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I eh have nuttin dis week it look like

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February 9, 2013 by Fensic

Mih head empty dis week. No real idea yet what tuh cry about here.

De cupboard empty, mih fridge only have milk an’ pepper sauce. Tings looking bleak fuh so.

Is not like it eh have nuttin goin’ orn in T&T, buh after ah while ah does ask mihself, why bodder beatin’ de same damn dead horse an’ dem?

How much time ah go write about Jack W.? So what eef he dey makin’ statements like he is de spokesperson fuh de govahment or like he is de govahment? So what eef Kamla feel brave enough tuh respond tuh he larse bit ah chupidness? ‘Larse’ as in what he say Wednesday or Thursday, not ‘larse’ as in de larse time he open he mout. As ah was askin’, so what eef Kamla say dem comments eh represent what she govahment tink? Dat go stop he?

Why I want tuh keep beatin’ dis dead horse den?

It had de story dat de opposition an’ de govahment sit dong an’ tork fuh ah hour an’ get back up an’ nobody eh bard torkin’ no body. Ah watch Rowley tork about how each side understand de udder side better now. Ah go wait an’ see how long dat larse before ah comment on it. Before dey did sit dong an’ tork, Jack did done say he ‘govahment’ go do what it want since de opposition cyar stop it. Nah, dat eh why he get calpet from Kamla. Was ah next ting he went an’ say after dat.

So it eh really had nuttin different goin’ orn dey tuh cry about here.

It did have real news during de week doh. De big announcement was about who de PP pick tuh be de next Max, president nah. Kamla announce is Anthony Thomas Aquinas Carmona. Wid ah name like dat, he parents was expectin’ he tuh do great tings. Ah sure he get one set ah tap in school fuh dat name doh. Buh he parents win out because he reach far. Quite tuh de Hague where he was ah judge in de International Criminal Court. He was lucky tuh be de second Trini tuh reach dey. When Kamla announce he name, was cheers all arong. Even de opposition eh fight it although ah tink dey did pour ah lil pitch-oil on de grong tuh see if it would ah cyatch anyting on fire. Dey write ah letter askin’ about de constitution. Someting about it sayin’ dat de president elect had tuh be ah resident ah T&T fuh de prior 10 years, unless he out de country on govahment business. Doh quote mih on dat, buh is someting close. When I went an’ read up about de Hague appointment, is de govahment self dat move tings fuh he tuh get de job. He was de selection fuh de region. So it eh had no issue dey. When de opposition see no fire eh cyatch, dey say dey eh had no plans tuh challenge de man nomination. Dat right dey kill all bacchanal. Eef Rowley tell he supports hush, is hush dey does hush dey mout. Dat is not how it does wuk inside de PP. Dem ministers does be torkin’ dey head orf an’ Kamla doh say nuttin. Den when she tap up one, tellin’ he dat he gorn too far, he does just cheups an’ keep orn goin’.

How any ah dat different dan normal? Dat is annuder dead horse so it mean ah still scruntin’ fuh ah topic.

All dem carnival competition finals goin’ orn cause dis is Carnival Saturday. Pink Panta win Calypso Monarch. In de International Soca Monarch, Machel tie SuperBlue. Or is it SuperBlue dat tie Machel? Whoever tie who, is de two ah dem dat tie up. Leh mih doh forget about de Chutney Soca Monarch competition as dat have ah monarch too. Raymond Ramnarine win dat one. Monarchs all over de place. Ah glad fuh all ah dem. In de days when it did only have one kaiso competition an’ de winner was only ah ‘king’, de money was small. Is big money now dat gettin’ doled out. De onlyest ting ah eh like about dat is de govahment doing all de dolin’.

Shoot! Ah almost went an’ forget dat larse week ah give all de reasons why ah cyar tork about Carnival, so ah have tuh stop on dis now.

On de sports front, ah sure as hell eh want tuh tork about dem West Indian cricketers who gorn all de way tuh Australia tuh poop all over de people cricket grounds. No blasted manners at all. How de arse 11 big hard-back men could get out fuh 70 runs? Dis really not ah good topic fuh mih nah. Mih diastolic blood pressure gorn an’ get higher dan 70 already. Steups oui.

