah tragedy. Yuh have tuh look at it dat way because eef yuh eh do dat, den hearin’ what some people sayin’ go leave yuh bawlin’.

Ah mean de udder day it geh announce dat T&T losin’ millions because ah crime. Dat eh news, I eh tink. Buh den what does de Minister ah what, Tourism come out an’ say? T&T need tuh attract 500,000 arrivals dis year! Me eh understand nah. Who go be dem people? Certainly not de tourists who geh assaulted in de Savannah Carnival Tuesday. It eh go be none ah dey friends either, ah sure ah dat. Is only now de police arrest anybody even doh it have videotape ah de crime. So Mr. Cadiz? Yuh have de highest level of security fuh Carnival, except if it was dong Tetron Barracks, an’ people still geh assaulted bold face. What security yuh offerin’ dese 500,000 arrivals dat yuh want tuh attract? Jack tellin’ dem crime dong eh go wuk nah. Dat kind ah nonsense is fuh local consumption although me eh tink any Trins swallowin’ dat. Besides, de new word ah hearin’ is ‘spiked’. Kamla say dat is what murders do, dey spike. From 5 tuh 10 in ah month is ah spike. What 15 or however many it was in ah WEEK, eh no friggin spike nah. Is like everybody in power only nibblin’ arong de edges, dey fraid tuh call it as it is – Murders in T&T OUT AH CONTROL! De police cyar stop dem, dey eh even solvin’ dem. De govahment out ah ideas. Full stop. Say dat an’ move orn from dey nah? Where to me eh know, cause now de police gettin’ bold and sayin’ dey eh have nuttin else, dey try everyting dey know.

One larse ting ah go mention an’ den ah have tuh stop. Ah doh like beatin’ ah dead horse buh it have tuh stop movin’ an’ stay dead fuh mih tuh stop, it look like.

Jack Warner gardener geh murdered. Jack come out an’ say he tink is probably because de criminals tort he was ah informer since Jack is de Minister ah National Security. I eh tink anybody would disagree wid dat assumption. Buh it gets better. While Jack sayin’ dat, de police askin’ people tuh come forward wid information tuh help dem solve murders.

Eef dis level of madness continues, I eh know nah, ah might just have tuh follow mih pardnah an’ blank de T&T news.

Buh ah cyar do dat. Dat is home an’ home have family. Give me de Novacain Trinis gettin’ in dey water an’ dey air.

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