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Relating tings like cheap life and bluffing

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November 30, 2012 by Fensic

Sometimes ah does find connections between tings dat on de surface doh seem related. Take recent events in Triniland.

While de good doctor an’ he hunger strike seem tuh be de tork of de press wid all de accompanyin’ sideshows, it had more tings goin’ orn. Fuh starters de deadly tragedy dat probably on its way tuh bein’ forgotten already.

Is de fire dat kill de woman an’ de lil boy in Laventille dat ah referrin’ to. While I does only look at Newsday fuh de pictures, I eh sure eef dis one not more dan ah was bargainin’ for nah.

Fire officer consoling mother of boy killed in fire.

One hell of ah sad, sad scene.

It was pullin’ at mih heart strings while havin’ mih blasted vex at de same time. Why de heart strings gettin’ pull is obvious. Less obvious is why ah get vex. Ah vex because of de hint dat water tuh out de fire was ah problem. Ah vex dat while de iron bars in de house was preventin’ danger from gettin’ inside, it was also preventin’ escape from de deadly danger already inside. Ah vex, maybe more frustrated dan vex, how nobody eh seem able tuh do nuttin but talk about what dey go do an’ how tings go get better when dey do what dey say de go do, buh cyar do.

Just because ah know de answer doh mean I eh go ask de question.


Why in 2012, ah suburb of Port of Spain doh have ah good water supply? Yes, Laventille is ah suburb of Port of Spain.

Besides ah shaft up dey collective behinds, what again have de people of dis ‘suburb’ gotten fuh dey blind loyalty over de years ?

Ah was readin’ ah article from de BBC talkin’ about Warner an’ dem pushin’ sports as ah alternative tuh crime. It talk about how life cheap in de crime-infested areas of de country an’ it mention de same Laventille.

Let mih put dis out dey fuh anybody tuh challenge:

Life eh just cheap in Laventille. Life cheap all over Triniland. Life cheap when somebody granny an’ somebody lil son could get kill in ah fire needlessly. Life cheap when people does dead an’ nobody doh blink ah eye no more. Life cheap when is okay fuh x-numbers of deaths in what-ever-people-does-die-in-dat-avoidable, be it road accidents, murders, suicides, murder-suicides, drownings, HIV, whatever. Life cheap when bacchanal does larse longer den de memory of ah tragedy dat should ah never happen in de first place.

At least we eh go have tuh add, ‘fasting’ as ah next category. I say Kublalsingh only plannin’ tuh fast until he almost dead. Since he not no medical doctor, he could be puttin’ he hand too close tuh de fire an’ he might just bun heself. But he eh have no bars preventin’ he from gettin’ away though. De ambulance he have on standby go take he tuh where, safety? But what eef he miscalculate? Would dat mean he life was cheap? Or wasn’t cheap? Which one?

I tink Kublalsin play he best card an’ dat turnin’ out tuh be ah bluff buh not ah bluff. Not only he bluffin’ buh not bluffing, but he let de udder side know he bluffin’ buh not bluffing. Why he eh have ah coffin along wid de ambulance dey? Eef he eh have no plans of makin’ de ultimate sacrifice fuh he cause, den why should de udder side take he orn? I eh tink he tink he life cheap. Or does he?

I bet it have people, ‘on he side’ who rehearsin’ just how damn vex dey go get at de govahment eef he dead. Tork about anti PP ammunition dey seeing. Would dey see he life as cheap eef dat ammunition destroy dey political opponents?

Den it have Mr. Warner. He not in dis discussion buh he is.

De idea of Jack bein’ proven wrong does have mih crossin’ de line of good wholesome torts where nobody eh dying. What if it turn out dat Kublalsingh wasn’t eatin’ as hearty as Jack say? Dat he wasn’t eatin’ doubles in de back ah no car? Granted I was wonderin’ eef Mauby an’ KFC wasn’t parsin’ near Kublalsingh mouth. But dat was before ah see how skinny de man lookin’ now. Is Jack who still talkin’ non-stop as always sayin’ whatever does come in he head.

