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Yes, everyting join up join up even if dey opposite

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December 7, 2012 by Fensic

It look like ah back at dis once more.

Sometimes ah doh have tuh try really hard tuh find tings dat does make mih ask, ‘buh what de arse is dis?’  Den I does fuhget dem an’ move orn. Until ah next ting happen an’ de connection so clear tuh mih, ah does have tuh ask mihself, ‘buh what baxide is dis? Dat eh de opposite ah what just happen de udder day dat had mih asking’, buh what de…….?’

Like ah say, sometimes ah doh have tuh try hard. Sometimes.

Yuh confused? I does be too when dem tings happen. Let mih try an’ explain wid current examples. Agree nah?

De people in de Beetham at it again. It look like anytime dey eh like something, dey does start peltin’ bottle an’ bunning rubbish on de highway tuh cause trouble. Yuh doh even have tuh get dem blasted vex, just vex an’ yuh go see. Unless it eh have no law in T&T against bunning rubbish in de road and blocking traffic, dey breaking de law. Tell dat tuh de police on de scene. Dey doh even make de slightest move tuh arrest nobody. Ah guess dey eh want tuh enflame de situation. De larse time dis happen was wid de $69 wage/stipend.

Back den, de police did say, ‘Dat is it! We eh playin’ wid dem no more! Is arrest next time’. Well now is dat next time but of course no arrests. Instead, Deputy CoP Mervyn Richardson come out an’ express he unhappiness an’ dissatisfaction at how dey people behave.

I recall anudder flare up. Right dey on video ah officer standin’ up, me eh know why, cause he might as well be layin’ dong. Sleeping. Anyway ah Laventillian parsin’ wid ah piece ah rubbish in he hand goin’ tuh bun in de road. De officer hold de man an’ tell him he cyar do dat. De man wrench he hand away an’ in front de police an’ de camera eye, put de rubbish on de fire. De police tun de camera an’ say, ‘see what we does have tuh put up wid?’

Still, I eh blamin’ de people in de area fuh doin’ what dey allowed tuh do.

Ah do know de day ah bounce een mih house an’ spot, de dorg, in mih livin’ room wid one ah he back leg raise by mih good couch leg, is drop kick he baxide gettin’ drop kick out de door an’ dong de steps. Ah might have tuh repeat de harsh treatment udder times, buh tell me dat eh go teach he tuh behave different?

I is de onlyest person who does marvel about dis kind ah shit? Ah mean is only one of de newspapers dat even bodder tuh mention dis story wid what Meryvn say. In fact, I was wonderin’ eef de paper make it up. Ah mean dey could an’ nobody would even notice. People so used tuh dis kind ah ting dey move orn wid dey life, drinkin’ dat Trini water an’ breathin’ in dat Trini air. Unless of course is dem dat geh cyatch in de traffic jam when de vex people block de highway.

Let mih switch tuh what happen dong south so ah could tie dese two stories an’ unconfused all who confused.

Petrotin workers vex because oil wells geh capped tuh make way fuh de new highway. Is ah long story dat ah eh go bodder tuh spell out here. Just believe when ah say Petrotin workers marchin’ in protest.

In de height ah de march de police detain ah man fuh wearin’ ah camouflage hat. Dat kind ah clothes against de law. No matter how hard ah try tuh stop de video tuh get ah clear picture ah dis threat tuh national security, ah cyar do it. Is ah camouflage hat so it hidin’ real good. Of course de police holdin’ de man just bring out de stink in de protestors. Dey surroung de police car an’ tell de police dat arrest eh go wuk. Impasse. In de end, de police let de man go.

Somewhere ah sure ah ask, ‘but what de baxide is dis’, buh ah was too absorbed in de bacchanal tuh remember exactly when. Den ah remember de Beetham Gardens. Ah wish ah could now get Deputy CoP Richardson tuh explain. Does de TTPS enforce de law across de board? Nah, dat too broad ah question. He could easily wiggle he way out an’ I might be looking tuh pelt mih own rubbish.