On de football front, ah see de Soca Warriors get yawn, beat by Peru. Sorry but ah had tuh stifle ah yawn in de middle at dat surprisin’ news. Not even when was mih mudder dishin’ out cut arse tuh me did ah tink it was ah good ting. Buh dem football people sayin’ dat cut arse was a good start. De expresson, ‘bottom ah de barrel’, must have someting tuh do wid dat idea. Still, ah goin’ an’ lower mih expectations ah mihself so low dat afterwards all ah have tuh do is tink about something ah want tuh accomplish. Den ah could stop right dey an’ call dat ah good start, ah victory even. What sadder is dat one ah de co-coaches, yes, co-coaches, de Soca Warriors have co-coaches. Doh bodder tuh even ask as is ah long story an’ when it done, yuh go be like me, still not understandin’ why. Anyway, one ah de co-coaches say de team have tuh be hungrier eef it want tuh go further. Dat eh de saddest part. As soon as ah done read dat article, ah see ah next article where two ah de players who does ply dey trade in de English league as pros, say dat dey…………. guess what dey say nah? Dey say dey pleased wid de result or performance or some udder such dotish ting. Mediocrity is de new ideal.

Buh dat story eh wordy enough tuh be writin’ home about. Ah still searchin’, cyar find nuttin cause de whole place fog up.

Ah tink it have ah word call musin’. When yuh muse, yuh does be torkin’ tuh yuhself. Is several tings doh tuh avoid when yuh musin’: Doh have orn ole dutty clothes; doh need tuh bade cause yuh smellin’; doh be wonderin’ arong de streets musing too loud. Doh listen tuh me an’ is straight tuh St. Anns dey takin’ yuh oui. I in mih house, so it safe tuh muse lil bit.

Ah wonder eef dey decide yet tuh go ahead an’ change de police uniform. Ah hope dey teach dem police how tuh wear dey new uniform good yes.

Ah read ah man an’ he three sons just geh kill. De police call it ah warnin’ tuh de family member de killers was lookin’ for. Imagine, is 44 murders already. Wow. When is de larse time anybody geh arrested fuh ah murder in Triniland ah wonderin’? Okay, dat unfair. When ah family member kill ah next family member an’ dey eh run after, de police does arrest dem. Udder dan dat, dey really doh cyatch no suspects nah. All dey have time tuh do is write dong de particulars at ah murder scene, an’ move orn tuh de next scene tuh do de same ting. Dat eh because dey does write slow eh.

Ah notice dat one ah dem English senior police officers dat Jamaica did have in dey police force, gorn back tuh England an’ start blastin’ de Jamaican police mentality an’ capabilities. Right away dat remind mih ah Gibbs an’ dat udder Canadian wid de Polish name, oh yeah, Ewatski. Ah hope each writin’ ah book about dey TTPS experience. When ah buy mines, is straight tuh de chapters on de minister ah national security ah goin’.

Ah see de TOP head in Tobago, de fellah who orchestrate he party gettin’ white wash by de PNM, decide he eh go resign although he done put in de paperwork. Dat is all ah go muse on dat one.

Boy! Ah cyar believe how tight tings is, ah cyar even muse good.

Ah should send congratulations tuh de West Indian cricketers. No not dem men, de ladies team. Dey go come out ah dey tour smellin’ like roses, as long as dey stay away from dem stinkin’ men.

Dat is it ah guess. So much happenin’ in Triniland an’ ah cyar find nuttin tuh latch orn to.

Ah refuse tuh tork about de ex Flyin’ Squad police officer who sit dong wid de newspapers an’ tell de world dat de Flyin’ Squad back. Not only dat, buh he say he payin’ fuh ting out he own pocket. Not only dat, buh dat de country go be amazed at what goin’ orn wid de fellah who lie on he CV. Not only dat, buh he say when he rat did come wid information, he send him back tuh get more. Steups.

Since ah not torkin’ about any ah all dat, den is time fuh mih tuh go. Is obvious me eh have nuttin dis week.

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