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Figure out dis reconfiguring nah

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June 25, 2012 by Fensic

Well she pull de trigger. Kamla dat is.

So who in Triniland not talking about de latest moves Kamla make end of larse week? She term it ah ‘reconfiguration’ of she cabinet. Reconfiguration? I go elaborate later. Meantime I like everybody else who was eagerly awaiting the changes, was glued tuh mih seat yes, as she announce she announcement.

Buh first, let mih ask dis. Is only me who notice like Kamla does out-Queens de Queen when it come time tuh de Queeen’s English? I cyar give no concrete example now buh she does make up she own pronunciations fuh some words. Is not no ordinary marbles she does have in she mouth buh is one ah ah dem silver marbles some ah dem boys I used tuh pitch marbles wid used tuh have. It was heavier, always silver and was ah terror when it roll through the ring knocking marbles out left right and center. I used tuh hate when one ah dem fellas say dat was dey Tor. I eh know why dey did need it because dey could ah already pitch better dan me and when dey knocks did come in, I used tuh scheme tuh figure out how tuh get mih mudder tuh call mih inside so I could gracefully exit de game wid like two marble left in mih pocket.

Is one ah dem big marbles Kamla does try tuh talk wid in she mouth tuh come wid some ah dem weird ways she does pronounce words. Since I eh have nuttin concrete tuh point to I go wait fuh she next, ‘reconfiguration speech’ tuh make notes.

Yeah it go have ah next reconfiguration cause me eh know eef dem changes go bear any mango. Okay ‘fruit’ to who eh know is localize ah localizing de expression.

De biggest change is dat Kamla dropkick Sandy all de way tuh way Switzerland and put Warner, de don, in he place. What it have in Switzerland dat it need ah Trini tuh run? Nuttin if yuh ask me so is exile Sandy getting exile. And like he happy tuh go which mean is shame he shame. I bet he ask she eef it eh have ah place far, far away she could send him so he eh have tuh be embarrass dat she tink Warner, de don could do ah better job.

I feeling Sandy pain oui.

Pain or no pain, Jack is now de man. I always say de best time tuh get religion is when yuh tired sinning. What dat have tuh do wid anyting I eh really know, I just toss it in dey tuh spice tings up.

So anyway de reaction tuh dat change depends on if yuh is ah PNM-ite or a PP-ite. Whether yuh believe Jack does only run he mout or he really produce when he was in charge of traffic jams and speeders and roads dat full ah pot-holes and dem crooks in dat Licensing office. dat up tuh now dey eh know how tuh computerize.

What yuh tink of Kamla’s move depend on if yuh tink Jack is ah blasted crook from back in de Soca Warriors, ‘road tuh Germany’, days when de onlyest way tuh get tickets tuh Germany was through Jack travel agency. Now dat larse one dey, is not me saying so nah, is only me repeating what I hear. Ah kind of ‘fox guarding de hen house’ or, ‘it takes ah crook tuh cyatch ah crook’. Again I only repeating what I does read Trinis saying on  CTNT News Facebook page when de 7.00pm news start and Jack is de topic.

What I tink about Mr Warner? Well dat is ah good question. I am ah eternal optimist as I watch T&T slide further and further into the clutches of criminal activity. I forever hoping de goveahment go get de balls, (sorry dey Kamla buh not you personally), tuh show de country it damn serious about combating crime. I had hoped Sandy wid he military background would ah kick ass. I wasn’t expecting he own ass tuh get kick.

While Warner Jack get hang next? He done start running he mout and dat eh infusing mih wid no abundance ah hope. I know how it is wid de local press. One ah dem done reporting he say dat he eh believe in de 21st Century policing initiative. What de hell dat mean? He want back de Neanderthal approach tuh policing? I clearly remember de Carnival Sunday night in Belmont when I was watching dem 5 fellas liming by de corner when de police car pull up. Police pour out de car and commotion start wid dem punching and kicking dem fellas just so. Next ting is all man getting push into de car and we know how dem police car small. I could imagine de conversation in dat car.

“Any one ah allyuh touch me and is more licks eh!” Said of course by each police officer tuh de additional bodies picked up from de corner. Is dat kind ah dotishness Jack want back? Ah vex already oui.

Den I hear he say ah next crime plan coming. Holly Mother of God! Ah NextMuddrarseCrimePlan? What it is dem people seeing dat I doh see dat call for dese endless crime plan? What?

Okay what was de question again? Oh yeah what I tink go happen tuh national security wid Jack? Given de eternal flame of optimism in mih soul, I have tuh wish dat Jack go turn tings arong. I have to. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Ah know ah sounding like ah Trini football fan who does turn tuh dey heavens above in de hopes de Lord go have pity and grant dey wish when all empirical data pointing tuh de opposite outcome. But ah have tuh keep hope alive. I have tuh hope.

You not hoping too?

Kamla make udder changes too, buh dat was probably de biggest. Remember de COP was jumping up and dong when de mayor of Sando jump from de COP tuh de UNC? Dis was before de MSJ start it own jumping up and dong and pull out de partnership. Well when de COP was jumping crying foul it stopped suddenly just so. Well now we know why. Kamla move slick slick and announce de mayor of Sando is now ah minister. Dat mean it have ah opening fuh ah mayor dong south. Save yuh money and doh bet on dis one as de new mayor go by COP. Dat was de deal and like ah say, Kamla move slick on dat one. But some ah dem words and she weird pronunciations.

De only udder change of interest tuh me since I not on de grong in Triniland tuh appreciate de full scale of all dat happen was she dump……. wait make dat two udder changes since is two dat get dump. One ah dem is de woman in charge of de ministry dat drag Cheryl away from she govahment job and deposit she in St. Anns. Dat caused a big outcry because it was so communist-like IMHO. But between me and you? Dat Cheryl? She look mad like hell tuh me oui. Just looking at she picture and I sure dem eyes was maccoing mih soul.

De next dumpee was de Tobago woman who take de govahment credit card dat was fuh foreign travel and expenses and went hog wild wid it even taking out cash advances. I eh tink when de govahment said, ‘foreign travel and expenses’, dey was tinking Trinidad foreign tuh Tobagonians. Kamla demote she and toss she in ah next ministry and de big spender dotish enough tuh accept. No shame like Sandy at all apparently. Ah hope dat card done geh snatch from she hand oui.

So about Kamls’s ‘reconfiguration? I notice de size ah Kamla cabinet. It big. Even Basdeo Panday raise he head from de dead long enough tih say de cabinet big big before he went and dead again. De ting too big fuh true. De police never catch no fish big like dat cabinet, not even during de SOE. Does it really require 40 cabinet members tuh run Trinidad and Tobago? I could ah swear I read reports dat say de Civil Service catching its nennen to find people to fill existing openings in ministries. Will short staffed ministries not lead to lower performance?

Short pause as limbo competition flashed across mind. Okay it gorn now.

….. And will lower performance not lead to more frustration among citizens? Will there be more roads blocked wid people rubbish on fire in the near future?

I have only one larse thing tuh say on all ah dis yes.

Jack? Jackie boy yuh listening? No? Den stop talking nah yuh go hear better.

Doh let we dong eh. Please?

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