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I Eh Know Which One: Back To Normal or Great Aspirations?


September 5, 2012 by Fensic

It doh seem as if after big fete and ting that there is any time tuh recover before dat ‘b’ word start back.  Bacchanal nah, what else is ah ‘b’ word fuh tings in Trinbago?

It could be too dat I eh as physically young as mih mind does tink I is, so ah need plenty rest if ah stay out parse 10 o’clock.

Tings back tuh normalcy oui. What dat mean? Is dat what somebody asking?

Well it means business as usual. It mean everyting and anyting under de sun have it own commesse and contributing tuh de overall commesse dat so necessary tuh drive tings in Triniland dat it cyar wait fuh feting tuh done good.

For example, it mean Jack W. looking tuh buy newspapers. No, not de ones I used tuh throw as ah boy, buy de whole company. It mean he mad. How he go be ah minister and ah businessman at de same time? Ent Mary somebody lorse she ministerial post because ah dat? Didn’t de Health Minister, no not dat mad one now in Geneva, de one after she. Didn’t he have tuh decide if he wanted tuh juck people wid needle or be de Minister of Health? It would seem de same rules should apply when/buh, (take yuh pick), is Jack we talking about. He eh going no place except become Prime Minister when Kamla become president, if yuh believe Rowley when he say dat is Kamla’s plan.

It mean Roget and dem strike Petrotrin. It mean people remember when de cement strike was going orn and de cement people proclaim tuh de country, ‘allyuh doh worry, we have plenty cement in de back tuh sell’. Everybody wid car remember what happen after dat when de cement people went in de back and were heard tuh be asking no one in particular, ‘anybody see where all de cement dat it had here tuh sell. gorn’? People smart now and eh taking no chances. Plenty rush tuh full up gas tank. Lil babies getting tell dey too old fuh bottle and dem getting full up too wid gas.

It mean policeman slapping man and de PSC vex along wid de 30,000 people who look at de video and make it gorn ‘viral’, according tuh de T&T media. Dat eh come out right nah as is plenty more dan 30,000 people who blasted vex.

I wonder what is up wid Trini culture where ah slap is such ah reflexive response? Is like ah plannasse. Who would tink dat yuh would take ah sharp sharp cutlass and beat somebody wid de flat side of it? If I ever get plannasse I eh know if I should be thankful I eh go chop up or if I would be insulted de man thought so little of me dat he eh waste he time tuh chopping me up buh instead only beat mih wid he cutlass.

Slapping so ingrained dat wid all de cell phone and ting people have taking picture dat ah police go slap ah man who call him ah idiot and tell him he cyar hold he? Why dem police does have tuh jump straight tuh abuse? Dey manhood threatened or what? Yuh have a gun, yuh could take de man life anytime and say yuh shoot him after he fire ah (imaginary) gun at yuh. Why yuh have tuh show yuh is ah Neanderthal? If yuh willing tuh do dat in public, yuh eh tink people go believe yuh lying when nobody eh arong and yuh shoot ah man and claim he fire first although is in he back he get shot?

Ah well.

So what else, ‘back tuh normal’, mean?

It mean dat when part ah de Beetham collapse, dem striking bus drivers only make people life harder. Yeah, part ah de Beetham Highway collapse. WASA is rumored to have been spotted working on ah water main burst in the immediate area of the collapsed roadway, when, larse week? If is one time WASA would ah like tuh be able tuh say wid pride dat dey workers wasn’t wukking, it was only looking like dey was, it would ah be now, ent. Instead all WASA could do is distance itself from de collapsed road and de implication is dem cause it. So WASA say its workers was wukking close, real close buh not right dey where de road cave in.

Dat is more dan good enough fuh mih oui. It save me from thinking dat maybe de ground nearby was weakened by what WASA was doing and it caved in as ah result. Wid WASA’s claim, I eh have tuh tink none ah dat.

Yes, tings back tuh normal.

All is not lost though. All is never lost.

Why ah say dat?


De indigenous Caribs and dem in Trinidad are finally being recognized. The only ting I did know about dem is from primary school where de one line in mih school book say dem and de Arawaks used tuh fight and one ah dem was warlike. I know Carib beer far better, if dat help.

But let mih digress ah moment before ah forget dis.

Yuh know Trinidad and Tobago is such a unique country eh. Is like it is one of ah kind. When udder countries talk about dey ‘native’ people’, usually those natives not part of de mainstream in any way. Granted the Caribs still making their way there but when I said, ‘not part of the mainstream’, there is a undercurrent of very primitiveness included in that. To the extent that in T&T Caribs could be called that so too could a lot of non Caribs. What I so enjoy about T&T is dat here we talking about people who more Trini dan some Trinidadians who leave Trinidad, gorn overseas and does only den embrace Trinidad tighter dan dey family still back in Triniland.  Everyting in dey house in red white and black and dey know every Calypsonian starting wid de Roaring Lion and Spoiler, ah want tuh fall.

I listen to and watch the current Carib Queen and she is indeed ah queen oui. She eh look and sound no different dan any one ah we.

So let mih end by explaining why I say all is never lost.

De queen say while de Caribs appreciate de govahment’s recognizing dem and doing tings fuh dem, proclaiming yet another holiday tuh celebrate de Carib heritage would not be productive to their cause or tuh de country wid lost productivity and all dat.


If dat is how Caribs tink give dem back de country oui. At least make she de Minister of Common Sense wid oversight over ALL dem udder ministries.

Dat is ah de kind ah Trinis we should all aspire tuh be.



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