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Tobago election, de spirit lash

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January 24, 2013 by Fensic

Dis one too hot, ah cyar wait.

Dat cut-arse was too comprehensive. It eh leave no skin on dey back. Even Guyana eh geh beat dis bard in de T20 cricket in de final on Sunday against T&T. Ah go have to back up lil bit doh before I could move forward wid mih torts.

Hindsight does give everybody perfect vision, albeit after de fact. So clear tings does get, dat even de blind can point some ah dem out. De arrogant doh benefit from hindsight cause while dey eh blind, dey cyar see, so nuttin doh change fuh dem. Will dis licks leave some people not benefitin’ from hindsight?

Okay, leh mih take dat step back an ask mih real question.

PNM: 14…….TOP…….TOP/PP…….PP/TOP…….P P……. Kamla: 0

Who honestly saw dis comin’?

PNM sycophants? Everybody who win does claim tuh see dey victory comin’ so doh raise allyuh hand up eh. Eef de numbers was reversed, is de PP would ah be dyin’ tuh raise dey hand.

So fuh real, who was watchin’ de landscape an’ readin’ de tea leaves so dey hear de rumblings of dis landslide?

Me eh see it comin’ nah an’ I does keep half ah eye open fuh tings tuh put in mih blog. Ah does like tuh take ah lil ting an’ see de ‘bigger picture’. Dis eh no lil ting an’ it have de biggest ‘bigger picture’ ah ever see.

We done know Kamla an’ dem was too self absorbed doin’ good fuh Tobago an’ couldn’t hear or see nuttin buh dey own clappin’. Rowley was hopin’, but me eh tink he eh see it comin’. Tuh be fair tuh he, ah tink he like everybody else was watchin’ de PP push de TOP aside an’ unintentionally make de election ah referendum about dem.

So eef nobody eh see it comin’, den de newspapers eh do dey job? Dey eh keep people informed? What about de polls dey mention late late?

Wid all dat, Is still only one question ah really askin’. Who see dis comin’?

No answer?

Ah sure know now dat it happen, everybody could analyze why it happen, buh me eh interested in dat right now.

Imagine all dem goodies Kamla had in she bag hopin’ dat ‘Bagonians wid tink is Santa wife. Pure politics. Dat have mih tinkin’ dat Tobagonians did see de landslide comin’. Dey just eh tell de PP tuh run before as den it wouldn’t ah have no landslide. Once it happen, den de PP run. Smart move.

All dem nonstop ads? Tuh me, C-TV re-arrange dey commercial breaks fuh dem. Sometimes dey was showin’ dem back tuh back. Tuh back. Tuh more back. Ah still wonderin’ how ah miss de ones dat de PNM side run.

It had dis one dat was so damn chupid an’ insultin’. Mih immediate tort was dat Ashforth should lorse de election just fuh dat dotishness. It start wid ah solemn quote from Martin Luther King followed by a solemn one from Nelson Mandela. Den was ah jokey quote from de world famous civil rights an’ apartheid foe, Ashforth Jack. Who de hell want dey civil rights or human rights quotes comin’ from he? What he have tuh say dat so important dat it have tuh be introduced by King an’ Mandela? He want tuh lime wid dem buh he cyar campaign widout Kamla? We know de answer tuh dem questions now, ent?

Dat ad tell we all dat was wrong wid de TOP campaign. Was naiveté, hypocrisy an’ arrogance all rolled into one. Not to be confused with de misplaced glory de party an’ its cohorts wrapped deyself in. Is dat what Tobagonians see an’ quietly rejected?

I recall Kamla an’ one of she ministers larse week an’ de land deed announcement. First govahment tuh do dat fuh Tobago, dey proclaimed. De way dey was carryin’ orn I tinkin’ is like thousands ah excited land owners dey was parsin’ out deeds to. Find out later was what, like 5 or 10 people dat get deeds. One, five, 10, thousands. Same ting? Time tuh pat yuhself on de back fuh dem lower numbers? Tobagonians didn’t tink so.

Tobagonians never like how de central govahment in Trinidad does treat dem. So when bold-faceness take over an’ dat govahment go over dey on dey soil promisin’ goodies? ‘Bagonians did more dan see dat 14 – 0 cut-arse comin. Dey went an’ cut dat tambran whip deyself.

