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August 8, 2012 by Fensic

Well what a week.

Is all kinds of things transpiring and get transpired over the last 7 days. There was the resignation of the CoP and he fellow Canadian second-in-command. Dat was followed by one set ah fake surprise and denials of who push versus who jump.

There was the start of the Olympic games and plenty hurt feelings in T&T over how long the athletes had TV cameras on dem before the commentator announce the next country in de alphabet after Trinidad and Tobago. When competition start Trinis get pushed aside in de race for medals but udder Trinis still talking about how proud dey was of  de athletes referring tuh dem as the 7th or the 59th in the world depending on what number dey finish in dey race. I go come back tuh dat as I had a hard time figuring out how tuh react. I feel like I was going against rush-hour traffic.

Of course there was the usual spate of murders dat doh even raise ah eyebrow now unless there was exceptional violence or bold-faceness in the execution of de victim.

It had Caribana in Toronto. Oops before I get sue, it had the Scotiabank Toronto Caribbean Carnival. I have checked out de larse what, four ah dem now and dis year it was different.

So the Olympics well underway. Infact it done start winding dong. De opening ceremony was interesting tuh watch as I kept expecting some nice wining music and ting buh dem British stick tuh dey script and kept people bored no tail. Until de countries start marching and ting. T&T get like 10 seconds camera time and dat cause people in Triniland tuh be most upset. Dey wanted somebody else country tuh keep dey cameras on T&T athletes so Trinis could feel proud. What world dem bold face people living in, I kept wondering. If yuh want yuh country tuh get more dan five seconds, den win medals nah. How hard is dat? Okay I go answer. It obviously very hard because de one person I expected tuh get ah medal fuh T&T, George Bovell, get beaten into 7th place. Now George has done he share fuh T&T over de years in de cement pond so ah cyar really fault him now dat he past he prime. Is de outpouring of unabashed praise fuh coming in 7th dat had mih bazodee. I reading comments and yuh would ah swear is win de man win oui. Dem satisfied Trinis wasn’t allowing anybody tuh question dey logic. I found dat out much tuh mih chagrin. We did eventually get ah medal, bronze from Lalonde Gordon. When he win he qualifying heat he engaged in ah lil showboating. I tort dat was interesting.

All in all de Caribbean doing darn well in Track and Field totally erasing de US domination of years gone by. Expect Jamaica tuh get de majority of de medals from de races its sprinters in.  Dis eh bout dem anyways so I cyar say too much about Usain Bolt except dat I waiting tuh see him at his fastest. Nobody eh good enough tuh push him tuh he limit.

I was really struggling wid how to respond tuh how Trinis was reacting tuh what was essentially failure so when ah ah partner say it was acceptance of mediocrity I figure dat was how tuh look at it. Acceptance of mediocrity.

But den again de CoP finally pack he bags and say tuh hell wid T&T and dey police service and is gorn he gorn back tuh Canada, he deputy by he side.

How could ah nation seem tuh accept mediocrity while getting its CoP to resign after all sorts of claims dat he eh living up to his billing?

Local mediocrity better dan foreign den? Why accept mediocrity of any nationality especially Trini? I truly happy dat we athletes make de Olympics buh dey there tuh win, not so? So is everybody else of course buh why not be disappointed if dey eh win?

Is like dem soccer matches I see wid 5 year olds who no matter what dey do, dey parents telling dem ‘great job’. We people eh better dan parents of 5 year olds? Dem athletes eh older dan 5 year olds?

Den today an Indian contractor was telling mih about how India wid its 1.22 billion people only have 4 medals, one silver and three bronze. So now I eh know what tuh tink.

Nah yes I do. Mediocrity at any level in the populations is not acceptable.

Back tuh Gibbs. When it became known he ‘resign’, de historical revisionist start dey chant right away. De leader ah de police service union say dem eh run Gibbs.  Dey just didn’t like some of he 21st Century policing initiatives. Dat recasting of history was news to me. I guess I was reading de newspapers from ah T&T in ah parallel universe before he resign.

Jack say while he disagree wid Gibbs dey wasn’t disagreeable. What de heck dat supposed tuh mean? Jack started running de TTPS as soon as Kamla sic him on dem ‘criminals’. Granted he lose he way when de chain come orf and Kamla say ‘sic dem’ and he take orf after de people protesting de highway route.

I eh go lie, I read so much of what Jack was saying I forget who was being paid plenty tuh run de TTPS. Buh Jack suggests he hands was clean when it came time and Gibbs resign. Based on he saying dat I guess dat parallel universe was at play again.

Den some NY association of retired T&T police jump in and claim dey was saying Gibbs was de wrong choice all along. I went and Google dem and couldn’t find anything. For sure I knew de parallel universe geh mixed up wid dis one.

So wid Gibbs gorn, de fella Manning had rejected and that started dis whole mess geh named acting CoP. He start off on de wrong foot trying tuh convince de public ‘crime dong’. Buh Jack had done say crime could be dong buh if murders ‘up’, den tuh de public crime up.

Personally, I concerned about what looks like blatant governmental involvement in de daily operations of de TTPS when it have de PSC dat charged wid overseeing de TTPS. Jack hands all over dis whole sordid affair. I want someone, anyone tuh tell me dat de acting CoP independent.

De way Jack been getting orn arong de man, de two and dem need tuh get ah room.

Still I tink de acting CoP already do ah better job of pointing out why de TTPS needs tuh modernize and I eh see too many of Gibbs strategy getting rolled back. Maybe adapted fuh T&T though. Any policeman who done went and buy mattress tuh put back in any police station might as well go get ah refund and give de store back dey mattress.

I only go touch on dat woman in Geneva who embarrass she self wid de most inane of speeches I ever hear.  I gleefully showed de youtube video to ah friend who doh keep up wid tings Trini. Five minutes into the video de friend say dey eh want tuh see no more and de speech showed up de government and how inept it is in selecting people. I had not thought of dat angle.

De Scotiabank Toronto Caribbean Carnival was larse weekend. I sneak into Toronto fuh ah peek . Plenty woman of all sizes, ages, shapes, hues and states of undress. Anybody who tink God not ah man eh really sit back and watch woman like peas and engage in ah lil fantasy. Still it had something missing. People fuh one, as de crowd was smaller. Security to prevent people from simply hopping ah fence to get on de parade route was number two. Third was no real 2012 Kaiso tuh blow people away. Ah notice more ‘Palancing’ dis year dan when it was de Road March and plenty people still was enjoying ‘I Is Ah Trini’. ‘Old songs’ were in vogue.

And dat was de week dat was.

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