So leh we assume, an’ safely so, dat yuh eh like me an’ yuh eh lookin’ fuh no bigger picture an’ different ways tuh see how tings related. Yuh have tuh consider dat it still have ah bigger picture on just dis fastin’ ting. Maybe de plan is tuh shame de govahment into actin’ tuh, ‘save he life’. I eh know what tuh tink on just dat one topic but ah believe it have more in dat mortar dan de pestle. Lies gettin’ tell all arong.

More connections? Ah see de police lookin’ tuh change dey uniform. I tink is ages now de tork of ah uniform change goin’ orn. Ah could see how people would tink de uniform done change since dem blue paramilitary outfits is what I fuh one does mostly see. I have been well trained, so ah expectin’ bacchanal when de new uniform finally get unveiled. I wonder how it go differ from what Gibbs did pick an’ dat get rejected. Is one ah de police union heads, Seales ah tink he name, who ah hear did say somethin’ about it could have police who was allergic tuh what Gibbs pick. Dat is ah great point dat ah sure get made too when dem blue ones did come on de scene fuh de Guard an’ Emergency Branch. How many police in de GEB anyways? Half?

Dat aside, I hope Williams an’ dem do somethin’ about de creepin’ movement of not wearin’ de uniform correctly.

How much different kind ah hat de police have? Ah sure ah see one ah dem gettin’ wear backwards once. I also see ah picture of ah police one time wid de top buttons on he police shut unbuttoned an’ he t-shirt underneath showin’ like he is saga boy lookin’ tuh impress. Ah tink I used tuh do dat so ah know de moves.

Ah next ting I does see is ten police an’ each in ah different style bullet resistant vest. Actually I does see 15 police wid ten wearin’ dey vest an’ five not wearin’ no vest. I doh understand dem police nah. I wasn’t leaving one ah dem police stations dat Gibbs close buh dey open back, wid out dat vest. So actin’ CoP Williams or he deputies, if allyuh readin’ dis, when de expected baccahanal over de new uniforms done, have allyuh men an’ women wear dey uniforms correctly nah man. Dat way at least dey go look professional. Ah wonder if Gibbs done counting de money he get fuh leaving de TTPS and promising tuh not sue dey baxide.

Ent actin’ CoP Williams supposed tuh be ‘acting’ until dey name he or somebody else as de CoP in January? It eh have ah process dat requires de position tuh be advertised internationally? It doh take forever fuh dat process tuh get goin’? Den ah next forever fuh dem tuh go through the candidates ? Den anudder forever fuh dem tuh pick one. Dat is what, three forevers?  All ah dem go reach before January? Ent dis de same song an’ dance dat happen wid Philbert when he was de actin’ CoP?

Ah see dis one in de Guyana press. De Trini coach ah de Guyanese football team quit. Dat or he jump before he get pushed, same ting ent? He name Jamaal Shabazz. He was ah mini-god in Guyana, especially after he lead he team tuh knock de pitiful Soca Warriors out de World Cup qualifications. Now dat he leavin’ Guyana it have ah Trini coach wid proven results fuh hire.

But dis one have ah unexpected spanner in de spokes. De football heads in T&T done hire he. Ah was done prepared tuh lambast dey tail fuh holdin’ grudges since he coach de team dat beat de Warriors. Ah truly expected dem tuh not even let he land back in T&T. So it means everytin’ doh have tuh stay de same if everybody aimin’ fuh de same goal.

Look at West Indies cricket. It get it own bobolee after years of bein’ everybody else bobolee. I eh sure dat beatin’ up on Bangladesh is ah sign dat we team is ah force on de world cricketing pitches again doh. Beatin’ one country does not a powerhouse make so I holdin’ orf on too much champagne. Ah sure as heck eh struttin’ arong dem hundreds of Indian I/T consultants in de building where I does wuk. Me eh sure why some ah dem does look at mih an’ smile. Ah does try an’ curry favor wid dem by tellin’ dem de majority ethnic group in T&T come from dey country. Dey does only smile more. What dey know about me dat me eh know? So I holdin’ orf celebratin’ until we cut India arse, England arse, South Africa arse, New Zealand arse an’ Australia arse or any combination of arse-cuttin’ dat include India’s. Den I go go wild. Fuh now ah only want ah sip ah champagne. Ah have tuh keep mih head clear fuh dem bigger pictures.

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