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Section 34, pick yuh poison. Dotish extra

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September 15, 2012 by Fensic

Every now an’ then in life, we does run into ah situation where all we can do is bow we head and shake it from side tuh side. In dem times we does sigh quietly den we does pick we head back up, open we eye an’ exhale hard out we mout’ or nose, pause, take ah deeeeeep gulp ah oxygen and plow on.

De preference of course is fuh dem times tuh be more den than now as dat whole process ah just describe does take ah negative toll. Of course there is ah ‘but’, it eh always have ah ‘but’?

But not in Triniland.

Before yuh could plow orn, is ah next issue slamming yuh back an’ testing yuh faith or if dat done gorn, yuh cynicism. I constantly ask mihself, how can ah country be always flat on its back or back-pedalin’ every time it try to put one foot in front de next? So much of how it is governed can appear so reactionary is ah wonder any progress does get made. How does long-term planning happen? Is like top getting spin in mud.

Now I admit hindsight is de best kind of vision tuh have because yuh does see everyting clearer. Everybody is ah expert when ting hit de fan and everybody does say dey did know what happen in de end is what was going tuh happen. Hindsight does make man belated psychics. Triniland full ah after-de-fact psychics too bard.

Yeah, ah next ‘but’ coming, how yuh know?

But it also have de principal of learning from yuh mistakes. When yuh rush an’ do something an’ it eh work out, next time it have something fuh yuh tuh do, yuh does still rush like yuh dotish?

De best comparison ah could tink of is when I first get into computers. Back den when ah write ah program ah used tuh rush tuh compile it. Of course it would have plenty plenty errors. I would read de error message and den rush tuh find it in de code an’ fix it. Den ah orf tuh de next one. Dat would go orn an’ orn until finally de computer would say de code clean, no errors. I would be happy tinkin’ ah make progress. Buh by den, wid all dem corrections, de program eh doing exactly what I wanted it tuh do nah. Finally ah learn tuh take mih time and go slow and always make sure what ah want tuh happen is what happen. Ah learn to know what ah was doing.

Everybody have dey own ‘programmer trainee’ story tuh look back on fondly, glad dey less dotish. Apparently not so de govahment.

All ah dem is destined tuh remain duncy programmer trainees as dey continue tuh make de same kind ah missteps. How many since it in power ah wonder? I eh have de count buh ah know is too many. An’ like dey pickin’ up speed now.

Since past performance is de best indication of future performance, more missteps tuh come before de next election. Unless de IRS pelt charge at one JW and Kamla in ah next embarrassing move, have tuh let him go and call early elections. But dat is just ah chapter in ah next book by itself.

When I was dat programmer trainee, my missteps was due tuh naïveté buh wid dese politicians de idea of more sinister motives hard tuh discount. People just cyar be dat dotish just so.

I mean, look at dis latest one wid dis bill tuh get rid of preliminary inquiries. Specifically, de now infamous Section 34. Dat is de section dat could have been used to get de people accused of de biggest fraud in de country tuh walk free. And it wasn’t even dem who de overall law was drafted tuh help. Getting freed was lagniappe benefiting dem and udders like dat fella wid de two first names, Carlos John.

Ah doh understand nah. Ah just don’t. From my position is all man jack I blaming. From Panday and he UNC since is their financiers, Steve Ferguson and Ishwar Galbaransingh who are accused of trying tuh defraud de people of T&T during de building of de airport. Den ah blaming Manning and he PNM as de case drag orn under dem. Now ah heaping blame on Kamla and she PP.

When de mark buss on what dis Section 34 could do and de opposition start vocalizing, ah rush to see what kind ah numbers was needed tuh parse de overall bill. Some legislation cyar geh parse widout de opposition voting in favor, because ah tink dey, de laws, impact de constitution. Dis law required de approval of de opposition. And believe me, Rowley and dem doh give de govahment no slack on anyting, Dey does take dey position as opposition serious. If it say, ‘was’ in ah bill and it should ah say, ‘were’, is big fight wid Rowley diving in de phone book, pulling out people name and demanding dey resign or be fired.