At one time ah was tinkin’ is Ashforth who invite de PP. Now ah tink dey just tell he move, an’ dey take over.

Given de way de PP must be feelin’ all now, I eh tink Colm Imbert go give dem no more fatigue or criticize dem eef dey take one larse helicopter ride. It go have tuh be de whole cabinet. Dey go be headin’ dong south by Manning. He go hold court wid dem sittin’ on de groung lookin’ up at he. He go recount how he did feel when he get he own spirit lash. Fuh ah brief moment, in de middle ah all de bacchanal, it go have political unity. Manning eh go want dem tuh leave cause not even Rowley ask he how ah spirit lash does feel.

So eef nobody didn’t see dis lorse comin’ can anybody remember ah similar election in Tobago? De passion, de aspirations, de ads, de bullshit, de promises? Dat mega hit Lord Nelson did have, ‘De Liar’? Dis election had material fuh ah whole LP, or CD, from all dem promises alone.

How de PP go react to dis overwhelmin’ rejection?

Ah cyar tell de future, buh ah tink it have some key indicators of what dat future could hold. Kamla right, de Tobago people have spoken but is she party hearin’? She have tuh take charge. Start wid Jack Warner.

Like every mornin’ de man does wake up an’ study in he mind what tuh do tuh become ah bigger liability. Ah tink ah fair in givin’ he credit fuh being right in what he say when he geh ask him about de poll dat show PNM winnin’ 10 seats. He eh know how right he was when he dismiss dat number. Everyting else out he mout before an’ after dat was wrong. Buh dat is he style, nuttin unusual dey. He is de attack dorg fuh de party. He always dey runnin’ arong barkin’ at everyting he eh like buh unable tuh take ah bite out ah crime. He like dem TOP ads, cute in de beginin’ buh stale soon after.

Is time to act. Tobago show dat is about party preservation now an’ de general election just now. If Jack decide to use he position to be vindictive, den Kamla an’ de PP go sink faster dan dey already sinkin’. Put ah leash on de man. Retire he tuh Zurick as ambassador. It doh matter eef Zurick is way Sandy is. Co-coaches good enough fuh Triniland football, den co-ambassadors good too. I could write up ah lil ting praisin’ all de good Jack do fuh T&T. Kamla could read it on C-TV when she announce he new position. He could kick ball wid he FIFA friends.

Ah addin’ dis piece late. Jack just done analyze why de PNM win. ‘Tribal politics’ he say today. ‘TTP’ ah callin’ it. Tobago Tribal Politics. Doh dare confuse dat wid ‘TTP’, Trinidad Tribal Politics. Does he pronouncement mean dat he eh go have nuttin more tuh do wid de natives engaged in dat TTP?

No more digressin’. Ah promise.

Kamla need to take dem mirrors from she cabinet members. Dem people need tuh stop admirin’ deyself an’ all de work dey does be congratulatin’ deyself fuh doin’. Remember when dey was countin’ how much truckloads ah mud an’ debris dey remove after dat big flood in Digo larse year?

She go follow through wid all dem promises she float by Tobago nose now dat she vote buyin’ efforts failed? A wrong move on dat an’ de trap door go open an’ all fall dong.

Can she really work wid Orville London now dat he have ah mandate? She cyar continue tuh treat he like he wearin’ short pants. Dat eh go be good. Ah hope dat every time she hear he name or see he face she eh go break out into cold sweats. On ah side note, okay ah digressin’, buh still. Orville did always impress me. Ah admire how he does carry heself, how he does tork about issues widout gettin’ flustered, how he does respond tuh criticism.

Wid dis lorse, Kamla opposition emboldened. Dey go make de PP life ah living hell. How she go respond? She go think like Jack an’ make it easy fuh dem? De net an’ net of it is dat it go be harder tuh govern.

It just strike me. Dat entire party might be made up ah people who tink admittin’ defeat is ah sign of weakness. Dat should take dem as far as 2015.

At de end of de day, who eh want dis humiliation tuh wuk fuh de greater good? Politicians have to come better dan dey have been comin’ in de past.

Dey cyar approach de people widout clothes an’ tink dey dressed in dey finery. People go tell dem dey eh have nuttin orn. Like Tobago just do.

I puttin’ orn mih fire-proof clothes cause next election go be hot like fire an’ I want tuh see everythin’ dat comin’.

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