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In case yuh was wondering? T&T is STILL T&T!!

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April 21, 2012 by Fensic

I eh really have nuttin earth shattering nah, only tings dat continue to cause mih tuh shake me head and roll mih eye in bemusement and amusement.

The cement strike still going orn and it look like dat go end wid either the company sold, probably tuh de Mexicans or it shut dong so the workers could be on permanent strike. By the way, yuh suppose to call de product concrete or cement? I does forget which one.

So anyway the strike in full swing. I cyar help it but whenever tv show video clips of the strike camp, I does forget is ah strike and want tuh go and jump up wid dem since it does look like dey warming up fuh Carnival.

While de strikers ‘striking’, the police hierarchy namely the CoP, Gibbs, continues he quiet moves to revamp de police service.

Is like chess doh cause every move he make, de head of The Police Service Social and Welfare Association does run tuh de newspapers foaming at de mouth talking about how de CoP dotish and what he proposing cyar wuk as after all, dat is Trinidad. No joke.

Even tings de CoP eh have ah hand in dat fool does criticize. De best one was de time dey find ah macajeul in ah police station. He say dat prove de CoP tuh blame and he should resign. I go leave allyuh tuh figure out how he reach tuh dat conclusion from ah snake.

So yeah, de strike going on under de direction of ah next interesting individual who have ah small backlog of de number of times he promise or threaten tuh shut de country dong.

He saying now dat de police acting unfair in de strike. Dat de cement/concrete people employing off duty police tuh transport scabs and do all kind ah ting dat not in de interest of de, ‘Carnival-preparing’ strikers. Now dat is my term eh, he eh call he comrads dat.  He say dat mean de police promoting one side and not simply enforcing de law.

He vex and he want to meet wid de CoP.

Valid points.

Allyuh hold orn eh as in de end ah go tie all dese seemingly disparate pieces. Is Trinidad so tings always does get tie up.

Anway he call fuh de meeting and de CoP look at he schedule, see he had time and say ‘sure man, leh we talk’ or de Canadian version ah dat since dat is where he from. So dey meet.

Right after de meeting de CoP make ah announcement: No more police moonlighting at de cement company, effective IMMEDIATELY! Den he shut he mout and gorn back tuh he next meeting.

Well what was immediate was de head of de Police Service Social and Welfare Association running tuh de press bawling as he ran: ‘Do CoP cyar do dat!’ ‘He mad or what?’ ‘He taking food out police mout!’. As dey used tuh say on Seinfeld, ‘yada’ yada’ ‘yada’.

Not ah peep from de CoP tuh all de bawling.

Within a day or two, big article in de papers. The head of the strikers and de head of the police union come tuh ah agreement: De police eh go moonlight for de cement company. Even video of the announcement on de news.

Pause when yuh reach dis part. Call it, ‘Rest and Reflection’, if yuh want. It go be more meaningful dan when de Police Service Social and Welfare Association use it in the failed attempt to hold de country tuh ransom.

Okay, back tuh de saga.

Dey reach ah agreement dat police eh go moonlight?

Nah yuh eh mad if yuh tink dat yuh hear someplace that dat directive had already been given.

How de bumpsie somebody who not de overall head of an organization could criticize de person who is de head den turn arong and do what de head already do and make it sound tuh de dotish ones dat is he dat making de decisions? How? How? How?

If dat is what yuh wondering, wonder no more. Is T&T and T&T is still T&T.

In closing I have to give special thanks to:

o. Sgt. Ramaser for taking every opportunity tuh show yuh dotish wid all de running yuh does do – of yuh mout and tuh de papers.

o. The media of T&T for facilitating that dotishness and not asking Sgt. Ramaser what seems to be an obvious question.

Extra special thanks CoP Gibbs for being a quick study of T&T culture and refusing to be dotish. Dem udders far better at it dan you.

Up next?

The Police Service Social and Welfare Association sues to stop the CoP from taking the TTPS out of the 19th century by introducing 21st Century policing. It means police cyar sleep in the station no more buh have tuh wuk and dem kind ah changes not allowed. After all now, 1,2,3 …… Is Trinidad.

…. Or?

Crime Stoppers Ian Alleyne geh he arrested for airing the taped rape of an underage girl. He apparently does some good, showing up the incompetence of the police. But waaay too much gallerying for my tastes. He was on stage during his arrest.

………….. OR?

The bridge just geh build, it wasn’t even dedicated yet and pieces getting tief by scrap-metal iron tiefs already. I see pictures of members of dat industry, worried dey it go get ban because of unscrupulous tiefs. I is ah Trini so I can be politically incorrect: Man dem people look shady too bad to me oui. I wouldn’t ban de industry, I would ban DEM!


More promises that de notorious Licensing Department go get cleaned of corruption. Fuh sure fuh sure dis time. Nuff said on dat until de next promise next year sometime, if we lucky.


Justice Minister Volney say de death of the fellah de ‘aphrodite police officer’ shot in Mont D’or was ah homicide and dat de officer should be arrested. Next day he say he eh accuse nobody of murder since homicide is de taking of a life and dat doh have tuh be murder. He hiding behind technicalities I tink as he behind geh endless pong fuh dem original statements.

Is only me who notice how much weight he put orn since he surgery?

Still ah never did like he nah, ever since he was ah high court judge one day and de next dey he resign and running fuh political office. Well he should run fuh office again cause it have ah opening in de Ministry of Justice.

Oh yeah, de officer being ah aphrodite is my designation as in one newspapers, eyewitness say was ah female officer dat do de shooting. In ah next newspapers ah next eyewitness say was ah male officer.

Is ah wonder de Police Service Social and Welfare Association head eh pick up on dat one and blame de CoP. After all, is Gibbs dat say woman police go be wearing more pants now when on duty.

Dang. Allyuh ah just realize something.

Doh tell de head ah de Shouter Baptist dat police woman wearing more pants. Dat go get he vex since he God say dat woman wearing pants does be aroused all de time since de pants does be rubbin dey privates.

Aroused privates is very incompatible wid Christian soldiers of the Shouter Baptist strain.

…………………………………………………………….. so much tuh choose from. So much!!

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