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Another step towards Caribbean Integration

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December 22, 2011 by Fensic

So it look like it go finally happen eh. I talking about just one regional airline.

I have been asking for a long time now why there is not one regional airline in the Caribbean, even before BWee went belly up. It was losing money hand over fist and Air Jamaica was losing money two hand over two fist but each island clung to the view that its airline somehow was a reflection of that island’s identity and had to be maintained at all costs.

Well ‘at all costs’ proved too much and T&T bit the bullet ditching BWee. Its replacement, Caribbean Airline, supposed to be on target to turn a profit next year. Doh quote mih in dat as I eh do no research tuh confirm buh ah sure U read dat sineokace.

Air Jamaica?

Well it was bleeding its guts out while enjoying the status of being the best known airline in the Caribbean or some such dubious recognition. Dem kind ah honors no different from somebody giving yuh ah first place prize fuh looking really good while yuh bleeding tuh death.

It’s interesting that a foreign entity is the driver for the Jamaican government to now do something different with Air Jamaica. Jamaica is in front of the IMF with hat in hand asking for assistance and the IMF has stipulated that part of any deal has to include divestiture of Air Jamaica. And guess who is at the forefront as possible new owners of Air Jamaica?

Caribbean Airlines.

Now I must say that when the name of T&T’s new airline was announced, I thought it was a stupid name for a national airline but now it all seems to make perfect sense. Air Jamaica will soon join BWee and in their place will be …… Caribbean Airlines.

Jamaicans are not happy of course, well not all of them are unhappy but the Trini haters are unhappy. The fiercely nationalistic Jamaicans are not happy. The question is, are there similar categories of unhappy Trinis – Jamaican haters and fiercely nationalistic Trinis. We know fuh sure a category unique to T&T, Trinis-who-doh-like-anyting-T&T-does-and-ready-to-criticize-at-the-drop-of-ah-hat, always unhappy. I eh know if tuh count dem nah as dey does just muck up everyting

Personally, I am happy even though the move could could end up in a crash landing.

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