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Principle or power? De COP deciding

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September 27, 2012 by Fensic

Ah have tuh make some assumptions in order fuh dis tuh wuk.

Ah have tuh assume dat when de PP get formed, de various parties in it eh had just de objective of bouncin’ Mannin’ an’ de PNM from power. Dat dey also wanted tuh show dey could operate wid ah higher moral code. Dat would mean no corruption, total transparency and decisions made widout fear of anyone an’ wid favor tuh none, except de citizenry of de country.

De election slogan was, ‘change’, right? Wait. Dat eh get tief from Obama? Wid all de negative tings dem Republicans saying bout he, ah surprised dey eh do dey own tiefing and tief wha Trinis say about de PP. Wha was dat? Somethin’ about small change?

Personally, I expected de coalition tuh mash up once Mannin’ an’ company was out ah power. Ah was tinking dat because political partnerships does start out wid one ting fuh sure in common before ah election: get rid ah de common enemy, de incumbent. Once dat happen, is infighting time as dey own differences does come tuh de front. It does get so bad dat dey does even eat each udders young. So ah was expecting plenty bacchanal.

While it certainly have plenty bacchanal, it eh de kind I was expecting. So ah must express mih surprise dat in 2012 de PP remains ah partnership. Still. Fuh now. Buh it pushing it luck. Big time.

When Abdulah pull he Movement Fuh Social Justice out, he claim it was because de partnership wasn’t living up tuh de standards of good governance as enshrined in de Fyzabad Accord.

Me eh go pretend nah. De where accord?

When I hear de name mih first tort was dat colonial powers was fightin’ dong south and get tired an’ sign ah peace treaty in Fyzabad. Buh dis eh nuttin like dat and could even become relevant in de future when T&T grow up and historians look back at watershed moments in de country’s past. Chirren who eh born yet could get born and when dey reach secondary school, get ah question on dey test asking dem about de significance of de Fyzabad Accord tuh de concept of coalition govahments in T&T.

Anyway like ah was saying about Abdulah, I eh have no reason tuh doubt de man when he say he pull out because of he principles. He eh really strike me as no politician nah. Ah remember de picture of he being forcibly carried away by de police after dey arrest him in tong. Dat was before de PP win de election ah tinking. He looked like ah pacifist. Was only he wid dat look since it didn’t have nuttin peaceful about de licks de police was sharin’.

He better suited tuh be de conscience of ah govahment, appealing tuh its moral side. Unfortunately when people get hot, dey morals is de fuss ting dey does fire. Plus when dey tink nobody eh watching or dey eh go get cyatch or wuss yet, dey eh tink anybody smart enough tuh cyatch dem, dey morals gorn quick quick. Now, ‘eh watching’; ‘eh go get cyatch’ and, ‘eh tink anybody smart enough tuh cyatch dem’, is tings politicians does revel in. Not so?

Dat brings mih tuh de meat of what ah wanted tuh say wid dis blog.

Ah watching Prakash and de COP and dey flirting wid de idea of leaving de coalition.

First was de flare up when dey lorse de Sando mayor position. De understanding dat de mayor had tuh be ah COP-ite must ah been in de same Fyzabad Accord.  Ah go say it again, dat accord go be in Trini text books in de future. It have tuh be. T&T ever had politicians from different parties cutting deals on power sharing and documenting it before dis? Anyway Kamla shush Prakash wid ah borse move and de COP get back de mayor position when she reshuffle she cabinet dat time. She have ah big cabinet boy.

Now is Section 34.

Anybody remember how all de blunders start? I saying was wid Reshmi buh it could ah had more before she. Bottom line, Prakash an’ dem eh like what goin’ orn. He definitely eh like how he geh played wid de Section 34 ting and he nibbling arong de edges of leaving. Each blunder have him nibbling more. Buh he also breathing de heady fumes of power even if it is shared so he not where he ready tuh steups and tell Kamla he gorn like Abdulah do. Den again, he is ah politician so he could even be tinkin’ and schemin’ in ah completely next direction.

Could it be he tinkin’ Kamla need he more now dan before? Especially as she people keep putting dey foot in dey mouth or getting dey hand caught in de cookie jar or generally sheddin’ dey morals? Buh what could he get fuh dat increase dependency? Kamla have enough non COP-ites tuh govern. Well, he could geh Jack fired. He manage dat an’ he closer tuh being de next PM.  IOUs like peas from de population?

Yeah ah watching de COP. Not as hard as Kamla ah hope.

When Vernon de Lima, made he move asking de COP tuh tell Kamla tuh fire Jack, Prakash and de udders say eh eh, nah. Dey obviously knew when yuh give ultimatums yuh have tuh be prepared tuh do de ‘or’ part an’ dey wasn’t ready tuh walk no place. As he say, dey  more effective inside de govahment den outside. Ah suspect dat wid continued mis-steps by Kamla’s chosen ones, eef dat motion was made in like 3 tuh 6 months from now, it gorn flying by itself tuh she oui.

Ah sure dat wid everyting else goin orn, she constantly looking back tuh make sure Prakash and dem still dey. She cyar say he eh giving plenty verbal warning dat he eh happy and it have plenty shit tuh cut out.

Den it have Rowley who eh realize it buh he saving de coalition in he own way. All he continued strident calls fuh everybody in de govahment tuh resign have tuh be giving de coalition reason tuh stay coalesced against dey common enemy.

Yes, ah believe de COP have weights in both hands and testing dem tuh see which one heavier. Dem weights are its options.

It checking tuh see if de balance between power and morals go tip in de wrong direction. Dat would make de stench from de halls of power too stink tuh stay ‘inside’. Not tuh mention de IOUs it tink it go get from de citizenry and de hope of cashing dem in, next election.

While de power nice, ah next major faux pas an’ de party out de coalition. Some members eh go budge doh. Dey go de ones who go choose power over party an’ therefore over country. Dey go claim dey staying because de people elect dem buh it go really be because dey eh tink dey go be dat lucky again tuh have dat kind ah power. Dey go be totally drugged.

At de rate de PP going all dat rope it using go cause it tuh tie itself up an’ next ting yuh know is hang it hang itself an’ de loquacious Minister ah National Security go be speechless.

Give de COP ah chance, it go pick principle over power just before de PP neck jerk back and pop.

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