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Police tape. Doh cross it nah

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December 20, 2012 by Fensic


So much fuh keepin’ it lil light fuh de rest of de year oui. Buh ah should ah realize dat ah man-made arbitrary time frame used tuh denote someting special, doh get respected.

Ah know dis is ah American ting buh is here ah is so I cyar let it parse widout commentin’ on de madness all arong an’ what mih hope is.

So mih question tuh start orf wid is how could people be so evil tuh go into ah primary school an’ start shooting left an’ right?

I wasn’t really listenin’ tuh de radio when de first reports of dis start buh as soon as I hear de first report, mih ears cock up. Dat eh larse long. Based on what dey was sayin’, de shooter was dead an’ two chirren an’ ah adult geh wounded. Ah sorry tuh say dis, buh given de scope of udder shootings, dis one eh turn mih head much at dat time. Especially how just before dis one, some fool shoot up ah mall someplace an’ kill two people an’ heself. Ah did notice dis one was in my neck ah de woods doh.

Den dis story change an’ dey was den sayin’ one ah de chirren dead. Still, ah did get de sense dat everybody was breathin’ ah sigh of relief because it could ah be so much worse. Dey even interview dis doctor an’ he say dey treat three patients an’ dey was goin’ tuh be fine. Tings was like dey was windin’ dong.

Den de explosion.

It eh one chile dead, is twenty ah hear. Seven adults too. Ah could hear de disbelief in de reporter voice when she say dem numbers.

“What de arse”, or someting dat yuh could say mean dat, ah say tuh mihself. Now ah really listening. De news coming fast an’ furious. Ah decide tuh fire text message tuhTriniland. De larse ting ah tell dem is, “allyuh doh let dis madness reach allyuh eh”.

Ah comin’ back tuh dat just now.

Ah was textin’ ting ah hear as soon as ah hear it: De killer dead. Dey cyatch ah next person in de woods who start bawlin’ it eh he dat do it. Dey lookin’ fuh some kind ah van wid de window shoot out. De killer was wearin’ body armor an’ ah mask. De killer mudder was ah teacher at de school. Ah whole kindergarten class missing. Dat one had mih tinkin’ dey must be kidnapped. Dey say de killer use two handguns. Somebody say at least ah hundred shots geh fired so de media get ah ‘hand gun expert’ who confirmed de shooter could fire ah hundred bullets wid two handguns. Ah went tuh de TV. It say dat de name ah de killer dey had before was wrong so dey give ah next name. People who never meet de killer an’ doh even know he if long or short, diagnosin’ he mental health problem. People in dis country smart oui.

All dem de tings dey say turn out tuh be wrong no baxide.

Just so, dey stop reportin’ about ah next man getting’ cyatch. Just so, dey stop reportin’ about ah car wid windows shoot out. Just so, it eh had no body-armor or mask, he mudder was no teacher in de school. De name of de shooter dat de TV did say was wrong an’ dey provide de ‘correct one’? Dat correct one turn out tuh be wrong too. Dat was he brudder name.

An’ he only use ah handgun tuh kill heself. He kill all de innocent chirren wid ah assault rifle. De gun is ah civilian version of ah military assault rifle dat does fire bout 6 rounds ah second. So he could fire ah 30 shot clip an’ reload an next one in like 10 seconds. So in less dan ah minute he could easily fire 100 bullets. Real easy if is chirren an’ women tryin’ tuh protect dem yuh shootin’.

Buh I eh want tuh dwell on dem tings too long except tuh say dat in ah situation where tings changin’ by de second, accurate information is de fuss casualty. Dem radio an’ TV stations was lookin’ tuh be de first one wid de latest news so dey wasn’t checkin’ who tell dem what.

Dat remind mih about de Triniland press or, ‘rumor mill’. Remember de chirren in de barrel story? Only ting in dat mauvais langue tale it eh had no chirren, it eh had no barrel so it sure as hell eh had no chirren in no barrel. Ah go leave dat one right dey.

