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Twelve days into de year an’ all dem pots boilin’ so quick?

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January 12, 2013 by Fensic

Oui Foote!


How ah go manage all dis?

Dat is what ah would say eef ah was ah new cook dat start on January 1st an’ all de pots on de stove start boilin’ de same time. Ah mean boilin’ away like crazy, wid plenty steam an’ ting yuh cyar even tell which pot is which. None ah dem lil, ‘plop, plop’ bubbles like in de middle ah de soup when it start tuh boil. What could be in dem pots boy?

Well it have de Sandy fella in Tobago torkin’ about Calcutta an’ who go be in Tobago eef he party lorse de election. It have de actin’ CoP saying, ‘come, bring dem’, tuh de suggestion by Warner dat soldiers gettin’ police powers. It have de justice minister sayin’ de country have enough pathologist while de health minister backin’ back from he claim dat is only one it have. Den it have Kamla an’ dem engagin’ in brilliant, (or is it shameless?), politickin’ while Rowley blue in de face, he so vex. It have ah next pot in de back dat even me forget was dey. Dat is de Brain Lara Stadium. Dat eh part of ah next bigger pot, de Tarouba Complex?

Buh wait!

Wid all de steam blowin’, me eh seein’ no pot involvin’ mih boy JW. Hold orn, leh mih fan ’way some ah all dis steam cause dat cyar be right.

Okay ah done fan.

He eh have nuttin on de stove. Dat mean he getting’ ah parse. Ah have endless faith in he so ah expect him tuh be comin’ just now. Watch he alone take over de whole stove.

Ah parse doh mean dat ah ignorin’ dem statistics he rattle orf in Parliament de udder day. Wid all dem numbers he was tellin’ people who have bandit gun in de face; who watchin’ helplessly dey car geh tief; who does impose curfew on deyself as soon as it getting’ dark; who does fall tuh de floor, coverin’ dey chirren when shots start firin’ in de night, is all dem people Jack was tellin’ dat crime dong, dat dey ‘safer’.

Still, ah parse is ah parse.

Let mih keep goin’ wid all dese pots in de meantime.

Ah does do mih own lil cookin’ now an’ den eh. When yuh see ah have two pot boilin’ on mih stove, ah does start spinnin’ rong like ah top. Ah wonderin’ which pot tuh concentrate on fuss, so confused ah does be. Ah does end up goin’ tuh mih phone. De Chinese restaurant dong de road does be waitin’. After Sandy in ‘bago, ah could say dat in public? After all, I does be callin’ dem not tuh takeover, buh tuh bring food.

Every now an’ den, ah does find mihself havin’ tuh describe T&T tuh people who only know one udder Caribbean country. Part ah what ah does tell dem is dat Trinis is de most politically incorrect people it have. Ah does say when it come tuh race relations, while de place openly politically incorrect, ah puttin’ it up against anybody else place.

Trinis know how tuh tork racial tork buh dat is as far as it does go. Does dat mean is racism or just insensitivity? Is ah kind ah hard ting tuh explain. Ah have friends who growin’ up, was on de wrong end ah fatigue dat really hurt. Tuh dis day dey still bitter. Buh ah eh tink Trinis as ah whole know what racism really is, we just like tuh believe we in ting.

It all part ah what de great Brudder Valentino say when he sing dat life is a stage an’ we are de actors. We does play we parts well. Ah sure de rest ah de world doh understand how we does do it. De ‘it’? Dat is we only torkin’ like ah duck buh widout walkin’ an’ quackin’ like one. We versatile. We torkin’ part tuhday different from we torkin’ part yesterday an’ tomorrow.

Take de esteemed current minister ah education. Remember he torkin’ part when de UNC was de opposition? Let we call dat he, ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ part. He demean what ethnic cleansin’ really about. Like ah say, we have tuh be in ting too. Buh dat was he part tuh say. Tuhday, whenever I listen tuh he say anyting, is dem comments ah does always hear. Sorry Dr. Tim, buh dis is my part tuh say.

So now we have dis clong Sandy an’ he tork about boat in Calcutta headin’ Tobago eef de voters vote wrong. Ah like he ‘apology’. He eh put it exactly like dis buh he say he sorry if it had people who get upset by what he say. Dat eh de same as he sayin’, “… allyuh? Ah sorry fuh sayin’ what ah say”. Buh dem eh he lines.

