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I missing de bacchanal or what

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June 20, 2012 by Fensic

Nothing last week had mih salivating or reaching for popcorn while asking the people in front of me if dey fadder is ah glass maker. Does that mean I craving bacchanal? Hmmm.

Well it official, the body I talk about last week is Michelle’s. Sympathies to her family, both in Jamaica and her mother in Sando.

If dem Jamaican cops like dey Trini compatriots, they either will arrest somebody real quick or dis go be ah next unsolved murder. We could go straight to that ‘unsolved’ status if dey issue de immortal words de TTPS does use, ‘an arrest is imminent’. When the TTPS utter them words is deep freeze time for the case in question.

I guess the big news since last week is dat the MSJ, Movement for Social Justice, decide it had enough and pull out of the Partnership. They say the govahment eh abiding by de Fyzabad Accord and good governance lacking.  ‘Fyzabad Accord’? Dat eh sound like ah treaty dem French and British and Dutch used tuh sign after dey was fighting?  I sure dat come in mih history O’ Levels.

Any way yuh should see how dem govahment ministers led by don Warner, falling over deyself tuh convince de nation dat de govahment stronger widout de MSJ. Warner like he was trying tuh tief somebody else line when he say dat 1 from 5 leave de People’s Partnership. Besides it not making no sense, it doh have de same profound punch as de far more famous, ‘1 from 10 leave naught’. Williams, Warner is not, dat is fuh damn sure. To me he could not even carry Eric’s sliders, I eh tink dey had jockey shorts back den.

I guess now dat Roget party not in govahment he go finally keep he numerous promises and bring de country tuh its knees. He angling fuh some time in September ah tink.

One last word on unions? The PSA boss, Watson Duke come up wid an interesting reason for the PP tuh go ahead and institute the property tax dat de PNM was planning before dey lorse tuh the PP. De PP had said it was cancelling the idea once in office. Watson say dat with the proceeds from the tax, the govahment could pay the PSA workers. Yes, Comrade Watson!!

We all know how engrained rum and alcohol is in Triniland and how successive govahments eh had the will tuh really do anything profound tuh battle de unwelcome results. Anybody remember de ad, ‘Rum! It’s Macho’?.

Well I eh know how tuh categorize dis besides horrible1 especially wid its irony.  A drunk driver crash he car and kill 5 people. Where dey was when he crash into dem? Liming in a rum shop.

One quick word on cricket and I gorn before mih blood pressure raise and next ting ah know is pop ah vein in mih neck pop and I is history.

The West Indies cricket team does suck as if sucking going out ah style. Dey lorse de test series tuh England wid Ramdin de Trini wicket-keeper making ah arse ah heself. He make ah hundred and he pull ah note out he pocket telling Sir Viv tuh ‘talk nah’. How much runs he make after dat in he next set ah innings? Like 10? What ah idiot. It have more I could say buh I feeling de vein expanding so I leaving cricket alone. Football too.

Hear nah, is me alone who does find trade union people calling each udder ‘comrade’ sort ah creepy? Animal Farm-like even? Me and you have tuh be equal if we is comrades, right? Until you….., no until I, until I find ways tuh show my baxide more equal dan yours.

De unions had dey annual Labor Day march and out of it calls for Abdulah to be the next Prime Minister. Is true yes, people will do things when they are in packs, that they will not do when they are alone.

This next piece of T&T news had mih befuddled, if is okay tuh use ah $3.00 word.

I listening to the news and ah story about T&TEC come on. Apparently ah supervisor spot ah company truck outside ah establishment and curious, probably telling heself, ‘nah, it cyar be so’, he went inside and to his horror he found it not only could be so but it was so. Three workers, well at de moment dey wasn’t workers, but the three ah dem rong ah table drinking grog. Is ah rumshop dem men in oui. Well T&TEC suspend de men immediately wid ah investigation tuh follow. Some might be awed asking deyself if T&TEC really do dat but I eh de awe part.

Dis is dat part.

De udder workers dong dey tools in protest.

Noooo man, dey wasn’t vex de udder workers eh invite dem tuh de lime. Nah dey was vex T&TEC had the gall to suspend workers who was supposed to be on de job downing old oak trees obstructing lamp posts but was in ah bar downing Old Oak instead. Who dotish enough tuh want dem near electricity after dat? But den again what does happen when ah pissing drunk man near electricity? Ah arc doh form and electrocute he baxide?

Mih naïveté showing I am sure buh I was not expecting de story tuh make dat turn. De union, calling everybody, ‘comrades’, jump in. Dey say dat was not de way de company was supposed tuh do it, dat it eh follow de rules. I think T&TEC was doing a better job at following the rules than the workers, but that is just me.

I was online of course watching Trini bloggers providing dey unique analyses on everything, so I was itching tuh see what dey had tuh say on dat story. Yuh know nobody eh even mention it? Steups. Yuh know how yuh does feel when yuh gear up fuh ah big sneeze wid de quick breaths and ting and den you lose de sneeze? Dat was how I was feeling. I was betrayed.

I have tuh go back tuh a suggestion I make plenty times and hold dearly tuh ,ih heart.

Every Trini, aged 18 and up needs tuh spend from like mid October tuh de end of January, February…….. tuh de end of April in dey choice of country – England, Canada, Germany or North or South Dakota, Alaska . I eh just say ‘de US’, fuh obvious reasons.

De govahment go find dem ah apartment and ah job and dey on dey own after dat. No mudder tuh cook no food while dey liming.  Dey bold face enough tuh miss ah day from wuk because it snowing or worse yet, raining and dey in all kind ah trouble. I cyar believe at de end of dat experience dey go have de same mindset.  All yuh go need if dey start reverting to dey prior behavior once back in Triniland is tuh pick up de phone and tell dem yuh making arrangement fuh ah next trip fuh dem.

Anybody want mih in de next Trini govahment? Dat go be mih only job, tuh set up such a program and after it work so well, expand it so all pregnant Trini women go have dey baby in dem countries so by the time the chile reach 7 he or she go be ready tuh switch tuh being ah Trini in Triniland wid the appropriate mindset tuh help de country make 2020. Is ah while I eh hear nuttin bout 2020,it still orn ah hope.

Before I go, an admission? I thought I was following Trini politics closely when de PNM was in power, yet me eh see where de People’s Partnership come out from. Is miss I miss dat big time so? Regardless though I have tuh give it some credit as it stumbles and bumbles its way forward. It might be tuh just me but I does get the impression dat it have a macro view of de country and trying to focus on dat. But Lord when it comes tuh de details. It need help.

I always figure that when yuh band together political parties with different agendas but all  who have one in common – get rid of the government of the day, once the mission is accomplished, is infighting time and all young have to be protected else dey getting eaten. Is what, two years into this government and only now one of the parties pulling out? Does that speak to a kind of political maturity albeit nascent, that cannot be seen by all?  If so can it survive and blossom?


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