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Thanksgiving and I eating crow. Who notice?

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November 22, 2012 by Fensic

So it look like fuh Thanksgivin’ I eatin’ crow, not turkey. Is ah good ting is Trini crow cause den it go get season up real good first.

Why ah lookin’ tuh eat crow?


I was one ah dem who had plenty nasty tings tuh say about de PP when it come into power an’ promptly moved tuh kill de OPV deal wid BAE Systems. In my case, it had less tuh do wid PNM vs PP. I not no sycophant of eidder one ah de two ah dem so one side eh always right an’ de udder side eh always wrong. Fuh me tuh tink like dat would make everytin’ black or white an’ ensure it eh have no common ground between de sides. So while me eh no PNM supporter, I had been closely followin’ de buildin’ ah de boats. I was excited dey was comin’.

It had tings dat worried me doh.

How much it would cost tuh run dem boats for example. How many of de three would ever be at sea at de same time? How long before one ah dem wid be park up on de docks, “waitin’ fuh parts”? What would ah happen tuh it when ah next one needed ah part dat it had? Ah propeller, fuh example? Ah also wondered about de overall plan tuh protect de country from drugs comin’ in by sea. Did it take into consideration dat far bigger countries dan T&T had bigger an’ more boats dan T&T buh still had big, big drug problems?

Despite all dat, ah was like ah schoolboy – excited. Ah finally force mihself tuh learn how many feet in ah meter. Ah even went online lookin’ tuh see who had boats 90 meters long. When ah see dat de US Coast Guard did, ah went an’ look at one. Tell me dat eh excitement gorn wild. Durin’ de same timeframe, de TTCG get dey 6 fast patrol boats dat ah place in Australia build. Was like eef yuh could build boat, de govahment had yuh buildin’ at least one fuh Triniland. All dat was de setting fuh mih excitement. So when de PP get in power an’ ups an’ cancel de contract, was one set ah damn foul language in de place.

Dat didn’t come close tuh showin’ how surprised an’ blasted vex ah was. Yeah yuh could say it was all about me.  Ah did see de hand ah Kamla national security advisor, ex-army man Gary Griffith, all over de move. Ah was dead sure he was givin’ she bad advice tuh get back at Brig. Sandy, de national security minister. All I needed tuh believe is dat when dey was in de regiment, Sandy was he borse an’ somethin’ happen between dem. Now wid de PP in charge, front was back an’ dong was up an’ was revenge time fuh he. I know ah was right too. All dem torts had mih usin’ all dat bad language an’ grittin’ mih teet.

Tuh be honest, ah didn’t see T&T winnin’ no arbitration nah. Ah was dat sure. Wid all de boat dem people does build for all kind ah countries? Steups. Is dat company de PP was goin’ an’ fight? Just because ah dat dotish Gary Griffith, ah tinking. Why Kamla need ah security advisor anyway?

So while me eh no PP diehard, when it get announce larse week dat T&T did win de arbitration is ah good ting de floor was right dey else when ah fall orf mih chair, ah could ah still be falling. Of course de PNM spout dey typical dotishness. Rowley say de govahment ‘geh lucky’. Colm Imbert ah tink is de one dat say sometin’ like, ‘nah nahnah nah, it eh no court victory is only ah arbitration victory’. Yuh know,……..if yuh have ah name like, ‘Colm Imbert’, why wouldn’t yuh be careful what yuh say?

Anyway ah eh take orn nuttin dat side say. Instead ah say tuh mihself: ‘buh what de arse? Is wrong ah was wrong so? Is so bard ah misread dis whole ting? Yuh mean de guns on de boats really wasn’t no good? Yuh mean BAE wasn’t puttin’ out accurate tings on de website an’ I used tuh be eating up everythin’ dey put out about de boats? Quick, bring mih some Milk ah Magnesia.

Buh wait nah.

Yuh mean if de PNM did win de election it would ah accept de boats like dey was? Who does order pants from ah tailor an’ de tailor make ah pants wid no zipper? Den de tailor want dem tuh take de pants an’ promise he go parse by dey job when dey wearin’ de pants tuh put ah zipper in? Who does do dat?

Is all dem new torts in mih head.

Dat is how ah reach here lookin’ tuh eat crow. Seasoned or not it cyar, taste good nah. Ah just hope I eh go have tuh be eatin’ it too often.

So here’s tuh being wrong.


Some tings ah notice:

Ah notice de people in La Puerta dong Digo was protestin’ against bad roads an’ ting. Ah notice dey say is over 30 years dey roads eh fix. Ah notice Rowley, dey representative, did join dem in de protest . He even agree dey was gettin’ treated bad by de govahment. Anybody else notice dat is de PNM dat was in power fuh most ah dem 30 years?

Ah notice somebody in de PNM ranks who ah tink destined fuh great tings as ah politician. Ah notice how he seem tuh be ah new breed – civil when he eh have no reason not to be, an’ like ah razor when he need tuh scalp de udder side. He name Faris Al-Rawi. He mudder name Diane Seukeran. Dat alone go help dem who leanin’ one way or de next tuh make up dey mind as tuh if dey like him or not. Me eh have no axe tuh grind. I didn’t find out about he heritage – he fadder is Iraqi, until just now when ah look up how tuh spell he name. Ah just see him in parliament an’ I notice how he does move.

Ah notice T&T young Soca Warriors get dey baxide beat up in only de qualification round of some Under 20 tournament. I must be one of de few who notice. De coach say dat de days of throwin’ tugedder ah team ah few weeks before ah tournament have tuh done. He mention how dem udder countries does do it. Dey does keep dey players tugedder for months, even years, so dey gel as ah team. Somethin’ like 13 players wid one heart, one spirit, one mind, one goal. Okay I just make dat larse sentence up, buh dat is what he was meanin’. Not dis fete match mentality dat it have. Mih apologies tuh ‘fete matches’ cause when I was growin’ up, yuh should ah see how much plannin’ went into we annual Christmas fete match. Buh den again, it was mostly arong de drinks.

Ah notice dat de ‘fasting’ Dr Wayne Kublalsingh does go from not sure if he go make it tuh de end of de day he so weak, tuh full ah energy dat he could cuss people stink, stink. Ah notice dat ah infamous ex AG wantin’ tuh compare he tuh Gandhi, of all people. Anybody know if Gandhi used tuh cuss too? Ah notice Kublalsingh have ambulance an’ ting on de scene in case he what? Collapse? What he supposed tuh be doin’ again? Fastin’ until he almost dead? Dat is nuttin but pure politics even gamesmanship tuh see who go blink first. Kublalsingh like de attention too much tuh let heself dead or, as he family seem tuh tink, udder people let him dead. If he do fall dong an’ dead fuh he cause, ah go start ah movement fuh ah section ah de highway tuh get named after he.  In de meantime, anybody noticin’ eef he eh gettin’ mauby or ah chicken leg from KFC on de side, when de cameras eh arong?

Me eh fasting, not today. So I gorn an’ eat turkey, camera or no camera.

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