But on dis none ah dem eh have clean hands.

Rowley say de opposition, ‘plead guilty in trusting the government’. When larse any opposition trust any govahment? Come on man, dat excuse lame.

Uncle Sam begging fuh Steve and Ish so it could try dem fuh breaking US laws in de execution of dey huge fraud, buh T&T say no, it know how tuh try it own people, thank-you-very-much fuh asking.  Dat wasn’t de response when kidnapping was rampant and dey went and kidnap and kill ah Trini-born US ex-soldier in Triniland visiting. De govahment couldn’t turn over dem accused farse enough. Ent fraud and corruption holding back de country just as bad as dem kidnapping was? Both eh just different forms of de same ting – holding people fuh ransom buh one using homicide?

Let we assume it eh have no sinister motives behind dis one section of de new law dat get proclaimed. Let we call dat ‘plausible deniability’. Dat eh what AG Ramlogan call it buh dat is what I get from he argument.

If it eh corruption den is massive, nah, leh mih tone it dong an’ doh call it ‘massive’. If it eh corruption den is sustained incompetency dat crosses de political isles. Somebody explain how ah complex piece ah law could geh written and none ah dem legal wizards eh take it apart section by section or even ‘hitherto’ by ‘hitherto’ and see what it mean in terms of effect? Dat plausible ting does only go so far oui.

Mr. AG?  Yuh must have de biggest pair of brass ones dey dangling tuh dare tuh say it wasn’t until de DPP point out de obvious dat you realize de error allyuh make. As fuh de next one, de Minster of Justice. Allyuh eh lawyers? Take allyuh pick. Incompetent or corrupt? ‘Dotish’ is extra, buh ‘lagniappe’ sounding more Trini.

If yuh ask me. it could go eider way. In dis case ah leaning towards ….. steups it hard tuh decide because it so difficult tuh believe people could be so openly corrupt on one hand, or continually incompetent on de next. Den when yuh add in de lagniappe?

My belief is dat in dis case de corrupt was using de incompetent tuh get dey way tuh do dey tiptoeing out dat side door. Stay tuned fuh more commesse as Steve and Ish apparently was waiting fuh de courts tuh open up after Section 34 get proclaimed. Ah hear dey done petition tuh have de case dismissed. I really cyar see no magistrate telling dem, ‘no’ as dey petition was made based on de law of de land at dat time.

Read dat law nah?

It all go have tuh make way fuh de next backing back, de next backing up, be next drunken sailor lurch. Dey does come in waves, double waves even. Triple sometimes.

For example?

Jack an’ dem supposed tuh release the ‘NCP’, he first one. Ah tired hearing dem words since 2002 an’ Chin Lee, so going wid initials.

Fuh anybody who cyar figure ‘NCP’ out: Operation Anaconda; Operation Baghdad; one like every udder week; Martin Joseph buy ah electric ladder as part of one; none eh wukk. Dis one go be Jack’s first, more if he eh geh fired fuss; everybody waitin’ fuh it tuh get release so dey could grind it into de groung like bachac. ‘Next’ or ‘New’ fuh de ‘N’.

On ah related front, since Gibbs gorn, de TTPS back back de 21st Century Policing ting and only having police briefings weekly. I fuh dat if it mean I get tuh hear dat ASP Archie woman less. Between she and Kamla, I eh know who does make up dey own English pronunciations more. Anyway, Sgt. Mystar, de udder spokesperson, say in he briefing dat de TTPS cyar keep doing de same tings over an’ over an’ expect different results.

Sometimes in all de constant ole talk, de gun talk, de badjohn talk, de talk fuh talkin’ sake, something does get said tuh make yuh smile and give yuh hope as yuh raise yuh head before plowing ahead. Now if de faint light from dat one firefly could only spread tuh all dem who still in de dark and leave dem speechless.

If only.

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