Who eh jump een dis controversy yet? Ah hope dey not forgettin’ dey part tuh say. De great Maha Subha had de line dat had mih wutless pardner rollin’ on de grong wid laugh. What eef ah Indian candidate in ah election did tork about ah boat comin’ from de Congo, de Maha Sabha ask. Hear nah, de level ah comedy an’ feigned anger is priceless oui. As long as everybody stay in character an’ remember is only ah torkin’ movie dey in an’ not ah action one.

Dat pot ah done wid.

Ah guess I ah mustn’t be tired askin’ dis question as ah goin’ an’ ask it again: What wrong wid some people? Ah lookin’ de actin’ CoP dead in he eye on dis one. Why he sayin’ is ah good idea tuh give soldiers power tuh be police? Yes, ah tink crime would drop like ah rock eef was de army in charge. Dis idea not dat doh, it only dotish. It not even ah damn new idea. Remember Martin Joseph? Ah tink all dey go get eef dey make soldiers police is one set ah policin’ soldiers wid attitudes. Not because dey bad or nuttin buh because dey eh trained tuh take shit from nobody. Dey trained tuh just kill dey arse. Why dey eh just finish train dem SRPs and make dem full police? Who go be vex wid dat? Not de SRPs who want tuh be police, not de police who need more help, not dem soldiers who eh want tuh be no police.

Dis one pot go be boilin’ over just now oui.

So, de new justice minister jump in de fray about dem pathologists? She say it have more dan enough in T&T an’ dey competent. Meanwhile, dat udder minister backin’ back full speed from he own statement. Who clueless? De choices? De minister ah health or de minister ah justice. Shouldn’t de two ah dem be on de same page when it come tuh crime? What people supposed tuh do when dat not happenin’?

Here is where ah want tuh paint mih bigger picture.

Just like dem two ministers eh linin’ up, is de same way I tink de newspapers an’ de pathologists eh linin’ up tuh do dey jobs. Dem jobs vital. De people need tuh be informed so dey could decide if tuh trust or not. As it is, dey not trustin’. At some point de press go have tuh decide eef bacchanal more important dan usable information. When people uninformed dey ripe fuh exploitin’. Wid what, 300 and more autopsies ah year in T&T, it eh critical tuh know how competent dem people doin’ dem autopsies is? Any newspapers planin’ ah investigative piece on dat?

Before dis controversy, ah was noticin’ somethin’ of ah trend. De family of people killed not satisfied wid autopsy results. Dey startin’ tuh demand ah next autopsy. Now ah could understand people in grief not wantin’ tuh believe de truth of how dey loved one died. Dat is just part ah human nature. Buh yuh could only say autopsy results believable eef de people doin’ dem trustable. Dem defense lawyers rubbin’ dey hands in glee. All dey waitin’ for now is de police tuh start arrestin’ people fuh murder.

Anybody lookin’ in de bag ah goodies Kamla an’ dem torkin’ about givin’ Tobago? Rowley an’ he side vex because dey eh like how she tryin’ tuh keep Tobago on she side? De PNM didn’t have dey own way ah doin’ dat? So why dey vex now? Because is ah woman outsmartin’ dem? It eh all politics an’ who can lie best wins? Steups.

Ah near tuh done.

Look at all de money gettin’ wasted left right an’ center. How long dem stadium gettin’ build? When dey did start wukking on de Brian Lara one? In 2006? Ah wonder if it have any structures in de world dat gettin’ build fuh like 10 years? How many ah dem in Triniland ah really wonderin’. Ah know dat de chunnel joinin’ England an’ France under de sea, take less dan ten years. How long fuh de Scarborough Hospital? Ah see 14 years someplace. Costs? Nah, leh we doh go dong dat road except tuh say plenty, puh-lent-eee money look like it get waste.

Ah have ah idea.

Nah, it eh go wuk. Kamla done geh she tail cuss out stink de time she make de comments about ATM an’ T&T. Just so yuh know? Mih idea would ah have T&T benefittin’.

Ah well, dem pots go keep boilin’.

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