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Sweet! Sweet! T&T! Lord How Ah Does Mash Up Mih Country. Dem is de words?

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May 6, 2012 by Fensic

I went tuh a lil Trini ting rong wey I living.

Ah well-known forumite was dey wid he charming wife. I must admit, de half ah Guinness I was still sipping had mih not recognizing de man nah, buh we kiss and make up.

He might have been still vex wid mih cause I went to tuh talk tuh somebody I eh see since ah leave Trinidad some 200 years ago and when ah turn back arong, de man grab he wife and done sneak out de fete and gorn. Something about church de next day somebody tell mih.

Ah wonder eef he is ah Shouter Baptist? Anybody know?

Anyway de lil fete was nice. Ah cyar tell de larse time I was out parse 9.00 o’clock nah.

Dey play what must ah been ah disco version of Rudder’s, Trini Tuh De Bone. Ah could call it disco? No? Okay den. Was ah Dance-hall version. Not dat eidder? What ah could call it den as Rudder sound like he was singing from Grenada, yuh could hardly here him over de instrumentation. I could barely make out de, ‘Sweet Sweet T&T’ part. It sound like he was saying, ‘Lord How As Does Mash Up Mih Country, Sweet Sweet T&T’.

Ah figure ah go use dat as mih opening cause dat is what dey trying tuh do in Triniland yes.

De Police Service Social and Welfare Association lorse de case against de 21st Century Policing de CoP institute. De magistrate/judge look at de union head and he side-kick and tell dem tuh haul dey baxide and go arrest bandit and not waste she time wid dey foolishness.

Okay, dat is what ah wish she did tell dem. She really tell dem dey suing de wrong party. De same way I write what I tink she should ah tell dem is de same way dey hear what dey wanted tuh hear from de boof up dey get. Dey say was ah victory. Ah victory de same way ah boxer does stop every punch from he opponent wid he face and claim he plan wukking, de udder fella getting tired.

De two leaders at dat union is kicks oui. Yuh couldn’t find two odder peas in ah pod. Dey like Babolalsingh from Caroni and John from Laventille, if yuh get mih subtle drift. Two real jokers. How dem end up in de same pod must be ah fluke of nature just like dem oman in England who does have two twins, one black and de next one white and from one fadder.

Kamla was in some lukewarm water fuh ah while when it come out she was taking she sister wid she on she trips arong de world and dat sisterly love cost de taxpayers some $800K T&T. I eh take dat one orn too much as I figure de people yelling and screaming now was on mute defense when it had yelling and screaming when Manning name ah next Manning tuh be de head of the Ministry of Education. Whatever game getting played it fair as everybody getting dey turn tuh yell. It might take at least 4 years fuh de next set ah people turn tuh yell doh.

De Minister ah Finance release numbers dat cause everybody on all sides tuh yell. He say CAL lorse one set ah money larse year. Me eh go lie nah, I almost yell too as I tort I hear dat CAL make ah profit. Infact de larse chairman ah dey board say it was going tuh be $11 or $22 million US? Ah forget which. No, not dis chairman he new, de one before he, Nicholas.

Anyway de press jump on de story in typical ‘freedom of de press Trini style’. Man yuh would ah tink de sky was falling. Yuh tink anybody was checking any facts? Of course not. When tings start cooling dong yuh start hearing dat maybe it was all Accounting and how yuh look at tings. Some ah de ‘massive debt’ was not supposed to be really debt debt buh revolving debt. Some was because of fuel subsidies bacchanal. All kind ah ting.

Rowley wasn’t taking none ah dat lying dong. He was righteously indignant. He wanted apologies from Kamla, Dooks, Warner, Prakash, Kalma sister, Gibbs, Manning, he own wife and Cheryl de woman dey drag from she desk and put in de mad house. Yuh should ah see Rowley. De spit flying when he was articulating he list. Perfect diction fuh so. And like he just get he bald head spit shine. Gleam fuh so

Hear nah, anybody look close at dat Cheryl person? De one dey drag from de Minister of something or de udder dat include Gender Affairs. Cheryl Miller she name. Dat was ah earlier bacchanal. I eh tink de full story ever come out buh de gist of is dey send de men tuh she desk at wuk and take de woman straight up tuh St Anns oui. Dey eh even stop by she house and pick up some panty and dress, no pants. Dat was commesse. She out now via some writ or injunction or someting she union file on she behalf.

I still is ah Trini so I have freedom to be politically incorrect. I look at dat woman face and pardnah, eef she not ah bake and shark short of ah picnic basket in de Botanical Gardens, den I mihself mad. I sorry buh me eh want tuh be in de some room wid dat woman nah. She remind me ah dat fellah wid Clarice in dat movie, Silence of dem lamb. She lil smile is like she imagining what yuh does taste like when she cook yuh up wid de callalo and crab and macaroni pie.

So who else mashing up de country? Oh yes. De press.

Larse week was some sort of International Freedom of de Press Day or something like dat. Everybody pontificating about de need tuh keep the T&T press ‘free’.

It free yes, free tuh print bovine excreta. It #1 at dat. On de international level, its ratings drop or raise depending on yuh point ah view, from 30th tuh 50th. To put it in perspective, de US is 45th and Haiti is 52nd.

My stance when I read ah story in one the de newpapers is simple: Someting happen involving somebody, possibly involving someting. Whatever it is dat happen, happen someplace at ah uncertain time. Why it happen, your guess is as good as mines. Dat is mih new news-reading approach since every paper does have different answers tuh dem questions.

Doh study de fact dat when yuh read ah newspapers dem is de questions de article supposed to answer. On dat note, take the Trini press ranking wid ah grain as salt as I get dem from one of dem same newspapers.

Dat is it fuh now yes.

I still eh sure what it is David was singing in dat special version ah de song nah so de next party ah in, I putting ah special request tuh de DJ tuh play ‘Trini Tuh De Bone’, de Dancehall/Disco/Rapso/Party/Soca version so I could listen tuh hear if is mash up or love up he does be saying.

Ah go let allyuh know what ah hear.


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