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Plenty going on some sad, some strange, de rest normal

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May 22, 2012 by Fensic

Well in last ten days or so a lot has made it into the headlines in T&T. Some of it really sad, some predictably Trini and the rest, well allyuh judge.

It had a dangerous dawg law passed in 2000 under ah next govahment and dat dis govahment now decide to proclaim and enforce starting August 1st. It breed-specific, targeting the Pitbull Terrier, Fila Brasiliero and Japanese Tosa. Dem larse two is even dorgs?

Well all who eh know before, know now. It have a substantial Pitbull-owners community in Triniland and it immediately rise up in protest. Maybe ah shouldn’t notice or mention some tings but I scanned de crowd picture and plenty ah dem people doh look like dey does be out in de Trini sun much. Me and mih subtlety eh.

Personally I eh know how any dorg law go wuk in T&T when de culture does promote lawlessness when it come tuh all dorgs and dem.

While dat simmering ah woman get maul by ah pack ah dorgs and nearly dead and almost lose she unborn baby too. De papers say is pit-bulls, de pit-bull owners say it eh dey dorgs dat bite she up.

Kamla say she pulling T&T out of de Privy Council. No more will dat august body pass judgement on criminal appeals from T&T. Somebody say de country about tuh achieve judicial independence tuh go along wid de political independence. Not all appeals go stop eh only criminal ones. Rowley jump up one time and say take it all away or doh take nuttin at all. I suspect if Kamla did say it was going tuh be all appeals and it would go in effect August 31, Rowley would ah say why not on August 30th.

Me? I wondering how dis all go hang tuh gedder given dat when anyting of substance happen and it require ah lawyer, is Queens Councils from de ex colonial mother country dey does rush and bring tuh prosecute or defend depending.

Kamal and dem celebrate de PP in power 2 years now. It wasn’t ah united front doh as Abdullah pull he party out de celebration. Taking about Abdullah and the Movement For Social Justice, how come whenever I see ah picture ah its leaders I does see Roget, de Trade Union fella who threatening tuh bring de country tuh its knees? He ah member ah dat party? Den he is de govahment too? How he go bring he own self tuh his knees? Well ah know one way he could do dat buh dat go only larse fuh what ah minute? Buh serious, anybody know if he in dat party? If he is, dat is probably why de rest ah de PP coalition doh take him orn when he make ah next promise tuh shut de country dong.

Talking about he still, de strike over at de cement/concrete place. Well it is 90 days and dat is de legal limit fuh ah strike in Triniland. Me eh even know strikes had limits buh dat good I guess. According tuh what I understand of de law, dis dispute supposed tuh go before de Industrial Court. Meanwhile de TCL say dey workers still locked out.

Larse weekend anudder horrible horrible road accident in Trinidad. Four young people 16 – 25, going home after ah fete. De car ‘lose control’ as dem reporters like tuh euphemistically say, and it cross over into oncoming traffic and into de SUV of de acting Chief Justice. All four in de car not only dead one time buh dey body mash up mash up. Dey car was no longer ah car buh bits and pieces. De justice was in de back seat and dey say he fly forward and into de windshield. Back seat passengers in T&T doh have tuh wear seat-belts. Who offered that up as ah good idea I wonder.

I doh want tuh speak ill of de dead so I eh go ask how fast ah car have tuh be going fuh it tuh all but disintegrate when it hit something. Not even two months ago ah next car on Charlotte Street, Charlotte Street in tong do de same ting and kill two people in it.

So what de govahment doing? Pleading wid drivers tuh slow dong. Steups. Like anybody does get in ah car and say I tink I go get drunk tonight and kill people wid mih car.

Jack Warner say speed-monitoring zones coming just now. What zones? I understand dem to be turn around cut-outs on de highway dat police could use tuh turn arong or tuh sit in dey car and observe speeders go by dem voosh voosh. Nuttin else fuh dem tuh do since dey eh have no radar gun tuh clock any ah dem vooshing past. If yuh see bloggers tanking Warner! Since when yuh does tank people fuh dotishness? He say no retaining wires fuh de highways buh dey go have cameras. Well eef I was in Triniland, de idea dat ah camera go cyatch de licence plate of de speeding idiot who crash into mih car and kill mih go make mih dead happy. Why not prevention people. Prevention!!!

Is time allyuh do some serious retooling and rethinking when it comes tuh road safety. How about something as revolutionary as enforcement? Follow up by erecting barriers tuh prevent any car from crossing over into oncoming traffic. Keep de speed-monitoring zones, buh pass laws allowing the use of radar guns and give dem police dem guns. How hard is any or all ah dem tings tuh do?

Ah keeping de strangest fuh larse. Express journalist Akile Simon, wid three udder men, including ah TV6 cameraman, get arrested fuh robbing ah liquor store. De police claim tuh have caught them red handed and even had tuh shoot one ah dem. Is ah puzzling story. Dey find gun and ski mask and money in de getaway car and more at one ah dem house. De reporter say he was wukking on crime stories fuh Ian Alleyne ‘under cover’.

Yeah under de cover of ah ski mask!

Man de police bury dem bout 10 charge in dey tail. I want tuh see how dis play out. Crime-reporter turn bandit.

Ah would ah like tuh talk about de West Indies cricket team currently on tour in England buh ah run out ah time. Is ah good ting oui cause dey lorse de first test match and de captain say de team perform ‘better dan expected’. He say dey wasn’t selling any tickets fuh de 5th day and look, de team eh lorse in 4 days buh 5. See why ah glad ah run out ah time. Responding tuh dat level of mediocrity and dotishness wouldn’t be good fuh mih heart.

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