Maybe ah should just ask he point blank, why does de police fuhget de laws when dey dealin’ wid people in Laventille? Since dey wouldn’t arrest one ah dem fuh settin’ ah fire, would dey arrest him eef he had orn ah camouflage hat while he was settin’ dat fire?

Let mih set de stage on dis next one.

Yuh chile come home from school wid he test results. Yuh look at de exam paper an’ cheups. Is ah 39 out of ah hundred he get oui. What you go do? Would you send de chile fuh de belt an’ use it tuh beat some sense into he? Or would you tell de duncy-headed chile dat yuh disappointed is only ah 39 he get? Would you even go so far as tuh wonder how de neighbor chirren could get higher marks when your family have more ting dan dem?

Well some foreign agency dat does rate countries’ Corruption Perception Index an’ put out ah report, give T&T ah 39. Dat eh out of fifty or forty, dat is out of ah hundred. Now ah sellin’ dis part just as ah buy it. Somebody call Mr. Josh Drayton, in charge of someplace call de Trinidad an’ Tobago Transparency Institute, eh tell nobody tuh get de belt. Nah. Instead he express surprise dat places like Barbados, de Bahamas, St. Vincent, St. Lucia an’ de Grenadines get more marks dan Triniland. T&T more developed dan dem, he say.

I eh know, do I need tuh wait tuh wait tuh let dat piece ah dotishness sink in. Yuh want dat kind ah caca in yuh brain even?

Did de person he tell dat ask he how he tink Section 34 help de score? Dey eh ask him about de impact of nuttin happenin’ on de legal front tuh dat former junior minister who refuse tuh take de breathalyzer test? Ent de law clear on what supposed tuh happen? Dat eh leaving ah nasty perception in people mouth? How CLICO help make de score higher? What about de bacchanal wid de Hindu Credit Union? Dey eh ask he how could T&T score higher when ah police office caught on tape slappin’ ah man still have he court case pending? Why Mr. Drayton tink Barbados almost double T&T score, gettin’ ah 76? Who in de area T&T manage tuh beat? Guyana, Jamaica, Venezuela, Dominican Republic an’ Haiti. I bet Jack London and dem in Tobago want tuh tork about de, ‘… and Tobago’  in de country name.

Ah could admit now dat I doh really put too much credence in dem kind ah reports. Ah have tuh know who behind dem an’ how dey come up wid de numbers first. After all, ah report dat get funded by dem tobacco companies an’ dat say smokin’ good fuh yuh have tuh be questionable, not so?

In one ah dem world-wide literacy reports, Guyana show up as havin’ ah higher literacy rate dan T&T. Of course I wasn’t takin’ dat so. Not when dem Guyanese was boastin’ online dat dey was more literate dan Trinis. So ah dig into de report. Guyana does measure literacy different dan Triniland. Dey does count yuh as literate if yuh went tuh school while T&T does count yuh if yuh 15 an’ know how tuh read an’ write.

Buh not puttin’ too much in dem reports not de same as ignorin’ dem. Fuh T&T tuh score ah measly 39 confirms dat something fundamentally wrong. When was de larse time anybody of note make ah jail fuh corruption? If Ish an’ Steve did get extradited fuh dey role in de alleged Piarco corruption, what are de chances dey would not be making ah jail right now? Who in power now wouldn’t be in power if de appearance of corruption was ah issue? Who boy?

De real question tuh me is, anybody have de cojones tuh fight corruption?

It cyar be Kamla. She hand done tie wid de constant and latest allegations dat she does sneak unlimited tastes of de brew. If she lookin’ fuh support, tell she I question dem rumors. Here is how I see it. In dis day an’ age, if yuh important an’ yuh tink yuh alone so yuh pickin’ yuh nose, somebody cellphone recordin’ it. Where de Youtube video or pictures ah she wid de glass up tuh she head? But, dat is anudder story fuh anudder time. Ah tinking she eh really want tuh use dat line ah reasoning as she argument.

Ah tinking ah manage tuh unconfuse everybody, right?

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