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Patient dead, doctors suspended, people matching. What ah missing?

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March 21, 2011 by Fensic

It eh no secret the public health care system in T&T broken like Humpty Dumpty and like nobody could put it back together again. We all know dat. But what I eh know is what I missing wid the latest fiasco dat going on.

Recently a young woman get a C-section in the hospital in Sando and next ting yuh know is dead the woman dead. The Ministry of Health order the suspension of several doctors and nurses while they investigate. Even just handing out suspension notices turned out to be endless bacchanal wid doctors eventually getting suspended and recalcitrant CEO or CFO or CIO or COO, some kind ah “O” getting fired. Now doctors and public servants matching in protest of the suspension.


I scratching mih head wondering what I miss? Why is suspending the main actors in the event such a horrible thing? What I missing in this that I not seeing?

The doctors and them are scapegoats for a ministry that does not know how to plan that is why there are never enough doctors or hospital beds so now somebody dead is not dem doctor’s fault maybe? But women does end up dying seemingly needlessly in them hospitals all the time. Granted yuh should avoid hospitals as dat is one place where people does dead more than anyplace else buh at least workers there does try and save them first.

Is the protest because de ministry say enough of dis shit we holding allyuh baxide accountable and them doctors eh like nobody holding dey baxide maybe?

Is it time we challenge assumptions? Are there really not enough doctors or has all the paper pushing overwhelmed the system? I was watching some clips from one ah dem hospitals and I see nurse sitting dong and is nuttin but mountains of paper work on the table and not a computer in sight. I have some knowledge of the health care field outside T&T and even in heavily computerized areas is still endless paperwork so one can imagine that magnified who know how many times in T&T. No wonder drugs does run out and nobody eh know that was going to happen. No wonder them hospitals seem to not have a clue how many beds they need. Hospitals does describe themselves in terms of beds, I wonder how many beds the POSGH is. Probably depends on the day.

So I still asking, what I missing about this latest death and doctors leaving dey patients and walking protest lines? Are they supporting medical malfeasance or protesting against the government? Or a third option, trying to protect their perceived autonomy?

The scary part in all dis is dat the crappy public health care system in Triniland seems to be ‘superior’ than that of dem udder islands.

What a scary thought. What a tragic cheapening of human life.

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