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How ah do, cricket done.

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January 21, 2013 by Fensic

Cricket Followup……….


What ah tell allyuh?

What ah say?

Okay, so it eh Jamaica de Red Force play.

Who went an’ tell dem Guyanese tuh take orn Gayle?

Dat was we job.

Buh naaaah, dey want tuh be in de final against we.

Ah cyar tell ah untruth doh, dey do ah great job, just like we would ah do.

We gracious, so all tuhgedder now: 1, 2, 3, – ‘tanks Guyana!’

Allyuh do we wuk fuh buh how allyuh go den go an’ run out ah steam?

Dat make kickin’ allyuh tail ah walk in de park.

116 runs tuh chase?

Chase dat lil bit?

Allyuh was jokin’ right?

117 runs tuh win?


How allyuh go give Pollard an’ dem less runs tuh make dan Gayle make by heself against allyuh?

De Bravos could make dat in dey sleep.

Buh de Trini captain, Ramdin, eh let dem do dat, he send in Pollard before dem.

Dat Beaton fellow?

He eh like Pollard or what?

He did bowl dis one over tuh Pollard where he spray de ball all over de place.

It had ah bouncer dat went fuh four byes, ah no ball an’ ah wide.

Dat is 6 byes right dey. He wanted tuh make de runs fuh we or what?

He good balls had Pollard in detention doh.

He eh leave it dey nah.

De two ah dem was exchangin’ what ah sure wasn’t tork about dey ole year’s midnight mass church service.

Den he went an’ take it ah step too far I tink.

He eh had no place else tuh walk headin’ back tuh he fieldin’ position?

He had tuh bounce into Pollard shoulder?

Pollard dey leaning on he bat when Beaton bounce him accidentally on purpose.

Good ting de big man only look at he an’ laugh oui.

Yuh see me? Me eh laughin’ nah.

It have certain tings dat does cause fight one time when dey happen.

An’ wuss yet, is ah cricket bat in mih hand? All mih drives go be straight back tuh de former bowler.

We team go be beatin’ your team buh I go be dishin’ out mih own personal licks.

Still, ah wonder eef de two ah dem could be on de same team next year when de new form ah de T20 start.

Dat would be nice cause dat fella could bowl.

Ah tink ah know he problem doh.

He was psychin’ heself up.

He was tellin’ heself, ‘Pollard? Steups I could out he easy. Eef I cyar do dat den I could keep he tail in school’.

In de end doh it eh matter nah. It didn’t have no stoppin’ de Red Force. No 116 cyar do dat. Whoever tink dat mad oui.

De game wasn’t as exciting as I feel ah Jamaica vs T&T game would ah be.

Dem dropped cyatches eh look good buh dey only point out how much better T&T was dan Guyana.

De fellas must be say, ‘doh study dem ball we eh cyatch. We go make it up ah next way’.

Den Pollard went an’ run out de same fella who balls geh drop.

Man, dat was ah throw, ent?


Direct hit ah de stumps.

Once was we turn tuh bat it eh look like Guyana was tryin’ too hard.

Dey must ah be sayin’, ‘why go an dutty up yuh clothes divin’ after dat ball? Dem Trinis just go hit de next one fuh four. Ah eh dive an’ ah could wear dese same clothes next match widout washin’ dem.

No body eh tell Johnson in slips. De man make ah fantastic cyatch tuh geh Lewis out.

Is dive de man dive tuh he left like ah goalie an’ fall wid de ball in he hand.

An’ ah cricket ball plenty smaller dan ah football.


Wasn’t fuh he, nobody would ah out an’ we openers was goin’ an’ make de 117 by deyself.

Ramdin did say before dat it didn’t make no difference eef dey face Jamaica or Guyana. Like he go say anyting different.

Buh in de end he was right.

Ah hope dem Guyanese eh feel too bard. If is only we and dem dat ever win dis tournament den dis licks eh go hurt fuh long.

Now is orn tuh de Championship League fuh de Red Force as de representatives ah de Caribbean.

Ah hope Beaton go be cheerin’ when Pollard go up tuh bat.

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