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My vision parse 2013

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December 29, 2012 by Fensic

So 2013 almost reach. I eh mind 2012 endin’ buh why de blasted rush? Fuh me when ah year start is, ‘voosh’ voosh’, is done it done oui. Steups.

Some people go be lookin’ fuh highlights of de year. One newspaper done do ah piece on Jack Warner. I eh readin’ dat nah. Jack Warner live is one ting, Jack Warner in review over ah whole year? Nah. I eh care how farse dat year went.

For some, is time tuh start countin’ up de final numbers on murders. Based on dat number people go decide eef T&T safer dan larse year. As long as people eh feel safe, dey eh safe, so forget ‘safer’. I challenge anybody tuh say udder wise.

Ah tink all ah we done start de annual offerin’ of, ‘best of everyting fuh de new year’ wishes. We does be under de influence of holiday spirits when we give out dem wishes or what? It does only take like ah week into de new year fuh tings tuh be, ‘back tuh de same’. People does even multiply de number ah murders in dat week by 52 an’ say dey done know how much murders it go have fuh de new year.

Doh look tuh me fuh no, ‘feel good’, wishes. Mih heart heavy an’ covered wid scars from all de times ah do it an’ end up feelin’ bard. Ah cynical now. Ah doh believe people who bad go change just so. Not overnight. Not over December 31 an’ January 1. Not dem two days.

Wid dat in mind, ah have ah lil story dat ah expect tuh happen. It go take more dan ah year fuh it tuh come true doh. Buh mih crystal ball clear. Forget all dem dotish people who does say, ‘we reach’, only when is someplace bad. Dis story is about reachin’ someplace good.

De elections did done an’ de winners geh announced. Yes, de govahment was goin’ an’ be in new hands.

De campaign was tough wid two parties goin’ up against de rulin’ party. De two contenders used tuh be buddies, buh dey partnership buss up. De media did do ah borse job coverin’ de elections. Ah did read de manifestoes an’ what dem political writers had tuh say. Dem analysis was tops. Den C News an’ de udder TV stations had de different party leaders orn, one at ah time,  tuh explain what dey plans fuh de country was. Den dem political debates? Ah tink every voter see at least one ah de three.

All dat eh change one fact doh. Fete at de core of everyting Trini where it have plenty people. Dem political meetings prove dat yet again. Since rum at rallies geh ban long time, it eh had no drinkin’. Officially. People comin’ arong tuh de idea dat just because dey could get away wid someting eh reason tuh do it.

Who eh notice dat one ah de first tings dat happen after de election was de new govahment meet wid de ole govahment fuh several days? Ah tink dat was fuh dem tuh get briefings on tings like de status ah projects on de books an’ new ones planned. Ah sure it had tings dat dey tork about dat I like –  spyin’ an’ national security nah.

So de new govahment in orfice what, 6 months now? Ah see dey eh stop all de projects de udder govahment did start. Ah especially like how dey stickin’ wid de long term strategic goals fuh de country. Vision 2030 it gettin’ call? It make plenty sense as yuh have tuh have plans beyond when yuh go eat yuh next plate ah food. Like way de plate after dat comin’ from an’ how it go reach all de why by you.

De road tuh dem goals could change or de goals deyself could geh tweak, buh yuh have tuh have dem. It eh me sayin’ so as yuh know. Is what de new Prime Minister say in de address tuh de nation. Dat was when it did get announce dat ah formal proposal tuh Trinis in cold countries go get made just now. Dey workin’ out de incentive plan fuh dem tuh return tuh Triniland tuh provide dey skills fuh all dem projects. Vision 2030 ah bettin’. Ah did like dat idea as soon as ah hear it. ‘Technocrats’ is what de Prime Minister call dem expats.

It did remind mih ah de time dey hire dat foreigner from Canada tuh be CoP. He had some good ideas, buh he didn’t understand Trini culture so he eh larse long. Ah waitin’ tuh see how dis ting wid de technocrats play out. De prime minister say dey go have a report in 6 months.