One ting most ah de mass killin’ have in common I tink is dat de people involved should be in dey country version ah St. Anns. When in de US, yuh add de easy availability off guns, den is mass killin’ wid gun yuh lookin’ at. Dat mean more dead faster an’ easier. In trute, I does be surprised it doh happen more often. How bad dat is tuh say, ah wonder.

It have ah next ting too dat I eh know how much it is ah factor. Dat is dem copycat. Is de same ones who have mental illness buh want tuh out de light and leave dey mark behind. Dis larse madness done givin’ dem ideas an’ dey already lookin’ tuh see how dey could top it. Dey eh nuttin in life buh want tuh be remembered when dey gorn. Dat in itself is ah sickness. Why dem people doh rearrange dey plans an’ kill deyself first. Den worry about killin’ udder people. Steups.

Is chirren less dan even ten years old dis one kill. One set ah chirren in what, Standard One in Triniland? Dat is 5 an’ 6-year olds! I used tuh de dat age! What I did know about evil den? Jesus.

How troubled ah soul he was tuh tink dat at 20 years old heself, he needed tuh make dat kind of ah statement. An’ dey speculatin’ dat wid all de bullets he had, he could ah kill all de people in de school.

People say it cyar happen in T&T. I say doh forget Westmoorings an’ de student who shoot de guard an’ take ah hostage before de police blow him away. I tort was about 5 years ago buh is more like ten.

Mental illness doh mean yuh cyar be precise in yuh details or dat yuh does walk arong dribblin’ on yuhself an’ talkin’ tuh imaginary friends or dat yuh does even bodder people parsing.

De fellah who decide since it didn’t have no food in de house fuh he dat he go dine on he newborn chile? He wasn’t walkin’ de street torkin’ tuh heself was he? Tell mih dat he eh mad! De mudder who hang she son den try an’ make it look like he kill heself? She was walkin’ arong bodderin’ people? Tell me she eh mad!

So is de argument it cyar happen in Triniland because dat eh how Trinis stop? Dat doh hold water nah. I would ah never tink dat T&T would ah reach where it reach wid murders tuhday. I eh say nuttin about gangs cause it did always have dem.

De udder day ah dey readin’ ah letter in de Guyanese papers. De writer was praisin’ Trinis fuh not gettin’ into violence when disagreements start. It was really ah dig at Guyanese. I eh go lie, ah tort de letter writer was dotish. Ah tort de letter writer was one ah dem Guyanese who does always look up tuh tings Trini, wantin’ dey country tuh be like Triniland. Ah was belittlin’ de letter writer. Not now eh. I like what he write. Keep it up Trinilanders. Allyuh Guyanese keep writin’ dem glowin’ letters.

All ah sayin’ is please, allyuh do whatever allyuh have tuh do tuh not let dis kind ah ting reach dong dey. Jack, Rowley, Kamla, Volney an’ all dem whose names too numerious tuh mention. Wait. Ah have tuh call de esteemed, ‘community leaders’. Allyuh keep only torkin’ like allyuh does be vex. Just doh go dong dis road. Kublalsingh? Go on more hunger strike if yuh want, just doh geh violent. Doh study Jack when he say yuh eatin’ roti in de back ah yuh car. Jack? Keep tellin’ everybody dat. Just doh do nuttin else. People in Laventille an’ udder places, when allyuh vex, keep bunnin’ dong allyuh own community.

Nobody doh cross de police tape.

Ah go say it again, allyuh doh let dis madness reach allyuh nah. Allyuh doh let de mental health issue get out ah hand. Kamla? De ‘ethnic cleansing’ comment minister in charge ah education? Yeah, add better security buh do somethin’ about mental health. Doh just copy de US blindly.

Doh only watch an’ listen eh. Prevent too.

Nest year we could tork about all dem tings ah say tuh keep doin’.

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