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Udders criticizing? Dat ah like!!


May 17, 2012 by Fensic

Is ah next week and widout fail, plenty drama in Triniland. Plenty tuh criticize. Is always something.

De interesting ting in all of it is dat it doh ever seem dat yuh does get tuh de end of any one piece ah bacchanal. It does come in waves at yuh. Some waves does be familiar, udders brand new. All competing fuh people attention. And as Trinis, we have to give we expert opinion on every wave.

I have mih suspicion doh dat some ah de drama is contrived by de local press. Doh forget who coin de phrase, ‘news gathered maccoiously and delivered in ah bacchanalian way’, eh.

Ah suing fuh not just misuse ah mih phrase, buh fuh any use! Buh not in no Trini court since I want mih punitive damages before ah dead so ah could go plant peas in Tobago, next door tuh Shadow.

Dis week I want tuh look at ah next set ah people giving dey opinion about tings Trini. Doh get mih wrong, in case I eh say it clear enough above. Dis is ah next week and plenty drama going orn. I ignoring it all fuh what ah just say: ah want to look at udder people criticizing Triniland and why I so happy.

I been saying dis fuh ah while now, mostly tuh mihself or tuh anybody dotish enough tuh get stuck in ah elevator wid mih and asking mih about where ah from. It have more tuh T&T dan what Trinis does see or what dey does want tuh see. How else yuh could get ah true picture of de country eef yuh eh consider dat too? How?

Everybody know dat Caribbean Airlines buy Air Jamaica, right?

No? Okay den, Air Jamaica geh buy by CAL. In fact dat airline doh exist no more. Now everybody know.

Well I pay close attention tuh de reaction in Jamaica and if ‘bumbaclart’ could ah kill, everybody in T&T dead long time oui. A highly vocal voice of dissenters rose up in Jamaica and call Trinidad every name in de book and some, like bumbaclart, dat not in de book. Some was seeing so much red dat dey geh blinded making asinine statements like dey rather fly in ah plane from de US dan step foot on CAL. Obviously dey think doing so wid bankrupt CAL. So much fuh Caribbean unity.

I eh tink dat even to tuhday, dey realize de absurdity of dat kinda talk. Anyway given dat if have an equally vocal voice of dissenters in T&T I figure dey cancel each udder out.

I eh go even talk about how none ah dem dissenters in JA land cared dat dey national airline was on de market long before CAL offer tuh buy it. Wasn’t until dey hear was T&T buying. Imagine dey was even offering tuh take up ah collection so dey could buy Air Jamaica. Like ah plane is ah friggin bike.

I take it all in, smiling tuh mihself tinking, From my vantage point if Jamaicans criticizing T&T then T&T must be doing someting right.

Dat eh all dey was criticizing T&T about nah. Dey say de T&T government subsidizing Trini business people who dey say was den flooding dey markets wid Trini goods. Dat claim is one dat sectors of their business community seems tuh firmly believe. Dey saying since dey own govahment eh doing de same ting fuh dem, dey cyar compete.

Trinidad government doing what? Maybe everybody did know long before me, buh I never know dat any T&T govahment was dat insightful. How ah talk dey?

I eh go even talk about how dem same business folks in JA land bawling saying how T&T business-savvy business people also buying up all ah Jamaica businesses.

Is ah simmering Trade War dat going orn between de two nations. Add dat tuh de natural rivalry dat de two nations always engaging in.

Well de bawling reach Barbados.

Ah just read larse week how Bajans vex about how T&T businesses buying up Bajan businesses. One article even had multiple quotes from ah Trini businessman talking about ah level of sophistication and keen competition in Triniland dat I didn’t know exist. It looking like I eh know nuttin dat going orn, ent? Dem Bajans probably still vex we eh let dem into we waters tuh catch no flying fish. Remember when T&T went onto a ‘war footing’ against dem Bajans fishermen in dey fishing boats ah few years ago? Dat was bacchanal fuh days oui. Somebody tuh beat up.

I eh go even talk about how in Guyana, all tings T&T is king oui. Dem Guyanese contractors give new meaning tuh de term ‘shoddy wuk’ and now when contracts get tendered, is not uncommon fuh Trini contractors tuh get de wuk. But Guyanese eh criticizing Triniland too much. Maybe cause dey fraid crack dong against all ah dem illegals in ‘little Guyana’. Where dat is, Curepe?

Yes man, all criticism of tings Trini eh bad nah and we have tuh remember dat. Sometimes I tink we as Trinis too hasty tuh criticize anyting as long as it have ah Trini connection. It eh udder countries dem udder West Indians running to nah, is Triniland. Even dem Colombian ladies of de night. Imagine, Obama Secret Service agents have tuh go quite dong dey tuh buy South American saltfish while Colombian whores sneaking into Trinidad tuh sell theirs. Back is front, dong and dong is up, left is right and yes is no.

Buh enough ah dat sentimental crap.

Next week, back tuh criticizing all de damn nonsense dat does go orn in Triniland.

Like de cement strike mashing up and de union claiming victory even though it eh win nuttin from the company.

Like de govahment deciding now is de time tuh tork wid people living where dem new highway going. Contract done sign and tractors looking tuh start grading and ting. In fact dem same protestors stop everyting by planting flowers and ting where dem tractors supposed tuh be grading. Back is front, up is ….., wait! Ah done say dat already.

Like de People’s Partnership looking tuh fracture. Parts want tuh celebrate two years in office while udder parts saying hell no, not wid all de tings bad dat happening.

Like how after what, 10 years since Operation Anaconda, is now de police looking tuh form ah gang unit. I guess dey was waiting tuh see if gangs was ah fad.

Buh like ah say before, more juicier bacchanal could come on de inside rails and beat all dem horses by ah nose.

Who betting?


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    Great article.
    Nicely put together site.
    I going to be busy reading all the articles I miss.

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      Thank you Ellebkuhi. By the way, you are #1 in my blog!! 🙂

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