One ting I eh hearin’ plenty of an’ ah glad is de constant blamin’ ah de prior govahment fuh everyting dat bad. Ah was torkin’ tuh ah pardnah an’ dey say dat is de best ting about de new govahment. He say dat mean politicians puttin’ de country first.

We go see if de idea of de govahment gettin’ out ah de business of doin’ everything fuh everybody go wuk. Ah eh sure ah understand all de details, buh what ah understand, it go give tax breaks tuh businesses eef dey start trainin’ programs fuh people in dem ‘hot spots’. Of course dey have tuh hire de people dey train. Since everyting tie tuhgedder, ah tink dem dongtong merchants seein’ how corporate social responsibility does help dey own business. Ah did enjoy de bacchanal it had when dey did fight de parkin’ lot idea. Dat was commesse. Look how people done forget about dat already eh, it wukkin’ so smood. All shoppers does do now is park in de lot, get dey ticket, jump on de free shuttle tuh dem stores, do dey shoppin’ an’ have ah store stamp de ticket. When dey reach back tuh de lot, hand de attendant de stamped ticket an’ dey gorn. Free. Yuh park dey buh doh shop an’ yuh pay out yuh own pocket.

Ah next pardnah who have ah friend in high places say dat de real opposition tuh de govahment havin’ dem business-people more involved in dey own community, comin’ from some ministers. No, not church ministers, govahment. He say he contact tell he dem ministers feel dat idea takin’ money out dey pocket. It stoppin’ dem from puttin’ money in dey pocket, he meanin’. Me eh know eef ah believe any ah dat.

De case ah de four businessmen an’ de two ex-ministers who geh charge fuh corruption is ah first fuh de country. Why it takin’ so long fuh de case tuh done doh? Maybe it really have people in high places who against change. Ah hope dey eh forget what de Attorney General say.

As ah football peong, ah back in mih youth. Not de time ah get invited tuh tryouts fuh de national schoolboy team doh. Intercol now is big ting. Dem fellas does put dey best foot on de ball cause it does have scoutin’ fuh talent goin’ orn. Ah tell mih nephew eef he cyatch dey eye, he go be in de national Under 16 camp on he way tuh bein’ ah national. Dat fellah know how tuh play goalie. He make it an’ by de time he reach 21, he go done have like five years of solid experience under de elastic ah he shorts.

Since dat Tim Kee fellah take over, is only up de football gorn oui. Is what, 14 times now de Warriors win de CFU title? Ah does remember de ole days when tournament comin’ an’ ah team gettin’ scrape tuhgedder an’ warmin’ up against club teams. Ah does shake mih head an’ laugh now. Before ah used tuh bawl.

How de papers get de story about de CoP readin’ de riot act tuh he division commanders boy? How dey say he say it…’crime in Laventille trendin’ upwards from its recent downward level’? Yeah dat is how. I bet he use de Compstat numbers. Anyway leh we see if de trend drop back tuh 8.75 murders ah month. How it could have ah fraction of ah murder doh? Fraction or not, it eh fall an’ like de article say he tell dem heads, one ah dem go be in charge ah de Mounted an’ Canine Section an’ ah next one go be in charge ah Transport an’ Telecommunications. Good fuh he. Ah read dat article like ten times.

Ah family member was tellin’ mih de story ah de ticket deh get fuh speedin’. Dey say dey was drivin’ on de new highway dong south, by de Wayne Kublalsingh stretch, when dey foot geh heavy. Someting tell dem look in dey mirror, is de Highway Patrol in dey tail yes. When dey stop, de officer tell dem she radar gun say dey was goin’ 20 kph over de speed limit. Ticket time. Buh dat wasn’t all, de officer had dem take ah breathalyzer test. I eh tink ah go hear about dem breakin’ de law no more cause dey geh vex when ah tell dem it good fuh dem.

If dat was me, ah tink I would hug up de police at de risk of gettin’ ah next ticket. I huggin’ in happiness dat dey out dey on de road an’ dat dey stop mih fuh speedin’ an’ dat dey give mih de drinkin’ test.

What you seein’?

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